New Condos for Sale in Toronto

Selling Now 2027 Queen Church CondosMain1Featured
Queen Church Condos
$ 699,000+
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Selling Now 2026 Bellwoods House Condos
Bellwoods House
$ 599,990+
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Selling Now 2029 Q Tower Jewel Box
Q Tower
$ 589,900+
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Selling Now 2027 Allure Condos Main1Featured
Allure Condos
$ 759,990+
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Selling Now 2029 101 Spadina Front
101 Spadina Condos
$ 700,000+
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Selling Now 2027 Park Road Condos
Park Road Condos
$ 647,900+
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Selling Now 2025 The-dupont-condosMain1Featured
The Dupont Condos
$ 1,040,000+
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Selling Now 2028 The Hill Residences
The Hill Residences
$ 549,000+
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Selling Now 2027 Maison Wellesley Condos
Maison Wellesley Condos
$ 667,990+
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Selling Now 2031 Freed Hotel Condos - Main
Freed Hotel & Condos
$ 569,900+
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Coming Soon tba 75 Ontario Street CondosMain1Featured
East Richmond
$ N/A
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Sold Out 2025 8-Wellesley-ResidencesFeatured
8 Wellesley Condos
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Selling Now 2026 Southport in Swansea CondosMain1Featured
Southport in Swansea Square Condos
$ 753,900+
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Selling Now 2027 Yonge City Square Residences Main1 Featured
Yonge City Square Residences
$ 651,000+
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Selling Now 2027 The RIV
$ 503,490+
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Selling Now 2026
Craft Residences
$ 754,900+
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Selling Now 2028 LSQ2 Condos
LSQ2 Condos
$ 656,900+
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Selling Now 2024 Galleria on the Park - Bird's Eye View - Exterior Render
Galleria On the Park Condos
$ 759,900+
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Selling Now 2027 Reside on Richmond Condos
Reside on Richmond Condos
$ 551,990+
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Selling Now 2024 Sky Tower at Pinnacle One Yonge Condos
Sky Tower at Pinnacle One Yonge Condos
$ 1,269,900+
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Selling Now 2028 6080 Yonge Condos
6080 Yonge Condos
$ 699,000+
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Selling Now 2027 8 Temple Condos - Front
8 Temple Condos
$ 659,900+
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Coming Soon tba Alfie Condos
Alfie Condos
$ N/A
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Sold Out 2019 eighty one wellesley featured image
Eighty One Wellesley Condos
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Coming Soon tba LNX Condos 2
LNX Condos
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Coming Soon tba 1540
1540 Bloor West Condos
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Coming Soon tba Spirits Condos - Street Level View - Exterior Render
Spirits Condos
$ N/A
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Coming Soon tba 1744-dundas-street-west-condos-Diagram
Planning tba 680-Sheppard-Avenue-East-Condos1
680 Sheppard Ave East Condos
$ N/A
Planning 2022 2-Carlton-Street-CondosMain1Featured
2 Carlton Street Condos
$ N/A
Coming Soon 2021 Distrikt-Forest-Hill-TownsMain1Featured
Distrikt Forest Hill Towns
$ N/A
Planning tba 2-Valleyanna-Drive-TownhomesMain1Featured
2 Valleyanna Drive Townhomes
$ N/A
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Coming Soon tba 1319-Bloor-Street-West-CondosMain1Featured
1319 Bloor Street West Condos
$ N/A
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Coming Soon 2022 listing image
46 Laing Street Towns
$ N/A
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Sold Out 2014 Fashion House CondosMain1Featured
Fashion House Condos
$ N/A
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Sold Out 2011 Northshore Condominium ResidencesMain1Featured
Northshore Condominium Residences
$ N/A
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Sold Out 2015 Flo CondosMain1Featured
Flo Condos
$ N/A
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Coming Soon tba 148 Avenue Road CondosMain1Featured
148 Avenue Road Condos
$ N/A
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Coming Soon tba 252 Church Street CondosMain1Featured
252 Church Street Condos
$ N/A
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Coming Soon tba listing image
350 Davenport Condos
$ N/A
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Coming Soon tba 61 Brownlea Avenue CondosMain1Featured
Coming Soon tba 2350 Yonge Street CondosMain1Featured
2350 Yonge Street Condos
$ N/A
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Coming Soon tba Oakdale Village Main 1 Featured
Oakdale Village
$ N/A
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Coming Soon tba
Club 285 Condos
$ N/A
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Coming Soon tba O:202121038 882 BroadviewDrawingsCurrentRevitRAW-21038 882
Coming Soon tba
44-46 Romfield Drive Condos
$ N/A
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Coming Soon tba 310 Front West Northeast View
310 Front West Condos
$ N/A
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Selling Now 2021 2016 07 28 10 38 24 24mercer rendering3
Bungalow on Mercer Condos
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Coming Soon tba 120 Bouchette Condos - front
120 Bouchette Street Condos
$ N/A
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Sold Out 2019 The Diamond Condos Main
Diamond Condos
$ N/A
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Selling Now 2026 AKRA LivingMain1Featured
AKRA Living Condos
$ 674,900+
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Coming Soon tba 26 Greenbriar Road CondosMain1Featured
26 Greenbriar Road Condos
$ N/A
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Sold Out 2020 609 Avenue Road Condos - Exterior Render
609 Avenue Road Condos
$ N/A
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Coming Soon tba 309 Cherry Street Condos - Bird's Eye View - Exterior Render
309 Cherry Street Condos
$ N/A
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About New Condo Developments in Toronto, Ontario

Searching for Toronto’s latest condo projects? Look no further for a straightforward guide that zooms in on the latest spots to watch in Toronto’s real estate.

Whether it’s a high rise with a panoramic city view, a green-friendly mixed-use community, or a private boutique residence, we’ve got you covered. Skip the fluff; here you’ll find the critical details you need to assess the newestToronto condos ripe for investment or your urban retreat in the city.

Key Takeaways

  • Toronto’s construction condos market is flourishing, attracting young professionals aged 25-35 with its vibrant lifestyle, strong rental market, and promising returns on property investments due to an average resale price of $724,200.
  • Toronto’s new condo projects are the latest developments in the town of Toronto the most high-rise condominiums offer luxury high-rises with upscale amenities, mixed-use developments for a convenient urban lifestyle, and boutique condos for a more intimate living experience, catering to different preferences and budgets. Condo prices in Toronto vary widely depending on location and amenities.
  • Investment opportunities in Toronto real estate are diverse, including lakeshore living options, transit-oriented developments, master-planned communities, and the growing trend of great city living, all set to shape the future of the city’s skyline. Understanding condo prices can help you make informed investment decisions.

Toronto’s Booming Real Estate Market

Pre-construction condos on Yonge St, Toronto are the new Toronto condos project in a league of its own, a real estate investment, seeing substantial growth in sales and construction.

Wherein, each condo owner can avail of luxurious amenities in Toronto’s latest condo. The city’s appeal is undeniable, with its vibrant neighbourhoods and iconic skyline, making it a prime location for pre-construction condo investment. Condo prices in this area reflect the high demand and prime location.

One of the most sought-after options in this market is design phase condos in Toronto, offering a variety of choices for investors and homebuyers alike. Also, Toronto is one of the most accessible cities in North America.

Toronto is one of the most accessible cities. The city’s accessibility and amenities influence the condo prices here.

Best New Condo Projects in Downtown Toronto

These condos on Yonge St Toronto, are famed for their soaring skyscrapers and vibrant lifestyle, and are a hotbed for new Toronto condos including Iconic CN Tower.

From luxury high-rises to mixed-use developments and boutique city of Toronto pre-construction condos, the downtown core has something for everyone in various Toronto neighbourhoods. Proximity to Dundas Square adds a significant attraction for those seeking a convenient urban lifestyle.

VIP access to these high-demand properties can often provide early purchase opportunities, preferred pricing, and exclusive incentives, making it a valuable option for serious investors.

We’ll now examine some of the top new pre-construction condos in the city’s core.

Luxury Condominiums

The luxury high-rise condos in Toronto market are a class apart, close to landmarks in the downtown core, offering upscale living with stunning views that world-renowned architects designed. These Toronto condos are characterized by their expansive units, stylish designs, and resort-style amenities such as concierge and security services, saunas, and golf simulators.

The price tag for such luxury? Well, it varies significantly, with the most extravagant units reaching as high as $34,981,778. However, it’s not just about the price. Luxury high-rise condos in downtown Toronto offer significantly larger unit sizes and more upscale finishes, making them an attractive investment. Monitoring condo prices in this segment can help identify the best deals.

Take, for example, 50 Scollard and Aqualuna, both renowned for their upscale amenities and prime locations near Lake Ontario. These Toronto condos also provide easy access to the Eaton Centre. Condo prices in these developments reflect their luxury status and prime waterfront locations.

Mixed-Use Developments

Mixed-use developments, which integrate residential, commercial, and retail spaces, offer a convenient urban lifestyle. These developments are planned to meet the daily requirements of residents within a walkable vicinity, adding to the appeal of various Toronto neighbourhoods.

In these areas, townhome prices can vary significantly based on location and amenities. Condo prices in mixed-use developments are typically higher due to the added convenience and amenities.

Beyond convenience, mixed-use developments also help reduce carbon footprint by encouraging the use of public transport and supporting pedestrian and bike travel. As a result, condo prices in these areas may also reflect the sustainable living benefits.

This approach aids in the reduction of overall traffic congestion and the preservation of undeveloped or environmentally sensitive lands, and desired locations, making them an environmentally friendly choice for investment.

Boutique Condos

Boutique condos offer:

  • Smaller scale
  • Unique designs
  • More intimate and exclusive living experience
  • Fewer units
  • High-end finishes
  • Sense of exclusivity and privacy
  • Parking garages

Distinct design features make these Toronto condos stand out. Detailed and expansive window designs maximize natural light and provide exceptional views, while the smaller number of units fosters a sense of community among residents.

If you’re seeking a condo with a personal touch, boutique condos in downtown Toronto could be a perfect choice.

Condo prices for boutique condos in Toronto can vary, but they often command a premium due to their unique features.

North York’s Pre-Construction Opportunities

North York St Toronto presents a promising opportunity for investing in pre-construction properties. Considering its superior public transit, strong rental demand, and rising property values, North York St Toronto is an area worth thinking about for your upcoming investment.

In North York St Toronto, townhome prices have been increasing steadily, reflecting the area’s growing demand.

Condo prices in North York St Toronto are competitive, making it an attractive option for investors.

This condo project is the recent pre-construction condominium projects in North York St Toronto, such as 6080 Yonge St Toronto Condos, LSQ2 (a master-planned community), which offer a range of options for prospective investors. Condo prices in these projects reflect the growth potential and high demand in the area.

Whether you’re a young professional looking for single-family homes or an experienced investor seeking a promising investment, North York St Toronto has something to offer.

The Appeal of Lakeshore Living

There’s something undeniably appealing about lakeshore living. The tranquil views of Ontario Lake, coupled with the upscale amenities of the new, offer a unique living experience for Toronto residents. Condo prices for lakeshore living options can be higher due to the desirable location.

Q Tower Condos, and Sky Tower at Pinnacle , one Yonge St Toronto Condos are some of the highest-rated waterfront pre-construction condos. Near these desirable locations, townhome prices tend to be higher due to the scenic views and premium amenities.

These condos offer a variety of options, with entry-level prices starting at around mid $600’s, making lakeshore living accessible for a wide range of budgets. Condo prices in these developments reflect their waterfront views and premium amenities.

Investing in Toronto’s Transit-Oriented Developments

Transit-oriented developments present a savvy investment opportunity. By integrating residential, commercial, and retail spaces with transit stations and corridors, these developments offer enhanced access to essential services and increased property values with the transit system’s approximately fifty office towers and six subway station options. Condo prices in transit-oriented developments can be influenced by the proximity to transit options.

The comprehensive and easily accessible public transportation system managed by the Toronto Transit Commission plays a crucial role in facilitating these pre-construction developments. Several new developments along Temple Ave are gaining attention.

A project worth noting is the largest underground pedestrian walkway and upcoming enhancements to Toronto’s transit system, including the installation of new LRT lines and bike lanes, the value of properties in pre-construction transit-oriented developments, and a more pedestrian-friendly streetscape, is expected to rise, making them an attractive investment option. Condo prices in these areas are likely to increase as the transit improvements are completed.

Master-Planned Communities: A New Trend in Toronto Real Estate

Master-planned communities represent a fresh trend in Toronto’s real estate.

These expansive pre-construction developments integrate a variety of housing styles and amenities, within walking distance to nearby amenities, and close to transit lines, providing a cohesive and unified big-city living experience. In such master-planned communities, townhome prices are often competitive, attracting diverse buyers. These communities are becoming popular across North America.

Condo prices in master-planned communities can vary but often reflect the comprehensive planning and amenities provided.

These communities offer convenient access to public transportation, essential amenities, and increased housing options in less developed areas.

However, they may also lead to decreased privacy due to the high-density layout of the community. Condo prices in these communities need to be weighed against the benefits of the integrated living experience.

Whether the benefits outweigh the potential downsides is something to consider when exploring investment options in Toronto’s property market.

Arcadia District condos, Galleria, and LSQ are part of a master-planned community offering a wide range of suites and amenities. Invest in prime real estate today. Condo prices in these developments are competitive and offer good value for money.

Tips for Navigating the Pre-Construction Stage

In the real estate realm, ‘pre-construction’ denotes the purchase of a property, generally a condominium or a house, before its completion or construction.

This stage offers a unique opportunity for investors to secure pre-construction condos or other properties at a potentially lower cost, with the anticipation of value appreciation upon completion. Understanding condo prices at this stage can help investors maximize their returns.

The Growing Popularity of Townhome Living

Townhome living is becoming increasingly popular in Toronto. Offering a more spacious alternative to traditional condos, townhomes provide an affordable yet spacious living option for young families. The average townhome prices in Toronto reflect this trend, providing more space for a reasonable cost.

Condo prices for townhomes are generally higher than traditional condos but offer more space.

The average price for a townhome in downtown Toronto is approximately $591,500, which positions it as a feasible choice for individuals seeking cost-effective housing without compromising on space.

Recent developments, such as Huntingdale Towns, showcase brand-new stacked townhomes designed to meet the increasing demand for roomy yet reasonably priced living spaces. Condo prices for these townhomes reflect their spacious designs and family-friendly layouts.

The Future of Toronto’s Skyline

A transformation is on the horizon for Toronto’s skyline in the coming years. More than 500 latest condo towers are anticipated to rise in the city, reshaping the urban landscape.

Iconic structures like The One and SkyTower are set to join the city’s landmarks, including the First Canadian Place. Condo prices in these new developments are expected to reflect their iconic status and prime locations.

The upcoming residential pre-construction developments in downtown Toronto are also expected to feature remarkable architectural designs, adding a unique aesthetic to the city’s skyline. However, the future of Toronto’s skyline will depend on a variety of factors, including:

  • Population growth
  • Housing demand
  • Planning policies
  • Economic activity levels
  • Investment trends

Condo prices in these developments will be influenced by these factors, making it essential to stay informed.


In conclusion, Toronto’s pre-construction condos’ thriving real estate market offers a plethora of opportunities for savvy investors, situated in the desired location.

Whether it’s the luxurious high-rises downtown Toronto, mixed-use developments offering convenience and sustainability, or the growing popularity of townhome living, there’s an option for everyone. Condo prices in downtown Toronto vary widely, so it’s important to research and compare options.

This is a Toronto new condominium project as the city continues to grow, and with new developments reshaping its skyline, now is an exciting time to invest in Toronto’s estate market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is now a good time to buy a pre-construction condo in Toronto?

Yes, it is a good time to buy a pre-construction condo in Toronto due to the expected increase in demand relative to supply, leading to renewed growth in single-family homes price. Condo prices are expected to rise, making it a potentially lucrative investment.

How much does a pre-construction condo cost in Toronto?

The average cost of a pre-construction condo in Toronto is approximately $1300 + per square foot. This can vary based on factors such as location and amenities. Condo prices in downtown Toronto can start anywhere from $1700+ per square foot

How much is a 1 bedroom pre-construction condo in downtown Toronto?

The price of a 1-bedroom pre-construction condo in downtown Toronto varies significantly based on location, amenities, and other factors. Keeping an eye on condo prices can help you find the best deals.

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Condos155 Redpath Condos222 Finch West CondosCanvas Condos109OZ Lofts210 Simcoe CondosSoul CondosNo. 7 Rosedale Condos159SW CondosChurch and Wellesley CondosWestmount Boutique ResidencesThe Well CondosCentral Park Condos2915 Bloor St West CondosThe Ravine CondosCharlotte Adelaide TowerThe Addington CondosEight Forty CondosCarlyle Condos55 Eglinton Avenue East CondosCrosstown Condos – John Parkin CollectionWilmington Place CondosYonge & Drewry CondosCapitol Theatre Condos65 Broadway Avenue Condos53 Sheppard Avenue West CondosThe Wyatt Condos50 Neptune Drive CondosChelsea Green CondosThe Plant CondosHome Power Adelaide CondosThe Roncy CondosThe Lofthouse CondosWestBeach CondosThe Point Condos at Emerald CityAvenue & Park CondosAquabella CondosBungalow on Mercer CondosIvy CondosArtists’ Alley CondosTime and Space CondosVia Bloor Condos Phase 2Daniels Waterfront Condos Lighthouse East Tower75 On The Esplanade Condos7 On The Park CondosAxis CondoMinto Westside CondosPlaza Midtown CondosPearl Place CondosOne Bloor CondosFleur CondosConcord Canada HouseWhitehaus CondosPlatform CondosRosedale on Bloor CondosThe One Condos170 Spadina Condos500 Wellington West CondosThe Kip District Condos (Phase 3)Liberty Central Phase I875 Queen Street East CondosEighty One Wellesley CondosConcord Sky CondosEI8HTY8 CondosGeorge Condos & Town at LeslievilleRocket at Subway33 Bay ResidencesSheppard Avenue Towers12 Degrees CondosBianca CondosMuseum House on BloorWillowdale Heights Homes120-128 Sheppard Avenue W CondosAvenue 151 Yorkville CondosPlaza Theatre District CondosYorkville Plaza555 Davenport Road Condos32 Richview Road Condos120 Bouchette Street Condos18 Dalhousie St Condos214-230 Sherbourne Condos595 Parliament Condos900 Middlefield Road Condos835-839 Yonge Street CondosBela Square Phase 2 Homes699 Lawrence Condos2655 Lawrence Avenue East Condos2775 Jane Street Condos171-175 Lowther Avenue Condos1521 Queen West Condos1117 Queen West Condos310 Front West Condos10 Huntley Street Condos699 Yonge Condos23 Toronto Street Condos350 Bloor Street West Condos2313 Lake Shore Boulevard West425 Bloor St West Condos180 Queens Quay East Condos439 Vaughan Homes55 Yonge Condos675 King West CondosCambridge Suites RedevelopmentPort Lands Condos2 Street Lawrence Avenue Condos550 Adelaide East CondosSocial at Church + Dundas Condos504 Wellington Street Condos123 Edward Condos305-319 King West Condos5 Huntley Street Condos15-17 Elm Street Condos200 University Condos505 University CondosEsprit CondosJarvis Earl Place Condos1099 Broadview Avenue Condos2485 Eglinton Avenue West Condos95 Pidgeon Street Townhomes247 Davenport Road Condos34 Nipigon Avenue Condos12-22 Pauline Avenue Townhomes137-141 Isabella Street Condos12-20 Bentworth Avenue CondosTextbook Towns543 Yonge Street Condos1930 Bloor Street West Condos1800 Weston Road Condos914 Bathurst Street Condos172 Drewry Avenue Townhomes44-46 Romfield Drive CondosMontaje Condos795 Brant Street Condos68 Wellesley Street East Condos793 Don Mills Road Condos191 Dundas Street West Condos175-195 Saint Clair Avenue West Condos720 Sheppard Avenue East Condos126 Union Street Condos2721 Danforth Avenue Condos374-388 Dupont Street Condos1802 Bayview Avenue CondosDanforth Park CondosCentre on the Park Condos895 Lawrence Avenue East Condos503 Eglinton Avenue East Condos38 Broadway Avenue Condos5320 Yonge Street Condos307 Lake Shore Boulevard East Condos6035 Bathurst Street Condos160 Cactus Avenue Condos1911 Finch Avenue West CondosThe Winston Collection2402 Dufferin Street Condos5-19 Cosburn Avenue Condos110 Eglinton Avenue East Condos461 Sheppard Avenue East Condos1 Sandfield Road Townhomes685 Lake Shore Boulevard East Condos1134 Queen Street East Condos100 Borough Drive Condos2453-2469 Bloor Street West Condos40 Walmer Road Condos2221 Kennedy Road TownhomesPrivilla CondosClub 285 Condominiums2400 Eglinton Avenue West Condos48 Grenoble Drive CondosLily at Crosstown CondosAlfie Condos8 Camden Street Condos25 McMurrich Street Condos35 Henning Avenue Condos135 Isabella Street CondosReside on Richmond Condos8 Temple Condos3400 Dufferin Street Condos10 Grenoble Drive Condos350 Bloor Street East Condos619 Yonge Street CondosThe Hill Residences16 Kirtling Place TownhomesWeston Park DevelopmentLeslie Mews Townhomes537 Eglinton Avenue East Condos1437 Queen Street West CondosBayview Village Redevelopment238 Berkeley Street TownhomesYonge and Rosehill CondosThe Millwood CondosBayview Townhomes30 Scollard Street Condos63 McMahon Drive CondosKonzulat Towns558 Kingston Road CondosAddison Loft HousesLytton Park Executive Towns3431 St Clair Avenue East Condos471 Queen Street East Condos124 Broadway Avenue Condos240 Danforth Road Towns40 Raglan Avenue CondosRanleigh Condos152 Bathurst Street Condos73 Woodbine Avenue Condos9 Dawes Road Condos61 Brownlea Avenue Condos190 Ridley Boulevard Condos6979 Yonge Street Condos1454 Bayview Avenue Condos1266 Queen Street West Condos576 Sherbourne Street Condos882 Broadview Avenue Condos145 St George Street Condos444 Eglinton Avenue West Condos57 Adelaide St East Condos467 Wellington Street West Condos10 Widmer Street CondosOne Scollard Condos1 Roxborough West CondosRadiator Condos225 Queen Street East CondosCascada Towns Niagara354 Wellington Street West Condos49 Lawrence Avenue East CondosRail Deck District23 Poyntz Avenue Condos5 Tangreen Court Condos6355 Yonge Street Condos505 Parliament Street Condos4241 Dundas Street West Condos1728 Bloor Street West CondosThe Towns of Lambton Mills15 Bloor Street West Condos722 The Queensway CondosDon Valley Reconnects Condos200 Gateway Boulevard Condos41 Wabash Avenue TownhomesAmelia Condos126 Avenue Road CondosLawrence Manor Towns50 Wilson Heights Condos241 Redpath Avenue Condos2400 Dundas Street West CondosClub 285 Condos184 Chatham Avenue CondosInspire Towns2760 Dundas Street West Condos457 Richmond Street West CondosEast Richmond4888 Dundas Street West Condos323 Symington Avenue Condos280 Viewmount Avenue Condos2849 Islington Ave Development1659 Avenue Road CondosAllure Condos1386 Kingston Road Condos1830 Weston Road Condos2681 Danforth Avenue Condos120 Sheppard Avenue West CondosDaniels on Parliament Condos1467 Bathurst Street CondosLSQ2 Condos931 Yonge Street Condos2686 Bayview AvenueRaglan House Condominiums645 Yonge Street Condos399 Yonge Street Condos100 Simcoe Street Condos646 Yonge Street Condos339 Symington Avenue CondosRuby Condo170 Roehampton Avenue Condos2636 Eglinton Avenue West Condos237 Victoria Street Condos3239 Dundas Street West CondosOlive ResidencesOakdale VillageWestdale Condos316 Junction CondosSouth Station CondosUlster Residence396 Church Street CondosCAVO Condos665 Huron Street Townhomes2575 Pharmacy Avenue CondosAncona Park Urban TownsYonge City Square Residences185 King Street East Condos33 Maitland Street Condos18 Athabaska Avenue Condos36 Eglinton Avenue West Condos415 Yonge Street Condos1075 Leslie Street Condos641 Queen Street East Condos3309 Dufferin Street Condos17 Elm Street Condos815 Eglinton Avenue East Condos61 Brownlow Avenue Condos1366 Yonge Street Condos3095 Eglinton Avenue East Condos429 Walmer Road Condos536 St Clair Avenue West Condos522 University Avenue Condos100 Lombard Street Condos45 The Esplanade Condos775 Vaughan Road Condos19 Poyntz Avenue CondosChristie Towns38 Walmer Road Condos15 Toronto Street Condos656 Danforth Avenue Condos2500 Don Mills Road Condos46 Spadina Avenue Condos22 Greenbriar Road Condos251 The West Mall CondosMalvern Town Centre – Phase 12880 Kingston Road CondosRichview Square Redevelopment25 Old York Mills Road Condos2350 Yonge Street Condos141 Davisville Avenue Condos611 Keele Street CondosNorth Core Condos2 Glazebrook Avenue CondosHickory Tree Tower26 Greenbriar Road Condos179 Finch Avenue East TownhomesBella Condominiums2489 Dufferin Street Condos240 Berkeley St TownhouseAgincourt Mall Block 7228 Finch West Towns90 Isabella Street Condos214 Merton Street Condos155 Antibes Drive Townhomes1303 Yonge Street Condos1087 Yonge Street CondosBlock 13 Condos610 Bay Street Condos134 Parliament Street CondominiumCamden HouseSpringale ManorsSouth Forest Hill ResidencesThe BrickHouse Condos65 George Street Condos1650 Sheppard East Condos2992 Sheppard Ave East Condos88 Isabella Street CondosBiblio LoftsCelebration Condos at Bridlewood2956 Eglinton Avenue East Condos3005 Sheppard Avenue East Condos2908 Yonge Street CondosThe Rays296 King Street East Condos2255 St. Clair Avenue West Condos1837 Bayview Avenue CondosNuewest Boutique Condos6 Noble Street Condos26 Hounslow Avenue CondosMotto Condos4001 Steeles Avenue WestForêt Condos906 Yonge Street CondosBoutique Towns on Lake Shore208 Bloor Street West Condos328 Bloor Street West Condos239 Dundas Street East Condos83 Bloor Street West Condos1647 Bathurst Street Townhomes340 Wallace Avenue Condos230 The Donway West Condos15 Charles Street East Condos1181 Sheppard Ave East CondosEarlscourt CondosYonge & Churchill CondosThe District on Gardiners Condos2451 Dufferin Street Condos289 Christie Street Condos3 Swift Drive Condos383 Sherbourne Street CondosBellwoods House150 Clonmore Drive CondosSix99 Condos6167 Yonge Street CondosQuayside Condos6125 Yonge Street Condos10065 Sheppard Avenue East CondosMarlee Condos705 Lawrence Avenue West CondosThe Essery Condos3300 Dufferin Street CondosLeslie Street & 19th Avenue Towns133 Erskine Avenue Condos2405 Lake Shore Boulevard West Condos415 Broadway Avenue Condos1233 Yonge Street CondosCatford and Broadoaks Condos6200 Yonge Street Condos3355 Kingston Road Condos3434 Lawrence Avenue East Condos3326 Bloor Street West Condos1799 St Clair Avenue West CondosThe Winston Collection TownsUrban Church Lofts2231 St. Clair Avenue West CondosStarklands Condos2010 Yonge Street CondosMetro Park CondosCeleste CondominiumsMount Dennis Urban Towns5576 Yonge Street Condos50 Merton Street Condos147 Overbrook Place Homes128 Peter Street Condos40 Eglinton Square Condos100 Bond Street Condos93 York Road Townhomes1277 Wilson Avenue CondosWestbend Residences69 Yonge Street CondosParkside Square49 Yonge Street Condos2 Union Street Condos350 Davenport Condos289 Balliol Street Condos