1802 Bayview Avenue Condos

1802 Bayview Avenue, Toronto, ON
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Address 1802 Bayview Avenue, Toronto, ON
City Toronto
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About 1802 Bayview Avenue Condos Development

1802 Bayview Avenue Condos is a new condos development that is currently in the pre-construction phase by Gairloch Developments and Harlo Capital, located at 1802 Bayview Avenue, Toronto, ON. 1802 Bayview Avenue condos, a desirable Midtown Toronto residence, and see how it aligns with your city living aspirations. This project’s estimated completion date is still unknown.

Key Takeaways

  • 1802 Bayview Avenue Condos is a sophisticated 46-storey mixed-use development in Midtown Toronto, offering 419 residential units and 384 sqm of retail space, boasting modern design features, a variety of suite sizes, and convenient retail options at the ground level.
  • Developed by Gairloch Developments, this condo complex emphasizes high-quality materials, exceptional design, and architecture, aiming to create premium properties with a range of suite features for comfort, aesthetics, and a niche market of property seekers.
  • The condos feature exclusive amenities that enhance lifestyle, including a rooftop terrace with views and recreational spaces, practical perks like parking and storage, and seamless access to urban highlights, and a transit-oriented lifestyle.

Exploring the Sophistication of 1802 Bayview Avenue Condos

Upon entering the realm of new condo development of 1802 Bayview Avenue Condos, in Toronto, the elegance and sophistication of this 46-storey mixed-use new condo development become immediately apparent. Located in the prime location of Midtown Toronto, it offers a variety of living experiences, from single-bedroom units to spacious four-bedroom suites.

The condo development, under the distinguished leadership of Architects—Alliance, adds a modern aesthetic touch to the skyline of Midtown Toronto. The 1802 Bayview in Toronto offers:

  • 419 residential units
  • Retail space
  • Suites designed for ultimate comfort
  • Bright and airy spaces that invite relaxation and tranquility
  • Design and architecture that enhance the living experience
  • Suite features that enhance the living experience
  • Retail convenience

This development strikes a harmonious balance between leisure and lifestyle, offering a unique living experience.

Design & Architecture

The 1802 Bayview Avenue Condos, designed by the esteemed Architects—Alliance, exhibit a unique blend of progressive, pragmatic, and modern architectural style, adding a unique touch to the Midtown Toronto landscape. The condo development stands tall with its 46-storey mixed-use building, displaying a harmonious combination of functionality and elegance, making it an imposing addition to the Midtown Toronto skyline.

The construction of the condos highlights the use of framed glass panels and pierced bronzed metal, enhancing the contemporary design of the building. These materials enhance the aesthetic appeal and also contribute to the building’s resilience, ensuring its long-term durability.

Suite Features

Residents of 1802 Bayview Avenue Condos are treated to a range of suite features that cater to both practical and aesthetic needs. The chef-inspired kitchens offer a range of convenient features and finishes, designed meticulously to complement the existing urban amenities in the surrounding area.

Built with high-quality materials like framed glass panels and pierced bronzed metal, the suites at 1802 Bayview Avenue Condos exude both sophistication and durability. The development’s prime location near the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre provides residents with easy access to essential services, further enhancing their living experience.

Retail Convenience

In addition to the residential units, 1802 Bayview Avenue Condos also features 384 sqm of retail space on Bayview Ave. This integrated retail establishment offers residents convenient access to goods and services, including the nearby Toronto Public Library, enhancing their overall living experience.

Carefully integrated into the ground level, the retail spaces enhance the neighbourhood’s walkable atmosphere and blend seamlessly with the residential units in the tower. The diverse range of locally-owned shops, restaurants, cafes, and various service providers contribute significantly to the convenience of residents’ daily lives, promoting a cohesive lifestyle that aligns with the development’s design.

Unveiling the Developer Behind 1802 Bayview Avenue: Gairloch Developments

The 1802 Bayview Avenue Condos are backed by a developer renowned for excellence – Gairloch Developments. Founded by Bill Gairdner, the Toronto-based real estate development firm has made its mark in the industry through its focus on:

  • design
  • architecture
  • investment

property value enhancement in mid-rise condo developments.

Gairloch Developments incorporates a variety of architectural styles in their condominium projects, ranging from the Brutalist style to the loft style with wood construction. Their goal is to achieve exceptional design and architecture that elevates the visual appeal of their mid-rise condos and the urban environment around them, such as the development at 1802 Bayview Avenue Condos, located near Roehampton Avenue.

Company Vision

Gairloch Developments, in partnership with Harlo Capital, aims to:

  • Create premium properties that enhance living, working, and recreational experiences
  • Revitalize old and underutilized spaces through outstanding design, materials, construction, and craftsmanship
  • Demonstrate their dedication to creating premium properties

Grounded in a developmental philosophy that emphasizes their buildings’ contribution to community vibrancy and beauty, and prioritizes exceptional design, Gairloch sets the foundation of their vision. They distinguish themselves in the real estate market by:

  • Acquiring quality sites
  • Constructing boutique luxury condominiums with innovative design and quality construction
  • Catering to a niche market of premium property seekers.

The Allure of East Toronto, Ontario: Embracing Urban and Green Spaces

The blend of urban and green spaces in East Toronto, Ontario, creates an ideal environment for those seeking a balance between city living and natural retreats. The area is known for its diverse population, numerous amenities, and vibrant multicultural community, making it appealing to various demographics.

In East Toronto, Ontario, one can experience the buzz of:

  • Queen Street
  • The Beach Village
  • BATL Axe Throwing
  • Woodbine Park
  • Lob Toronto
  • Go-Karts at Polson Pier
  • Sprouts Growing Bodies & Minds
  • Fox Theatre
  • Smash Ping Pong Lounge
  • Gerrard India Bazaar
  • Allan Gardens Conservatory
  • The Historic Distillery District

These primary urban attractions, along with the natural beauty of the area, contribute to its allure.

Connectivity to Downtown Toronto, Ontario

Living in the 1802 Bayview Avenue Condos comes with the significant advantage of excellent connectivity to downtown Toronto. The development is located near several significant transportation facilities, providing convenient travel via the Eglinton Crosstown LRT line.

The upcoming Eglinton Crosstown LRT, located along Eglinton Avenue (Eglinton Ave East), is a notable transportation initiative in Midtown Toronto, Ontario designed to:

  • Link the eastern and western parts of the city through 25 dedicated stations
  • Offer a fast and reliable transit link to downtown Toronto
  • Alleviate congestion
  • Improve connectivity.

Proximity to Natural Retreats

Beyond its urban attractions, West and East Toronto, Ontario also boasts a wealth of green spaces. Located near Sunnybrook Park, residents of 1802 Bayview Avenue Condos can enjoy a range of activities and amenities right at their doorstep.

The park offers a myriad of activities including:

  • biking
  • sports fields
  • dog parks
  • horseback riding

This offers residents a perfect balance between city living and natural retreats, with easy access to the Don Valley Parkway. Moreover, residents can also find the Bayview Escarpment Provincial Nature Reserve and Haliburton Forest nearby, where wildlife can be observed, and hiking trails enjoyed.

Exclusive Amenities for Elevated Living

The 1802 Bayview Avenue Condos provide a range of exclusive amenities, enhancing the living experience. From a rooftop terrace that provides unparalleled views to relaxation and recreational spaces, residents have a plethora of options to enjoy.

The comfortable and convenient living experience is further enhanced by practical perks like ample parking, storage, and security features. These amenities, combined with the condo’s prime location and sophisticated design, make 1802 Bayview a perfect choice for those seeking a luxurious and hassle-free lifestyle.

Relaxation & Recreation

The condo’s rooftop terrace offers residents:

An elevated space for relaxation and recreation

Stunning views

A comprehensive amenity area that includes a children’s play area and an outdoor yoga lounge

Residents can enjoy a variety of leisure activities in this space, thanks to the existing and future amenities.

In addition to the outdoor amenities, 1802 Bayview Avenue Condos also offers indoor leisure facilities. The children’s play area is meticulously designed to provide a safe and fun environment for the younger residents, enriching their lifestyles and offering convenience for families.

Practical Perks

Beyond the recreational amenities, 1802 Bayview Avenue Condos also offers practical perks that contribute to a comfortable and convenient living experience. The development provides residents with access to 44 parking spaces distributed across two levels of underground parking, offering a secure and spacious area for their vehicles.

In addition, the condo is furnished with a range of amenities, among which is bike storage. This facility offers a practical solution for residents to securely store their bicycles and other items, further enhancing their living experience.

Seamless Access to City Highlights

Residing at 1802 Bayview Avenue Condos provides effortless access to city highlights. With its prime location, residents can easily reach shopping centers, restaurants, and entertainment options, catering to various lifestyle needs.

Moreover, the development’s proximity to major transit routes and the Eglinton Crosstown LRT offers a convenient and connected lifestyle for residents. The public transportation options surrounding the condos offer effortless access to the rest of the town, improving convenience for residents and promoting a transit-oriented lifestyle.

Shopping & Dining

The development’s close proximity to shopping centers like Yorkdale Shopping Centre and CF Fairview Mall makes it an ideal location for shopping enthusiasts. Residents can anticipate a diverse shopping experience, with these establishments providing a variety of retail options.

Moreover, residents have the opportunity to enjoy meals at highly-rated restaurants such as:

  • Mayrik
  • Eggstatic
  • Jing Chinese Restaurant
  • Jyugoya Japanese Restaurant
  • Mexico Lindo
  • Parcheggio
  • Tabule Bayview

With a range of cuisines available, there is something for every palate.

Transit-Oriented Lifestyle

Residing in 1802 Bayview Avenue Condos facilitates a transit-oriented lifestyle. The development is well-connected to downtown Toronto via major transit routes and the upcoming Eglinton Crosstown LRT, providing convenience and flexibility in commuting.

With regular transit services available, residents can reduce their dependence on personal vehicles, making commuting to different parts of the town a breeze. Easy access to Don Valley Parkway.

This contributes to a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle, further enhancing the appeal of living in 1802 Bayview Avenue Condos.


To conclude, 1802 Bayview Avenue Condos offers a lifestyle of elegance and convenience in the heart of East Toronto, Ontario. With its sophisticated design, suite features, retail convenience, and exclusive amenities, the condo development provides a luxurious living experience.

Its seamless access to town highlights, prime location, and proximity to both urban facilities and green spaces make it an ideal choice for those seeking a balanced and connected lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the unique features of 1802 Bayview Avenue Condos?

1802 Bayview Avenue Condos boasts a modern aesthetic design, chef-inspired kitchens, integrated retail establishments, and exclusive facilities like a rooftop terrace and recreational spaces. These features make it a standout choice for potential buyers.

Who is the developer behind 1802 Bayview Avenue Condos?

The developer behind 1802 Bayview Avenue Condos is Gairloch Developments, a Toronto-based real estate development firm known for its focus on design, architecture, investment, and property value enhancement in mid-rise condo developments.

What is the appeal of East Toronto as a place of residence?

The appeal of East Toronto, Ontario as a place of residence lies in its perfect blend of urban and green spaces, diverse population, numerous facilities and attractions, and a vibrant multicultural community. These factors contribute to a desirable living environment.

What amenities are available at 1802 Bayview Avenue Condos?

At 1802 Bayview Avenue Condos include a rooftop terrace, relaxation and recreational spaces, ample parking, storage, and security features. These ensure a well-rounded and convenient living experience.

How well-connected are 1802 Bayview Avenue Condos to downtown Toronto and other city highlights?

1802 Bayview Avenue Condos is well-connected to downtown Toronto via major transit routes and the upcoming Eglinton Crosstown LRT, offering seamless access to town highlights such as shopping centers, restaurants, and entertainment options.

For more listings like this, see our page dedicated to new condos in Toronto.

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