Buying a Condo vs House
Here Are the Pros and Cons

Toronto has always been a happening and busy city in Canada, situated along the most famous Lake Ontario. Being one of the best cities in the world, the population here comes from a different mix of culture and background. While some in the city prefer to enjoy the scenic and picturesque view of the lake,…

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Are Condos A Good Investment?
4 Reasons Why You Should Buy One

In a world where people are preferring condos over houses, it is necessary to know if buying a condo a good investment. There are a lot of benefits attached to the process but at the same time, there are a few flaws as well. Let us find, is buying a condo a good investment or…

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Is Condo Living Right For You?
10 Reasons Why We Think Yes

Today, we have potentially many dwellings to choose from and several different ways of living. If you’re reading this blog, you’ve probably come across condo living and are wondering ‘Is the condo life for me?’ There are many reasons that lead to people asking that question. Whether you’re a new home buyer or someone looking…

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Montreal’s Real Estate “Boom” Compared to Toronto & Vancouver

One of the most heated debates in the Canadian market is over the hot topic, i.e., ‘Real Estate.’ Coping with the demands of investors regarding property, commuting facilities and connectivity is what the market is striving for every single day. The fact that Real Estate deals in Canada are comparatively costlier than in other North…

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Money Laundering in Toronto’s Real Estate Market: Analysis & Facts

Over the past decade, numerous laws and forces in Toronto have been put to action to thwart the cash flow which fuels the organized crime domain. Common knowledge states that it is money laundering that keeps the flow consistent. Law enforcement has been trying to tackle the issue for countless years. However, adaptation is the…

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Price Surges For Toronto’s Real Estate Market This Holiday Season

Canada looks jovially busy in preparing for Christmas, setting up the trees and lights. Only, the real estate market of Toronto seems to be lurking in the darkness. The capital city of Ontario has been in a mishap for a while. The prices of properties in Canada have been rising over the past few months….

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Pre-Construction Condo Mortgages
9 Facts to Learn About Financing

How do I get a mortgage on a pre-construction condo? When do I start the process, who do I go to? These are all very typical questions we receive on an extremely regular basis – so I thought a frequently-asked-financing post was warranted. Dull as it may be, financing on pre-construction condos is the very…

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Toronto’s Condo Rent Prices are Rising: 4 Surprising Reasons Why

If you want to know about the current stature of renting in Toronto, then you are in for a ride. The cost of renting in the city has undoubtedly hit the roof. What does that say about home buyers? Let’s sketch it out. With a spike of nearly 8 percent, the average cost of a…

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What’s Rent to Own & How Does It Work? A Guide to Renting vs Buying

The rent and purchase of condominiums is a rapidly growing trend not just in Toronto but a lot of other urban areas of the world. Condos are small space living areas housed together in a block where a separate owner owns each condo. Before we delve into whether jumping at the rent to own option…

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