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What Are the Largest Real Estate Companies in Canada?

While talking about the real estate sector, Canada pops up in every buyer and seller’s mind. All thanks to its superb real estate companies, which have contributed plenty to the country’s economy and continue to do so.

Having worked in the Canadian real estate market for years, I’ve seen firsthand how these companies shape the landscape, drive economic growth, and offer diverse opportunities for investors and homeowners alike.

However, which are the most prominent real estate companies in Canada with the most market cap or sales? This article will help you decode your query.

Read on to learn more about the largest real estate companies in Canada and discover the key players driving this dynamic industry.

Quick Summary

  • Many large Canadian real estate companies, such as Brookfield and Concord Pacific, are investing heavily in sustainable building practices.
  • Concord Pacific integrates green building standards such as LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) into its projects, promoting energy efficiency and environmental stewardship.
  • In 2023, commercial real estate investment in Canada totaled approximately $50 billion, with significant contributions from sectors like industrial real estate, which saw a 40% increase in investment activity.
  • The real estate and rental and leasing sector employs over 300,000 people across Canada, highlighting its importance as a major employment driver.

1. Concord Pacific

Established by Terry Hui, Concord Pacific is one of the country’s leading real estate companies today. This firm has also established itself in the real estate market outside Canada [1].

Concord has built more than 150 apartments plus mixed-use complexes, with another 50 in different phases of development.

Its headquarters are in Vancouver, and it has multiple assets associated with telecommunications, solar energy, renewal energy, and similar industries. Thus, it promotes sustainability in every real estate investment it makes.

This real estate company is one of the best in the country, and all its flourishing communities are described as “skyline-defining.” They not only construct according to the latest sustainability requirements but also conduct various green energy programs.

Some Projects by Concord Pacific

  • Concord Pacific Place
  • Central Condominiums
  • King’s Landing
  • Park George II
  • Galleria


2. Onni Group

Onni Group has been on the list of top real estate companies in the country for 56 years. Further, the company is famous for its top-notch commercial properties as well as condo homes. To date, it has developed 15,000 plus dwellings [2].

Onni owns real estate properties in several parts of North America, especially Ontario. In addition to Vancouver, it has offices in Seattle, Los Angeles, British Columbia, Toronto, and similar areas.

This real estate developer credits its vision to create world-class urban towns with great design, creativity, and sustainability. 

In addition, to lessen the environmental impact of their property, they adopt green architecture principles, energy-efficient equipment, and native materials. Thus, their local knowledge and diverse team take care of these excellent assets.

Some Projects by Onni Group:


3. Westbank Corp

This Canadian real estate company has a global presence. Westbank Corp has a market cap of 50 million dollars since its establishment in 1992. 

Moreover, it owns housing and commercial towers. However, it is still developing its reputation in the commercial real estate industry by mainly building condo properties in Calgary [3].

Westbank Corp has gained such success because of the high degree of artistry in every property it designs and manages. Likewise, the business has offered its services in numerous carbon-neutral building projects and specific LEED-accredited complexes in the country.

As a result, this real estate development company has received praise from its clients for its outstanding work.

Some Projects by Westbank Corp:

  • Telus Garden
  • The Butterfly
  • The Orchard Residential
  • Bank of Italy
  • The Energy Hub


4. Westcorp Property Management Inc

Westcorp is a real estate investment trust that has made remarkable sales through its commercial real estate assets in Canada. In addition to its “office” business, the company also provides development and brokerage services in retail, hospitality, and residential markets [4].

As per the company, their 35-year-long history has shown them what the real estate occupiers really want. 

Through this, Westcorp property management has improved its services, leading the firm to the Canada list of supreme real estate companies.

Some Projects by Westcorp Property Management:

  • The Milner
  • Downtown Hotel
  • Whitehall Square
  • Victoria Plaza
  • Baywood Park

5. The Daniels Corporation

The property investors of Canada are well known to this reputed real estate company, headquartered in Toronto. The Daniels crafts single-family homes, condo developments, as well as commercial assets [5].

This company has grabbed a huge market in Toronto, Brampton, Thornhill, and Mississauga, Canada. Every community remarks its dedication to design innovation, quality construction, and social consequences. Moreover, none of its developments has failed to promote sustainability.

Some Projects by Daniels Corporation:


6. Firstservice Corporation

Firstservice has been a trusted real estate services firm in Canada for more than two decades. Certainly, their unwavering dedication to providing excellent client experiences has resulted in their ongoing development and stellar reputation [6].

The business regards its customers as its most valuable assets and aims to multiply its revenue by satisfying them. Likewise, its personalized sales help it make a good profit every year.


7. Mattamy Homes

Mattamy stands among the most profit-making, privately-held home development firms in the market. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, the company owns housing assets throughout the GTA, Calgary, and some parts of the United States [7].

Moreover, this business has recruited more than 2000 employees and has generated more than $4.4 billion from over 8,200 house sales in 2021.

Mattamy is dedicated to environmentally friendly homes and encourages smart technologies and green building materials. It has also offered home-buying services in various areas of Canada.

Some projects by Mattamy Homes:

8. Canadian Brookfield

This property business has had the second-largest assets in Canada since 2010. It is a globally recognized company providing credit, real estate investment, private equity, management, and infrastructure solutions [8].

9. Pinnacle International

Pinnacle is also among the renowned real estate companies in Canada. The company delivers services such as development, property management, and property planning [9].

Subsequently, Pinnacle’s initiatives have aided in the growth of communities while also enriching them through contrasting architectural styles.

Some Projects by Pinnacle International:

10. Sorbara Group Of Companies

Being one of the best real estate companies in the market, Sorbara caters to 25 percent of the commercial brokerage services in the market. It is a 75-year-old family-owned and operated comprehensive sales, development, engineering, investment, and property management corporation in Canada [10].

For instance, high-rise residences, offices, industrial plants, and corporate organizations are part of its investment spectrum.



Tridel is one of the oldest property developers and the largest builder founded in 1934 by Jack DelZotto. It is a Toronto-origin firm known for its happy homes and amazing communities. To date, the business has developed more than 87,000 houses in Canada, mostly in its establishment area [11].

Some Projects by Tridel

So, do you want to explore more about these top real estate companies or their real estate business in Canada? If yes, contact our real estate professionals today! See Precondo for more information on pre-construction condo properties for sale.



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