New Condos For Sale in Mississauga

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Sold Out 2020
Grande Mirage Condos
Square One   Conservatory Group
$ 619,900+
Located in a central location in Mississauga at 335 Rathburn Road West, the Grande Mirage Condos is a stunning building featuring 22 floors, 344 suites,... Show on Map
Selling Now 2023
M City Condos 3
Square One   Urban Capital
$ 754,400+
A rare opportunity to live in the heart of downtown in the vibrant city of Mississauga, M City Condos 3 unites residents in one of... Show on Map
Selling Now 2022
Keystone Condos
Mississauga   Kaneff Corporation
$ 562,900+
Set on a spectacular ravine, Keystone Condos presents to its residents a chance to connect with nature that hardly exists in any downtown urban area.... Show on Map
Selling Now 2023
Avia Condos
Square One   Amacon
$ 785,900+
Touching the skyline of Toronto are the Avia Condos located at Burnhamthorpe and Confederation, Mississauga. The condos are the latest addition to the master-planned community... Show on Map
Selling Now 2022
Rise at Lakeshore Condos
Port Credit   Kingsmen Group Inc
$ 847,900+
Located at 501 Lakeshore Road East, Mississauga, Rise at Lakeshore Condos are being developed by Kinsmen Group. The condos in development offer a stunning view... Show on Map
Selling Now 2020
The Wesley Tower
Square One   Daniels
$ N/A
Situated at the corner of one of the most prime locations, Confederation Parkway and City Centre Drive in Mississauga, The Wesley Tower is one of... Show on Map
Selling Now 2020 The Reserve at East Mineola
The Reserve at East Mineola
Mississauga   Queenscorp Residences
$ 699,900+
The Reserve at East Mineola Towns is a new townhome development by Queenscorp Residences, located at 1188 Cawthra Rd, Mississauga, Ontario, L5G 4K7. Currently, in... Show on Map
Selling Now 2020 Perla Towers
Perla Towers
Mississauga   Pinnacle
$ 749,900+
Perla Tower is a new condo development by Pinnacle International, located at 5044 Hurontario St, Mississauga, ON, Canada, L5R 1B2. Currently, in its public sales... Show on Map
Selling Now tba Brightwater Condos
Brightwater Condos
Port Credit   Kilmer Group and Diamond Corp and Dream and FRAM + Slokker
$ N/A
Brightwater condos by the Kilmer Group is a new pre construction development that will be located at 70 Mississauga Road, Mississauga. This project will be... Show on Map
Selling Now tba Crestview-ManorsMain1Featured
Crestview Manors
Mississauga   Carlyle Communities
$ N/A
Crestview Manors is a new townhouse development that is currently in the pre-construction phase by Carlyle Communities, located at 1640 Crestview Avenue Mississauga ON. The... Show on Map
Selling Now tba 55-Port-CondosMain1Featured
55 Port Condos
Mississauga   FRAM + Slokker
$ N/A
55 Port Condos is a new condo development that is currently in pre construction phase by FRAM + Slokker, located at 55 Port St E... Show on Map
Selling Now tba Lorne-Park-PlaceMain1Featured
Lorne Park Place
Mississauga   Cachet Homes
$ N/A
Lorne Park Place is a new townhouse development that is currently in the pre-construction phase by Cachet Homes, located at 1190 Lorne Park Road, Mississauga,... Show on Map
Coming Soon tba The-Nine-TownhomesMain1Featured
The Nine Townhomes
Mississauga   Mattamy Homes
$ N/A
A pre construction development by Mattamy Homes is coming soon to 5150 Ninth Line Mississauga, ON. The Nine Towns will bring an exclusive mixed-use community... Show on Map
Coming Soon tba listing image
The Hazel Townhomes
Mississauga   PACE Developments Inc.
$ N/A
The Hazel Townhomes is a new townhouse and single family home development that is currently in pre construction phase by PACE Developments Inc., located at... Show on Map
Coming Soon tba Block-1-WestMain1Featured
Block 1 West
Mississauga   Amacon
$ N/A
Block 1 West Condos – Parkside Village Community is a new condo development that is currently in the pre construction phase by Amacon, located at... Show on Map
Sold Out 2017 grand park 2 condos featured
Grand Park 2 Condos
Square One   Pinnacle
$ N/A
A new Pre-Construction development in Mississauga by Pinnacle International, Pinnacle Grand Park 2 Condos is currently under construction and set to be completed in 2017.... Show on Map
Sold Out n/a AtWater Condos
AtWater Condos
Port Credit   Windcatcher Developments
$ N/A
AtWater Condos are nestled in the quaint pocket of Atwater and Cawthra Mississauga is a perfect example of a low-rise condominium done right. Located at... Show on Map
Sold Out 2019 Arc Condos 1
Arc Condos
Mississauga   Daniels
$ N/A
Arc Condos at Daniels Erin Mills, homeowners are able to enjoy a wealth of amenities and conveniences. This new development is currently under construction at... Show on Map
Sold Out 2018 Block Nine Condos
Block Nine Condos
Square One   Amacon
$ N/A
Currently, in pre-construction, Block Nine Condos is a new townhouse and condo development by Amacon Development at Square One in Mississauga, Ontario. The newest addition... Show on Map
Sold Out tba IMG 6398
Tuscany Gates Condos
Square One   Castle Group
$ N/A
Inspired by the art and history-rich region of Tuscany in Italy, the Tuscany Gates Condos boasts of the mix of modern and neo-classical design incorporated... Show on Map
Sold Out tba 330 burnhamthorpe rd w ultra ovation condo mississauga
Ultra Ovation Condos
Square One   Tridel
$ N/A
Rising tall and proud, the Ultra Ovation Condo structure awes onlookers not just because of its shiny, glass exterior but also because of the ultra-beautiful... Show on Map
Sold Out tba 2015 06 29 03 21 43 ville condos exterior rendering
Ville Condos
Mississauga   Forest Green Homes
$ N/A
The Ville Condos aims to be the best of two lifestyles by providing laid-back living in the heart of Streetsville, and accessibility being in the... Show on Map
Sold Out 2019
Parc Towns
Mississauga   Daniels
$ N/A
Located at the southwest corner of Eglinton Avenue West and Erin Mills, Parc Towns are modern pre-construction condos being developed by The Daniels Corporation. These... Show on Map
Sold Out 2021 The-Way-Urban-TownsMain1Featured
The Way Urban Towns
Mississauga   Sorbara Group of Companies and Metropia
$ N/A
The Way Urban Towns is a new townhouse development that is currently in pre construction phase by Sorbara Group of Companies and Metropia, located at... Show on Map
Planning tba Lakeview Village - Bird's Eye View - Exterior Render
Lakeview Village Condos
Mississauga   Greenpark Homes
$ N/A
Lakeview Village Condos is a new condo project by Greenpark Homes, located at 1300 Lakeshore Road East, Mississauga, ON. This development will bring the pleasure... Show on Map
Planning tba
Cameo Condos
Mississauga   Conservatory Group
$ N/A
The Cameo Condos is a new development by The Conservatory Condos, located at Mavis Rd & Eglinton Ave W, Mississauga, Ontario, L5R 3G8. Currently, in... Show on Map
Planning tba Edge Towers - Street Level View - Exterior Render
ORO at Edge Towers
Square One   Solmar Development
$ 637,900+
A new condo development by Solmar Development Corp, will be located at 24 Elm Drive, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, L5B 1L9. Currently, ORO at Edge Towers... Show on Map
VIP Sales sep 2022
S2 at Stonebrook Condos
Square One   United Lands
$ 543,900+
S2 at Stonebrook Condos is a pre-construction condo development by United Lands, located at 1055 Southdown Rd, Mississauga, Ontario, L5J 0A2. Currently, in the selling... Show on Map
VIP Sales nov 2018
Amber Condos
Square One   Pinnacle
$ 869,900+
Amber Condos is a condo development by Pinnacle International, located at 5025 Four Springs Ave, Mississauga, Ontario, L5R 1B2. The condominium was completed in November... Show on Map
Coming Soon tba 1345-Lakeshore-CondosMain1Featured
1345 Lakeshore Condos
Mississauga   VANDYK
$ N/A
1345 Lakeshore Condos is a new pre-construction condo development by VANDYK Group of Companies, located at 1345 Lakeshore Rd E, Mississauga, ON, L5E 1G5. Currently,... Show on Map

Condos in Mississauga for sale. Mississauga new condos. Condo for sale Mississauga. Mississauga Ontario

Mississauga is a stone’s throw from downtown Toronto on Lake Ontario. At first glance, Mississauga might seem like a left-field choice for real estate investors on the search for a new property. The main appeal of the city is its proximity to Toronto and easy access to Pearson International Airport. It’s a place that’s ideal for commuters and families alike.

Thinking of purchasing a new home or realty in Mississauga? Here is everything you need to know about conducting your search in the sixth most populated municipality in Canada.


The city was named after the first group of settlers who built their homes along the banks of the Credit River in the 1700s. Mississauga is one of the prominent suburbs in Canada with lucrative Pre-Construction Condo Sales Mississauga offers.

Here you’ll find new luxurious condo residences and affluent commercial buildings. There’s also plenty of recreational attractions and lush green space. Such areas provide the perfect way to unwind or exercise outdoors after a day of work.

The City of Mississauga is a multicultural haven that has many small rebuilt neighbourhoods with unique appeal. The majority of the population of Mississauga lives and works around Burnhamthorpe Road and Hurontario St, which are both in downtown.


Career growth is one of many reasons why a buyer would seek a condo in Mississauga! The fact that the rea is close to both the International airport and  Downtown Toronto, has attracted many working professionals and businesses to establish in Mississauga in search of opportunity. This has created new jobs, boosting the local economy.

The rise in employment has led to a major increase in the population in Mississauga. Presently, The number of people commuting to the city for work is more than the number of people leaving the city for work. There are 1,300+ MNCs in the city and 55,000 businesses. In total, this amounts to over 400,000 workers.

There are also dozens of Fortune-500 organizations that have offices within the city’s borders. Job opportunities are available in many sectors. This includes telecommunications, finance, IT, automotive, construction, pharma, and consumer products.


The real estate market in Mississauga is on the up. There are various new condos for sale in Mississauga. To name a few are include Tuscany Gates, Pinnacle Grand Park 2, Ultra Ovation, and Block Nine.

Suites here are primarily made up of new condominiums. Luxury lofts account for 96 percent of real estate sales, followed by townhomes accounting for 2 percent.

There are many two bedroom condo units available in Square One District. No wonder, the area has one of the highly sought after condo sales in Mississauga. It is blessed with some of the most beautiful waterfront views along Lake Ontario.

As a result, many of these offer fantastic views of the nearby water. Square One District’s location is within the heart of the Mississauga means homes with one of the most magnificent views in the city.

Towers of several storeys are added every year. The searches on information about the city speak a lot about how people would love to purchase a new house here.

If you’re one of them, you can take note that condo prices in Mississauga are increasing steadily as the years go by. But, it’s surely worth it, especially with the nearby sites, such as Square One Shopping Centre, the bustling Hurontario St, Avia Condos, Artform Condos, Canopy Towers, Edge Towers, and more.

Here are other Famous Pre-Construction Neighbourhoods in Mississauga that you should take a look at if you plan to go out for a drive around the city:


At present, Bram West in Mississauga is housing nine new condo developments, most of which are low-rise building projects. A condo here is either new construction, currently planned, or under construction. So people can actually expect new homes coming to the area soon.

Out of these nine brand new home developments, five of them are single-family homes, and the remaining four are townhouse developments.

Kaneff Corporation is one of the leading developers in the Mississauga region. Westfield, Daniels FirstHome Beckenrose 2, and Cobblestones South are among the popular projects in Bram West.


Eatonville is currently witnessing all high-rise developments. For anyone in search of a new house, it’s an area to check out. At present, six condo developments are in the region. Once completed, a total of 1887 occupancy units will be available for people, but you can buy a unit pre-construction as well.

Edilcan Development Corporation is the most active developer in Eatonville. Valhalla Town Square and 300 The East Mall Condos are amongst the top developments in Eatonville.


The area of Erin Mills is one of the major thoroughfares in Mississauga. The region is densely populated in Erin Mills Town Centre. Moreover, the Credit Valley Hospital, as well as the University of Toronto’s Mississauga campus, is located in this area too.

The Rattary March Conservation is featured in this city. A long stroll through the place will uncover one of the many hidden gems in Mississauga. It’s like a walk-in paradise. The scenic, peaceful trails and creeks — that are teeming with deer, birds, turtles, and other wildlife — offer a magnificent naturalistic experience for the public. Erin Mills is one of Mississauga’s current real highlights.


Currently, Clarkson is seeing a mix of both mid-rise as well as low-rise developments with four new home developments in the pipeline. Three are townhouses and the others are condos.

United Lands tops the list as a real estate developer in the region. The four developments in Clarkson are S2 at Stonebrook, The Clarkson Urban Towns, Eleven 11, Clarkson, and Southdown Towns.


A total of seven new construction including three-bedroom townhouses, three condos, and one single-family home are being built in Cooksville.

Carlyle Communities are popular developers in the real estate market at present. The Huron, The Maze, Camilla towns, and Jacob Cook Estates are amongst the top housing developments in the region.


Being one of the prime locations of Mississauga, Lakeview has seven new developments lined up. Both high-rises, as well as low-rise developments, are in their initial phases construction. Four of these are condominium developments while the other three are townhouses.

Kingston Group Inc. happens to be amongst the top developers in the area. Mod Townes, Lakeview Village, Stride Towns and Rise at Stride Condos are the popular upcoming developments in Mississauga.


Mississauga City Centre in Cooksville offers some of the best accommodation. It’s the ideal place for those looking for new homes close to Go Transit, Square One Mall, Civil Hall, and Central Library. The city has well-established neighbourhoods like the Southeast corner of Mississauga, Lakeview.

Mississauga is home to a lot of stores and malls, too. This includes one of the largest shopping centers in all of Ontario.

Living here, on the shores of Lake Toronto, is nothing short of amazing. Residents of all ages will truly benefit from all Mississauga has to offer.


Port Credit — which is nicknamed “Village on the Lake” — is also a great hangout spot for nature lovers. The stunning village on the shores of Lake Ontario is defined by welcoming neighborhoods and stunning architecture.

The lakefront marina and miles of beautiful trains are a must-visit destination at Port Credit. If you’re a fan of music, then you’ll also find that there are many festivals and jazz events that are held in the village, especially during the summer seasons.

There is a Waterfront Trail which is over 740 kilometers. The trail is from Cornwall and goes till the Niagara-on-the-lake. It passes through the city of Mississauga along Port Credit. One can spend quality time walking or cycling by the park trail, which offers a peaceful and calm moment in nature as you enjoy the view.


Streetsville, which is situated right in the heart of Mississauga, is also a great spot to explore. Residents who are enthusiastic about art will find plenty of exciting and inspiring pieces available on display at the Mississauga Art Gallery.


The location of the places inside Mississauga is very convenient, and there are affordable ways to move around the city. The journey from home to work is simple and straightforward with an option to suit everyone. And if you worry about getting lost, having a map should come in handy.

The MiWay bus service have ramps and offer easy commute to all types residents.

The Toronto Pearson International Airport is also located in Mississauga. The airport caters to over one-third of the air traffic of the country. The close proximity to Mississauga makes it ideal for business and pleasure travel alike.


There is also GO Transit available in Mississauga rwhich makes it easy to reach to different parts of the city. A few major areas include Cooksville, Dixie, Lisgar, Erindale, Clarkson, Square One, Port Credit, and others. To make it easier to commute around the city, there is also Mississauga Transitway running parallel to Highway 403.

There are also plans for continuous improvement in transportation and infrastructure amenities all across Mississauga. The day is not far when there will be major construction of other transportation facilities along with Hurontario LRT.  Becaue of the construction, the city may also experience numerous route changes but at the end of the day, it will be streamlining public transit routes across Mississauga.


As of late, Mississauga has developed its urban skyline with the development of multiple real estate properties. Mississauga has a strong economy with excellent infrastructure. Having a home in Mississauga is safe for families as it has some of the lowest crime rates in Canada.

With the city’s fantastic transportation services, there is no reason why you shouldn’t explore all the city has to offer. Regardless of your hobbies and interests, the condos in Mississauga provide everything you need for an excellent standard of living. Making a home for yourself here has so much to offer.

Mississauga as a whole is a city of arts, music, sports, shopping, and entertainment. Mississauga is packaged as one of Canada’s most magnificent lakefront destinations. You will surely get the value of the price you paid for.


Aside from nature and magnificent views, there is an entertainment complex, in Mississauga called Playdium. The complex has multiple arcade games along with numerous other attractions. Playdium also has a miniature golf course along with a laser maze and one of the longest tracks for Go-Karting in Canada.

Mississauga also has iFly, which is a vertical tube where you can defy the laws of gravity. It has a diameter of four meters and is 14 meters above the ground. Experience the feeling of skydiving as the air passes at a speed of over 175 km/h lifting you right off the ground.


Condo living offers a range of benefits and amenities. Compared with a townhouse, a condo in Mississauga typically requires far less maintenance and is more secure. There are also luxury facilities in the district condos, such as gyms, secure parking, meeting rooms, and more.

If you plan on moving to condos in Mississauga, such a lifestyle boasts great social aspects too. Many condo owners nurture a sense of community, especially when newcomers to the area. After all, a detached home doesn’t have the same level of interaction with neighbours as a condo does.

For a working professional, living in a condo is ideal. In a well-connected city such as Mississauga, your journey from condo to the desk will be far less than other Canadian cities. Considering that condo living is low-maintenance, you won’t return home to lots of things that need fixing or replacing as with an older home.

All in all, Mississauga condos ensure quality, hassle-free living, as well as stunning views across Lake Ontario.


Mississauga new condos for sale. Mississauga condos. Mississauga Ontario

On the search for Mississauga condos? Want to know the condo prices? Get in touch with us today here at Precondo and our team will get back to you.

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