New Condos in Yonge & Eglinton

Selling Now 2022 2017_10_23_09_41_45_e2condos_rendering
E2 Condos
$ 563,990+
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Sold Out 2019 Beacon Condos - Bird's Eye View - Exterior Render
Beacon Condos
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Coming Soon tba The Clair Condos - Street Level View - Exterior Render
The Clair Residences
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Sold Out 2019 The Eglinton Condos
The Eglinton Condos
$ N/A
Selling Now 2023 Untitled Toronto
Untitled Toronto Condos
$ N/A
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Selling Now 2023 The Winslow
The Winslow Condos
$ 2,191,000+
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Sold Out 2021 whitehaus condos featured rendering
Whitehaus Condos
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Selling Now 2026 One Delisle Condos
One Delisle Condos
$ 1,150,900+
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Avenue & Park Condos
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Sold Out tba The Rose Club Towns
The Rose Club
$ N/A
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Selling Now 2024 65 Broadway Condos - Bird's Eye View - Exterior Render
65 Broadway Avenue Condos
$ 865,900+
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Coming Soon tba 35 Henning Avenue Condos
35 Henning Avenue Condos
$ N/A
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Planning tba 55 Eglinton Condo Rendering
55 Eglinton Avenue East Condos
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38 Broadway Avenue Condos
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Sold Out 2017 155 Redpath Condos Main
155 Redpath Condos
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About The New Condos At Yonge And Eglinton
New Condo For Sale In Yonge & Eglinton, Toronto Condos

Yonge and Eglinton’s new condos are one of Toronto’s best places to live. It is ranked very highly on ease of living, safety, entertainment, and housing. It is the home base for many successful corporate companies and is now growing at a fast rate. Buildings are on the rise every day.

Condos at Yonge/Eglinton Ave sell especially quickly here. The neighbourhood serves the young and old alike with its various attractions and amenities. Whether it is food, movies, parks, employment, shopping, or wellness, the location serves them all.

Why Get A Condo At Yonge And Eglinton?

At present, there are a large number of real estate and new condo developments built and being built here. Developers are creating significant and luxurious properties in the neighbourhood more than anywhere else. It is one of the hottest places to invest. Condos come renovated, fully furnished, and even on rent.

Yonge and Eglinton are still under development, and it changes every day. Here you’ll find beautiful condos and two-story houses, all complete with glass finishing and luxury amenities.

Yonge and Eglinton Ave condos were ranked the top neighbourhood to live in. It is well connected by public transport and the subway. Both are well combined. There are regular buses to and from the Yonge Eglinton Centre and the nearby community.

There are also suburban train lines with the GO Transit. Commuting is sometimes a chore given the traffic. But there are many alternatives to take in case you think you’ll run late.

Great For All Kinds Of Residents

There are a large number of schools with a good reputation nearby, making it attractive to families with children. Office spaces and shopping complexes are being built around every corner to house businesses. The roads often get congested, but the neighbourhood is ranked with a walk score of 95.

You could just as quickly take a walk down the bustling streets and admire your surroundings, especially at the downtown core. No matter the age group you’re in, the new Yonge and Eglinton condos have everything you need. It is populated mostly by families, though you will find young professionals and older couples here as well.

Nature, Sports & Recreation

Yonge and Eglinton Ave condos for sale have situated in a part of midtown Toronto. The whole area is green and well-interspersed by a significant number of parks.

The greenery from these parts is sure to make a beautiful view from your windows at your condo. You can find large open grounds for jogging, cycling, sports activities, and playgrounds for kids. The parks are lush and beautiful to spend your mornings when the flowers bloom.

Many of the parks allow dog walking as well.  They might also have parking spaces for a weekend picnic or trip. A few of these parks are Eglinton Park, Sherwood Park, and Edward’s Gardens. Children and teenagers alike will find many creative activities and sports to choose from in the neighbourhood as well.

Yonge and Eglinton pre-construction condos offer many facilities to adults and children alike to partake in recreation and sports. North Toronto memorial community center is a host of facilities for swimming, tennis, badminton, and kids activities.

There are also many healthcare clinics in the area. There are well-advised gyms and spas for men and women to de-stress from a tough week. There are also many wellness clinics and stores where you can pick up high-quality skincare goods. Benefit Cosmetics and Holika Holika are two outlets to look at.

Yonge & Eglinton: Street Life

From your condominium unit, you could take a different route to work and find a new restaurant. They cater to a large crowd, are stylistic, and are laid-back in their themes and interiors. No one tires of experiencing the culinary variety on the streets from Yonge and Eglinton condos. There are fine dining restaurants in a vast array of cuisines.

A few well-known restaurants are in the area of Yonge Street and Eglinton Avenue, like La Vecchia, Copacabana, Mariachi, and Konjiki Ramen. There are also joints to buy from for a quick bite when you’re rushing home from work. They offer you a space to catch your breath in the welcoming interiors as you watch the busy streets. Burger Shack, La Boheme Cafe Patisserie, and Banjara are a few bustling eateries here.

Youngsters and individuals might look to catch a game with friends or spend a night out dancing and revelling. The many bars within Yonge and Eglinton condos serve that purpose.

They hold various dance and music nights. Many bars have open mics and stand-up comedy, making for a fun night. Some places are perfect for quieter nights and having a simple drink with friends. The neighbourhood always has something for your mood and tastes. A few places to visit are Good Fortune Bar and Acrobat Lounge.

Shopping Made Fun

Both Yonge Street and Eglinton Avenue have a surprisingly large number of grocers, seafood sellers, butchers and the like. Whether it’s fresh produce or your daily groceries, you’ll find them all a stone’s throw away from your condo. It’s easy enough to finish the month’s shopping here on the streets. Fresh On Eglinton, Metro, and The Healthy Butcher are just a few places you can shop at.

There are also a host of 24/7 convenience stores should you need them. You can drive to Yonge Street and Eglinton Center. The shopping complex has a wide array of stores and entertainment options. Or you can take a walk down the streets of the neighbourhood to shop at independent retailers. Since the condo business is booming, local companies and brand retail shops have set up here.

Stores sell everything from home furnishings for condominiums to designer clothing, sports equipment and the like. Yonge and Eglinton host many shops that will satisfy your needs. Whether you are out on a budgeted shopping or out to splurge on a hefty paycheck, you’ll find places to do both at Young and Eglinton.

Yonge and Eglinton Ave Condos: Final Thoughts

On the whole, Yonge Street and Eglinton largely features condos, making them the best places to settle in. The neighbourhood offers everything you need for your children.

Whether it’s excellent schools or healthcare, your family will not want anything. It holds plenty of potential in businesses and employment. After all, transportation is easy with the Eglinton Station around.

The area is facing constant development, and that makes the future of this neighbourhood all the more exciting.

List Of New Condos In Yonge and Eglinton