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Through its centuries-long history, Brampton has evolved from its humble beginnings as a settlement in the 1800s to its present status as an officially designated city. The Brampton of today is recognized as one of the most vibrant cities in Canada, with residents that take pride in its diversity and its cosmopolitan atmosphere. Likewise, as the area in and around Brampton grew and developed, so too did its population.

In 1853 there were just approximately 500 residents living in Brampton; however, today the population of the city is now well over half a million and growing. Experts have stated that the community is expected to reach at least 725,000 by 2031 and Brampton has subsequently been designated as an urban growth area by the Province of Ontario. Presently, Brampton is ranked as the 9th largest city in Canada and also one of the fastest growing regions of the country as well.

Economic Boom

Due to its proximity to Lester B. Pearson International Airport – is located directly north of the facility – Brampton has a significant leg up, as it relates to the economic sector and the tourism industry. As a result of this, the city not only has one of the leading industrial areas in the country but also on a global scale as well. This status has been a boon to the city, allowing it to serve as a home to well over 8,000 businesses in recent years; as well as high levels of employment, especially in the manufacturing industry.

By far, the most significant business clusters in the city belong to retail, wholesale, and manufacturing trades, and in addition to all of this, Standard & Poor’s has seen it fit to give the City of Brampton a Triple ‘A’ credit rating.

Lifestyle in Brampton

In addition to a well-developed economic base, Brampton’s residents enjoy a high-quality lifestyle. It combines big city conveniences with traditional quality of life. It is the first city in the GTA (and one of only 10 in North America) to be designated an International Safe Community by the World Health Organization in 2007. Over the years, Brampton has successfully revitalized its flower town heritage to claim the title of Canada’s Flower City. Competing with the likes of Aberdeen, Scotland; Prince George, British Columbia; Stockton-on-Tees, England; Strathcona, Alberta; and Toronto — in addition to this, in 2008, Brampton earned the title of International Communities in Bloom.

What’s in the Neighborhood?

While it may be experiencing record levels or urban growth and development, the City of Brampton is still very much in tune with nature. This is particularly evident by the fact that the city provides accommodations to well over 6,000 acres of parkland and also serves as a home to an assortment of outdoor activities. In addition to this, Brampton also has a comprehensive array of medical facilities, places of worship. Shopping centers, libraries, and other educational facilities.

Cultural Diversity

All of these factors and more have made it possible for a diverse selection of people from around the world to call the city their home. These various residents speak more than 70 languages and bring more than 170 different cultures to the city. It is also worth noting that Brampton has the title of being recognized as the youngest area in the Toronto census metropolitan area; since the 2011 Census reported that the median age in Brampton was 34.7.

Real Estate

In the western municipality, townhomes and semi-detached houses are not particularly prominent, accounting for only 12% and 21% of residential real estate market sales respectively. On the other hand, detached dwellings account for the most significant portion of residential real estate sales, with a 54% share of the market being attributed solely towards them. Following the prosperity and growth that the city has been experiencing, it should come as no surprise that residential real estate prices are flourishing and rising as well.

In just a single year, the average price in the city showed an increase of over 25% – which means that the current average price is $670,509. Investing in real estate in the city now would be a smart choice since studies have shown that this growth is not expected to slow down in the long term. In direct relation to this, the average freehold cost over the last year was $713,388, and this can also be contrasted with the average condo premium of $378,043.

What Brampton is Known For

Brampton is notable for its ability to combine both general quality of life and a comprehensive selection of conveniences; creating a city that allows residents to enjoy a high-quality lifestyle as a result. The city has even been nominated as an International Safe Community by the World Health Organization (WHO), an honor that has only been bestowed on ten cities in North America and the very first city in the Greater Toronto Area to achieve this status.

The area is also notable for its efficient, convenient, and effective public transportation services — a factor that visible adds to its overall attractiveness to prospective residents. This is evident by the fact that Queen and Main Streets serve as the focal points for Downtown Brampton, and this location, in turn, serves as a regional hub of sorts for transit systems in the area.

More on Accessibility

Major transit facilities and services in this area include a multi-modal GO station (which has a fleet of buses and several regular trains), the Via Rail, and Brampton Zum Transit. Owners of private vehicles also have the convenience of making use of several highways; including Highways 107, 401, 407, and 410; which make traveling in and out of Brampton extremely easy.

Lastly, the walkability score of the city is exceptionally high, especially when compared to other regions; this means that residents can walk to entertainment venues or their work with minimal hassle.

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