About Brightwater Condos Development

Brightwater condos is a new condo development by the Kilmer Group, at 70 Mississauga Road, Mississauga. This condo development will be built on a 72-acre plot of land which will accommodate countless amenities. The project will comprise of buildings reaching 26-stories. There are four developers in total that will be handling the project.

These developers in addition to the Kilmer Group include Diamond Corp, Dream Unlimited Corp and FRAM+ Slokker. The project will have 2500 residential units in total, along with 400 townhouses. All homes will be in the variants of one-bedroom, two-bedroom, or three-bedroom condos.

Brightwater condos aims to create luxury condominiums along the waterfront in Port Credit. The project will feature high-rise buildings and will carefully accommodate rows of townhouses. The property will feature ample green coverage with trees planted at regular intervals.

This area is one of the most revered residential neighborhoods in Mississauga. With a large number of schools, business opportunities, and amenities nearby, one’s lifestyle becomes significantly more convenient.

Features and Amenities

The Kilmer Group, along with the other developers, has put in a lot of effort into this project. They aspire to make it the epitome of luxury along the waterfront in Port Credit. Buildings that will be a part of the project will be high-rise, each towering at 26-storeys.

The project aims to accommodate 2500 residential suites in total. All suites will range between one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom variants. Moreover, the townhouses will be placed in strategic rows along with the residential condo buildings.

The project will feature green coverage. Developers have paid special attention to the beautification of Brightwater condos. A total of 18 acres will be solely for a public park within the project. Apart from this, numerous other amenities are also promised to the residents of this condo project.

This condo development in Mississauga is minutes away from the waterfront in Port Credit. Due to this, people living in Brightwater condos will enjoy an unbeatable view from their balconies and patios. Giannone Petricone Associates Inc.  will be designing these homes. Therefore, the architecture of each home will be top-notch, and residents will have nothing to complain about.

The developers wish to create a condominium project that redefines luxury real estate in Mississauga, Canada. This dream is not too farfetched, given the brilliant choice of location for the project.

Location and Neighbourhood

Brightwater condos are located at 70 Mississauga Road, Mississauga. This location is adjacent to the waterfront at Port credit, giving the residents of Brightwater condos an exceptional view of Lake Ontario. This location is envied by countless developers due to various reasons.

The neighborhood has a walk score of 60, making it easy for residents to accomplish a few daily chores on foot. The neighborhood features many elementary schools, both private ones, and public schools. This makes Brightwater condos a perfect place to start a family.

The project is just a few steps away from gardens, which are great for walks and other recreational purposes. Apart from this, the library, an arena, and open space are also in the vicinity.

There are a few outdoor dining options available for residents as well. The Credit Landing Shopping Centre has all essential stores, and people living in the Brightwater Condos can enjoy their facilities. Aside from the serene neighborhood, this area is a very safe place for people to live in.

With many condo projects and residential complexes in construction nearby, this region will soon become the best residential neighborhood in Mississauga. Investing in Brightwater condos is just the decision you need to make to live luxuriously shortly.

Accessibility and highlights

Brightwater condos are located near the Port Credit. This region has a transit score of 51, and it is fairly easy for people to commute from one place to another. The development is located minutes away from the Port Credit GO Train Station. This means residents can make use of public transport to commute to different parts of the city and back.

Access to the MiWay Regional Transit Services also makes it easier for residents to travel. The vast network of public transport facilities makes it economical to commute for the residents of the Brightwater Condos.

The vicinity of some of the major highways in Mississauga makes it easier for people to commute using their means too. People can make use of highway 403, 401, 407, 427, and the QEW. Reaching this development is not difficult due to the easy accessibility options available.

Commuters will be able to easily use public transport facilities extensively. Using one’s means of travel will not be an issue either because of the well-developed road networks in this region.

About the Developer

The project will be a result of a collaboration between 4 builders in total. They are Kilmer Group, Dream Unlimited Corp, Diamond Corp, and FRAM + Slokker. It is expected to be ready for occupancy by 2023.

The Kilmer Group is a private investment company based in Toronto. They have owned countless successful businesses over the years. Been ventured out into sports, real estate, media, entertainment, and infrastructure, they are known to invest in quality projects like The Brightwater Condos. This is because they are one of the leading businesses in Canada with a spotless track record.

The Dream Unlimited Corp is the second partner in this project. This developer is a leading name in Canada’s real estate. The Dream Unlimited Corp was established in 1996 and has earned its reputation since. This company specializes in building commercial spaces in Canada, the united states, and in Germany.

FRAM + Slokker is another leading name in Toronto’s real estate sector. They specialize in building community homes and residential apartments. They have developed many successful complexes in southern Toronto and wish to take over Port Credit next!

The Diamond Corp developers are famous for their quality projects and determination. They have built many projects in Toronto and the waterfront in Lake Ontario.

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