New Condos For Sale in Yorkville

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Selling Now 2021 Bianca Main
Bianca Condos
$ 1,285,000+
Bianca Condos is one of the new, state of the art buildings that are being developed by Tridel; consummate industry leaders. The condo, which will be … Show on Map
Sold Out 2019 Avenue 151 Main
Avenue 151 Yorkville Condos
$ 1,320,000+
Avenue 151 Yorkville Condos, a curvilinear masterpiece by Dash Developments will grace the corner of Avenue and Davenport. Nestled between posh Yorkville and the historical … Show on Map
Selling Now 2023 55C Condos - Bird's Eye View - Exterior Render
55C Condos
$ 640,900+
55C Condos is a new condo project by MOD Developments Inc., located at 55 Charles Street East, Toronto, ON. Currently, under construction, the development will … Show on Map
Selling Now 2027
The Pemberton
$ N/A
The Pemberton Condos by Pemberton Group is a new condo development at 33 Yorkville Avenue, Toronto, Ontario. This project offers two high-rise buildings of 68 … Show on Map
Sold Out 2014 Yorkville Plaza Main
Yorkville Plaza
$ N/A
Looking for a luxury condominium in Yorkville? Yorkville Plaza’s got you. Situated at Yorkville Avenue and Avenue Road, this signature development by Camfrost-Felcorp will be … Show on Map
Sold Out 2019 eighty one wellesley featured image
Eighty One Wellesley Condos
$ N/A
Eighty-One Wellesley is Aragon’s new condominium project in Toronto that is currently in pre-construction at 81 Wellesley Street East. Its’ location gives residents the freedom … Show on Map
Sold Out 2019 rosedale on bloor condos featured
Rosedale on Bloor Condos
$ N/A
Rosedale on Bloor Condos is a new condo project by Gupta Group, located at 395 Bloor Street East, Toronto, ON. The development is expected for … Show on Map
Sold Out 2016 one bloor condo featured
One Bloor Condos
$ 2,049,990+
One Bloor Condos is a stunning condominium that is developed by Great Gulf. It is situated at the most sought-after addresses in one of the … Show on Map
Sold Out 2021 Via Bloor Condos Main
Via Bloor Condos Phase 2
$ 945,000+
Via Bloor Condos Phase 2 is a new 45-story development from Tridel, with a prestigious address at the edge of Yorkville at Bloor East and … Show on Map
Sold Out 2016 181 Davenport Condos Main
181 Davenport Condos
$ N/A
181 Davenport Condos by Mizrahi Developments is a new development at 181 Davenport Rd, Toronto, ON. This project will feature a high-rise building of 12 … Show on Map
Sold Out 2017 277 Davenport Condos Main 2
277 Davenport Condos
$ N/A
Davenport is located on the northwest side of Toronto, which makes it just the right place to live. Toronto can be pleasing in a different … Show on Map
Sold Out 2019 1 Yorkville
1 Yorkville Condos
$ 2,420,000+
1 Yorkville Condos is a new condo project by Bazis and Plaza, located at 1 Yorkville Ave, Toronto, ON.  The development has one tower standing … Show on Map
Sold Out 2011
Museum House on Bloor
$ N/A
MuseumHouse by The Yorkville Corporation is a new development at 206 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON. This project has a high-rise condo tower of 19 … Show on Map
Planning fall/winter 2020 No.-7-RosedaleMain1Featured
No. 7 Rosedale Condos
$ N/A
No 7 Rosedale Condos is a new condo development in the pre construction phase by Platinum Vista, located at 5 Dale Avenue, Toronto Ontario, Canada, … Show on Map
Planning tba Madison View Condos
Madison View Condos
$ N/A
For those who are searching for a low-rise condo living, Madison View Condos is your goal. The 82-unit boutique tower is the creative collaboration between … Show on Map
Planning tba 20130403 Bloor Full 1
50 Bloor Street West (Holt Renfrew Condos)
$ N/A
The design of the Holt Renfrew Condo will astonish you. Looking like it is from the future, the 50 Bloor Street West, also known as … Show on Map
Planning tba
100 Davenport Condos
$ N/A
When it comes to luxury condominiums, builders Diamante Development Corporation already have several success stories under their belt – and they wholly intend to add … Show on Map
VIP Sales 2023
50 Scollard Condos
$ 2,600,900+
A new residential landmark is in the making! Set to rise 41 stories above ground in Yorkville on the corner of Bay and Scollard, this … Show on Map
Planning tba 321 Davenport Condos - Street Level View - Exterior Render
321 Davenport Condos
$ 2,549,990+
321 Davenport Condos is a new condo project by Alterra Group of Companies, located at 321 Davenport Rd, Toronto, ON. Currently, in the pre-construction process … Show on Map
Planning tba Designers walk condos
Designers Walk Condos
$ N/A
Designer’s Walk Condos is a new condo project by Cityzen Development Group and Greybrook Realty Partners, located at 314 Davenport Road, Toronto, ON. The development … Show on Map
Planning 2021 878 Yonge Condos - Street Level View - Exterior Render
878 Yonge Street Condos
$ N/A
878 Yonge Street Condos is a new condo development by Cityzen Development Group, located at 878 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON. Expected to be completed by … Show on Map
Planning tba 210 Bloor Street West Condos
210 Bloor Street West Condos
$ N/A
210 Bloor Street West Condos is a new condo project by Tribune Communities, located at 210 Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON. The high-rise development will … Show on Map
Planning tba Looking southwest over Cumberland Sqaure, Toronto
Cumberland Square Condos
$ N/A
Cumberland Square Condos by KingSett Capital is a new development at 2 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON. Currently, in it’s planning phase, this condo development … Show on Map
Planning 2022 8 Gloucester Condos - Bird's Eye View - Exterior Render
8 Gloucester Condos
$ N/A
8 Gloucester Condos is a new condo development by Angel Developments, located at 8 Gloucester St, Toronto, ON. Currently, in its planning phase, this condo … Show on Map

New Condo For Sale In Yorkville

As one of the most vibrant neighborhoods in Toronto, Yorkville has become a hot topic among real estate investors and homebuyers alike. The neighborhood’s impressive luxury real estate, high-end boutiques, and proximity to popular cultural attractions have all made it appealing to the rich and famous.

Yorkville is bounded by Bloor Street to the south, Davenport Road to the north, Yonge Street to the east and Avenue Road to the west, and is considered part of “The Annex” neighbourhood officially. With a distinct collection of luxury and new condo units, commercial buildings, prestigious hotels, and high-end shopping outlets between Avenue Road and Yonge Street, there is no doubt that the city can stand on its own.

While Yorkville wasn’t always the hub of activity that it is today, it seemed to become popular almost overnight with an influx of businesses. Popular fashion labels such as Hermes, Jimmy Choo, Chanel, and Dior, have all taken up residence in the neighborhood.

Neighborhood favorites like; the Hyatt Rooftop, the Manulife Centre, Sassafraz, Hazelton Lanes, and Amber have all undergone recent renovations to match the new and improved Yorkville.


Many prominent real estate developers have been building new condos in Yorkville on almost every corner of the neighborhood, and there are many plans for future condo developments as well.

Currently, there are an estimated 6,627 new condo units in Yorkville, as well as an additional 9,836 under construction that is to be completed in the next five years. Overall, it is undeniable that Yorkville condos are high on demand due to unprecedented economic and population growth in recent years.


The city, which was once a favored hippie hangout in the 60s, is now a prime destination for individuals who want to shop, dine, or relocate. Yorkville boasts several alleyways, courtyards, and stunning Victorian houses, all amidst a plethora of elegant restaurants and shopping outlets. A lush park is also situated amid Yorkville, creating a space that adds natural beauty to the center of the city.

Yorkville is not only recognized as a popular shopping destination in Canada; it has also been recognized internationally as one of the top ten shopping destinations in all of North America. Often compared to 5th Avenue in New York City, Los Angeles’ Rodeo Drive, and Chicago’s Magnificent Mile, Yorkville offers one of the most luxurious shopping experiences for a wide variety of shoppers.

You’ll find several major Canadian labels, as well as various upscale shopping centers, on almost every corner of Yorkville. Aside from luxury brands, there are also cheaper options; such as H&M, Aldo, Banana Republic, FCUK, and many more, all across the streets of the city.

Yorkville is also where you’ll find Bloor Street, a major shopping, dining, and tourism destination in the city; often nicknamed “Mink Mile.” Hermes, D&G, Tiffany, and Louis Vuitton can all be found on Bloor Street. Bloor Street is also home to many live events, such as:

  • The Yorkville Exotic Car Show
  • Toronto Santa Speedo Run
  • Holiday Magic
  • Yorkville Icefest
  • Yorkville Exotic Car Show
  • and more.

You can’t experience Toronto to the fullest without visiting this neighborhood. Living on Bloor Street or anywhere in Yorkville will ensure complete convenience, with everything that you’ll ever need right at your fingertips.

Its convenient location in the heart of the city allows for easy access for all of Toronto – primarily due to the presence of the Bloor/Danforth Line and the Yonge subway line within the area.

In addition to the subway line, Yorkville also has buses that commute from midtown on Avenue Road, Yorkville Ave, and Yonge Street. While the subway line is the main transit option, many people still rely on the buses to move around. As expected, the area does have a lot of traffic due to its popularity and growing population.

For private motorists, finding street parking in Yorkville can be challenging, and due to the area’s high standards, cars can be quickly towed away if they are improperly parked. However, there is ample paid parking available throughout the region.

Elegance and style are significant parts of Yorkville’s identity. Many high–end restaurants, luxury brands, and stores, within the city, cater to the needs of the residents. The neighborhood is always lively and active, being at the heart of the city where the line between work and fun is often blurred. Individuals of all ages are drawn to Yorkville.

Many residents have chosen this neighborhood as their home over the years, with more and more people every year to taking up residence in the newer condos that are being built. There are business people, entrepreneurs, shopaholics, foodies, artists, and quite often even celebrities, all walking the streets of Yorkville.


Overall, the city is a great place to live. Walking the picturesque streets of Yorkville, you’ll pass by several stunning Victorian homes that were built from 1870 to 1895 — still in good condition to this day. In addition to this, a bunch of stunning new Yorkville condos have been developed, such as:

  • Davies Condos
  • Avenue 151 Yorkville Condos
  • 346 Davenport Condos
  • Milan Condominiums
  • Madison View Condos
  • 50 Bloor Street West Condos
  • Eighty-One Wellesley Condos
  • 55C Condos
  • 50 Scollard Condos
  • Museum House on Bloor

Ranging from large environmentally friendly structures to modern condo designs; these new condo units in Yorkville also exhibit a wide range of features, such as rich landscaped gardens, grand lobbies, and numerous exclusive amenities for the complete enjoyment of residents.

Fully equipped fitness rooms, swimming pools, libraries, spas, chef’s kitchen, party rooms, and more, are also some of the highlights of Yorkville condos.

Contact us to receive updates on Yorkville new home inventory that meets your criteria.