New Condos For Sale in Oshawa

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Palmetto is a new townhouse development that is currently in the pre construction phase by Treasure Hill Homes, located at Oshawa, ON. This project will … Show on Map
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Beyond Condos
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Beyond Condos is a new pre-construction condo development by Atria Development Corporation, located at 100 Bond Street East, Oshawa, ON, Canada, L1G 0A2. The number …
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The Views is a new townhouse and single family home development that is currently in the pre construction phase by Jeffery Homes, located at Conlin … Show on Map
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U.C. Uptowns
$ 484,990+
U.C. Uptowns is a pre-construction townhouse development by Tribute Communities, located at Simcoe St N & Windfields Farm Dr W, Oshawa, ON, Canada, L1L 0C1. …
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Nouvelle Towns
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Nouvelle Towns is a new townhouse development that is currently in the pre construction phase by Build Up Development Co., located at 20 Beatrice Street … Show on Map
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Nahid Harbour Condos
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Nahid On Harbour Condos is a new condo development that is currently in the pre-construction phase by Options Development, located at 80 Harbour Road Oshawa … Show on Map
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The Uplands Luxury Townhomes
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The Uplands Luxury Townhomes is a new pre-construction townhome and condo development by High Street Courtice Inc, located at Old Kingston Road & Durham Regional … Show on Map
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Charing Cross Condominiums
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Charing Cross Condominiums is a new condo development that is currently in the pre construction phase by Lancaster Homes, located at 385 Arctic Red Drive, … Show on Map
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Daniels Firsthome Oshawa
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Daniels FirstHome Oshawa is a new townhouse development that is currently in the pre construction phase by The Daniels Corporation, located at 1707 Ritson Road … Show on Map
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Winchester Estates
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Winchester Estates Townhouses by Menkes Developments Ltd. is a new development at 2375 Ritson Road North, Oshawa, ON. This project will house an urban collection … Show on Map
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O North Urban Towns
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O North Urban Towns by Greycrest Homes is a new townhouse development at Conlin Road East & Wilson Road North, Oshawa, ON. This project will … Show on Map
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Mondria 1 Condos
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Mondria 1 Condos by Monde Development Group is a new development at 1607 Durham Regional Highway 2, Oshawa, ON. This project will house a 6 … Show on Map
Sold Out 2022 U.C. Tower Condominiums
U.C. Tower Condos
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U.C. Tower Condos is a new condo project by Tribute Communities, located at 2718 Durham Regional Road 2, Oshawa, ON. The development has an expected … Show on Map
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Ritson Towns
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Ritson Towns is a new townhouse development that is presently in its pre-construction phase. It is developed by Atlantic Development Group Ltd and is located … Show on Map
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Symphony Towns
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Symphony Towns is a new pre-construction townhouse development by Marlin Spring Developments, located at 250 Harmony Road South, Oshawa, ON, Canada, L1G 6L5. The townhouse …
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Treehouse Studios Condos
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Treehouse Studios Condos is a new condo development that is presently in its pre-construction phase. This is a new preconstruction condo development by Karmina Developments … Show on Map
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OH! Townhomes
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OH! Townhomes is a new townhouse development by Graywood Developments Ltd. and Falconcrest Homes, located at 915 Durham Regional Rd 52, Oshawa, ON, Canada. The …

About The New Condos in Oshawa
New Condo For Sale In Oshawa

Popularly known as ‘Canada’s Motor City’, Oshawa is the eastern anchor of Golden Horseshoe and GTA. It is one of the most well-established neighbourhoods in downtown Toronto, near Lake Ontario. The Durham region is famous for the developing automotive industry and thus, a significant economic contributor, especially in Southern Ontario. Apart from the automotive industry, Oshawa is a great hub for medical and research centers.

Oshawa neighbourhood is a place in Ontario that has witnessed tremendous real estate growth in the past decade. And, this growth is going to continue for a long as GTA’s economy and population are always on the rise because of the excitement and the facilities the place has on offer.

Oshawa’s average household income is amongst the highest in the city and thus, those planning to invest in real estate in the region are sure to reap great profits. Therefore, from the prospect of real estate and condo purchases, the area is ideal as condo occupancy is quite good in the region because of its industrial growth. Also, condos Oshawa are well covered.

What Makes Oshawa Condos Great?

There are three main sectors which are responsible for running the region- the automotive industry, medical centres, and educational institutions. And, all these three aspects are enough to create great Oshawa real estate market opportunities. There are several new condos for sale in the area.

To mark the automotive sector significantly, the head office of General Motors Canada is located here. And, for the medical centers, Lakeridge Health and Education Research Network (LHEARN Centre), Lakeridge Health Oshawa, as well as the Oshawa Clinic, contribute to the sector.

Apart from these two sectors that make the area lucrative to the Oshawa real estate market, the educational sector is also well enhanced in the Durham region. Trent University Durham, Durham College and the University of Ontario Institute of Technology are amongst the largest educational campuses in the city.

These three institutions make up over 40,000 students every year. Thus, these sectors result in a community in themselves. Occupancy in these sectors would mean a rise in the number of residents in Oshawa. Thus, creating a need for more pre-construction condos in the area especially near Durham College and the University of Ontario.

Oshawa: A Place Of Recreation And Entertainment

Oshawa goes by the motto: ‘Prepare to be amazed’. And indeed, the motto holds very true for the place due to the modern amenities. The place is full of recreational as well as entertainment centers located within proximity. Lake Ontario offers one of the most amazing views of the city.

Then, there are great dining options, historic places, and recreational parks to visit in Oshawa. Lake Ontario is filled with parks and other scenic locations for everyone to enjoy.

Because Downtown Oshawa is built on the intersection of King and Centre Streets, plenty of delicious cuisines are available in the restaurants located in this neighbourhood. Teddy’s Restaurant is one of the most popular eating places in the area.

There is a little history associated with Teddy’s restaurant and the place is famous for its classic deli décor and serving thick sandwiches. Riley’s Pub is also a famous entertainment hub that offers good food, and drinks and has a gorgeous ambiance.

There are quite a few theatres and cultural landmarks located in Oshawa too. For example, there is Regent Theatre famous for the classic movie nights and live musical performances that are held there regularly. For sports too, the place has got Tribute Communities Centre.

Oshawa is a hub of stunning entertainment places, great restaurants, and cultural places and has plenty of scenic beauty to offer for every square foot of land. It’s what makes condos Oshawa a great investment aside from the reasonable average condo price.

Transit in Oshawa

Getting around in Oshawa isn’t much difficult, even in North Oshawa. There is a fine interconnected network of highways built across the city’s landscape that provides the utmost ease of transit in Oshawa. It is divided into two parts by the Highway of Heroes that forms the eastern portion of the Ontario 401 Expressway. This highway network makes all the major locations of GTA easily accessible.

Markham often termed the ‘Silicon Valley of North’ is a hub for innumerable high-tech industries in the area. Thus, contributing to the major employment regions of the city.

Individuals can access Markham via Ontario 401 Expressway within a mere 30-minute drive. And, popular places like the Financial District situated in Downtown Toronto can be reached within an hour’s drive, utilizing the same highway for the commute.

GO transit, as well as Oshawa Train Station, are other popular means that the public in the city uses to reach various places in Toronto. Apart from these, people of the neighbourhood also utilize Durham Regional Transit to travel locally.

Thus, the neighbourhood of Oshawa is transit-friendly for both, those who own a car and those who don’t. All the important places can be accessed via Oshawa with ease by using any of the modern transit facilities available readily in the area.

List Of New And Pre-Construction Condo Developments in Oshawa

List of New Condos in Oshawa

Oshawa is a hub of the real estate market. The place has new listings and multiple housing options coming up including townhouses, apartments along with luxurious condominiums.

At present, six new condo developments are upcoming in the Motor City of Canada in the North Oshawa area and Durham region. Tribute Communities happens to be amongst the most popular condo developer in the region at present.

Here are the new condominiums coming up in Oshawa:

Our Verdict

With so many employees as well as entertainment options readily available around the Oshawa neighbourhood, the city is bound to have multiple well-constructed condo units for the residents to settle in.

The condominiums in the region are full of luxury, class, and modern designs and fit well with the needs of the people planning to stay in Oshawa. The presence of the Durham Regional Transit also means travelling from your condo’s Oshawa to other places is easier.

Also, the condo units will provide lush amenities to all the condo residents for luxurious living. And, the entertainment options available at Oshawa are great too. Thus, for those planning to invest in real estate, Oshawa is a great option to invest in a condo unit.

The place has a well-established industrial sector, educational institutions as well as amazing places to enjoy leisure time. Investing in condos Oshawa is bound to reap great gains, so consider hopping in new condo developments today.