The Willows Townhomes

Nash & Hancock Community | 1828 Nash Road, Courtice, ON
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Address Nash & Hancock Community | 1828 Nash Road, Courtice, ON
City Courtice
Neighbourhood Courtice
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About The Willows Townhomes Development

The Willows Townhomes is a new town development that is currently in the pre-construction phase by Marlin Spring Developments and DAMAC Properties, located at Nash & Hancock Community | 1828 Nash Road, Courtice, ON. The Willows Townhomes offers a collection of stylish, well-built homes tucked in a locale where city convenience meets suburban tranquility. This project is estimated completion date is still unknown.

Key Takeaways

  • The Willows Townhomes offer a variety of home styles with a focus on quality construction by Marlin Spring Developments, catering to different family sizes and preferences, and featuring natural light, spacious living areas, and luxury finishes.
  • Residents of The Willows benefit from a balance between urban conveniences and suburban charm with easy access to amenities such as parks, shopping centers, schools, and transportation, alongside a vibrant, friendly community with interconnected green spaces and a great neighbourhood.
  • The Willows provides a comfortable and hassle-free condo lifestyle with high-quality construction from NewRock Developments, ensuring energy efficiency and durability while offering residents maintenance services, communal amenities, and social interaction opportunities.

Discover the Willows Townhomes: A Unique Blend of Style and Comfort

Imagine stepping into a home that perfectly resonates with your taste and lifestyle. This is what The Willows Townhomes has to offer. Here, every home is a testament to a unique blend of style and comfort.

The diverse range of home styles ensures that every family, regardless of its size and preferences, finds a home that meets its needs. The beauty of The Willows lies not just in the external aesthetics, but also in the quality of construction.

Built by Marlin Spring Developments, a name synonymous with quality and excellence, every home at The Willows is designed to combine style with function. High-quality materials are used in the construction of each home, ensuring that residents enjoy a comfortable and stylish living experience for years to come.

Semi-detached and Single Family Homes

The diversity in housing styles at The Willows caters to varying family sizes and preferences. One such type is the semi-detached home. These homes offer a perfect balance of privacy and community living, allowing residents to enjoy the best of both worlds.

The semi-detached homes provide ample space for families while not isolating them completely from the buzz of the community. For families seeking more solitude and exclusive use of property amenities, The Willows offers single-family homes.

These homes are designed to provide spacious living for families, allowing them to enjoy the comfort of having their own space. Moreover, single-family homes at The Willows come with their own yard or garden, giving homeowners more control over their property.

Natural Light and Spacious Living Areas

Step into a home at The Willows and be greeted by an abundance of natural light streaming into the open-concept main living spaces. The design of each home ensures a seamless flow of natural light throughout, creating a bright and welcoming atmosphere.

This design feature not only enhances the aesthetics of the homes but also makes them feel larger and more open. The spaciousness extends to the kitchen areas in each home, which are finished with ceramic tile backsplash.

This design feature complements the open and spacious design of the homes, while also amplifying the natural light. With such a thoughtfully designed living space, it’s no wonder that residents of The Willows enjoy their homes as much as they do.

Location and Easy Access to Amenities

The location of The Willows Townhomes in Courtice, Ontario, Canada offers residents a perfect balance between urban conveniences and suburban charm. Not only does this location offer the serenity of suburban life, but it also provides easy access to urban areas when needed.

This balance ensures that occupants of The Willows get to enjoy the best of both worlds. Transportation is a breeze for occupants of The Willows, with proximal GO Transit stations and a strategic location near major commuting routes to cities like Toronto and Oshawa.

This exceptional access to transportation makes it easy for occupants to commute to work or school, or to simply explore the city. But it’s not just the transportation that’s convenient. The Willows is located close to various amenities, including:

  • parks
  • shopping centers
  • schools
  • recreational facilities

Whether you’re a parent looking for a good school for your children, a fitness enthusiast looking for a gym or a nature lover looking for a park to unwind, The Willows has got you covered.

Community Life and Neighborhood Charm

Living at The Willows is not just about having a beautiful home; it’s also about being part of a vibrant community. The design of The Willows fosters a family-friendly atmosphere with a focus on interconnectedness and neighborly interactions.

This focus on community life creates a strong community vibe, where neighbors know each other and the streets provide a welcoming environment. The environmentally conscious design of The Willows includes:

  • Green spaces that enhance the sense of camaraderie among neighbours
  • Green spaces that contribute to the neighbourhood’s charm
  • Green spaces that provide a perfect setting for occupants to interact with each other
  • Green spaces that foster a strong sense of community

With such a strong focus on community life, it’s no wonder that The Willows is loved by its occupants and stands out among other communities.

Unit Features and Benefits

The Willows Townhomes come with a myriad of features and benefits designed to enhance the living experience of occupants. Each unit features a spacious master bedroom that can accommodate a king-size bed and offers generous double-door closet space with built-in shelving and interior lighting.

This thoughtful design ensures that occupants have ample space for their belongings and a comfortable space to rest and relax. In addition to the master suite, units are designed with 3 bedrooms in total, providing ample space for families and guests.

The bathrooms in each unit are equipped with upgraded light fixtures and elegant pendant lighting, enhancing the ambiance of these private spaces. Furthermore, all units offer the convenience of en-suite bathrooms, equipped with high-quality vinyl plank flooring.

But it’s not only the bedrooms and bathrooms that are designed with comfort in mind. The homes also feature:

  • In-floor heating supplied by an electric tankless boiler
  • An 18,000 BTU heat pump in the main living area for optimal climate control
  • Each townhome includes a high-efficiency furnace and water heating system to ensure a comfortable living environment
  • Monthly maintenance fees cover vital services such as landscaping, snow removal, and upkeep of underground sprinklers, ensuring a hassle-free living experience.

Luxury Finishes and High-End Appliances

As if the spacious bedrooms and bathrooms weren’t enough, the homes at The Willows also come with luxury finishes and high-end appliances. The kitchen areas in each home are defined by:

  • Integrated high-end Miele appliances
  • Ribbed glass upper cabinetry
  • Solid wood cabinetry
  • A two-door pantry with pullout drawers
  • Provisions for under-mount or over-cabinet lighting

These features give the kitchens a luxurious feel.

The homes also exhibit superior craftsmanship in flooring and countertops, featuring engineered hardwood floors, stone countertops with waterfall edges, and standard granite countertops. The master bathrooms in each townhome highlight luxury with soaker tubs, solid-surface countertops with integrated sinks, and full-height stone tiles.

These luxury finishes add a sophisticated flair and value to The Willows Townhomes, making them a truly exceptional living space.

Driveway and Parking Options

At The Willows, convenience extends to the driveway and parking options as well. Each townhome includes a spacious single-car garage, offering private and convenient vehicle storage for occupants.

This feature ensures that occupants have a safe and secure place to park their cars. Guests of The Willows Townhomes are also taken into consideration.

They are provided with two parking spaces: one in a heated tandem two-car garage and another in the home’s driveway. Furthermore, the paved driveways for each townhome maintain a standard width not to exceed 12 feet, ensuring consistent aesthetics and space usage throughout the community.

The Willows Offers: Parks, Recreation, and More

Living in this building isn’t just about having a beautiful home; it’s also about enjoying exclusive amenities and recreational facilities. Occupants of The Willows Townhomes have access to a state-of-the-art Fitness Centre, allowing them to stay active and fit without having to travel far.

In addition to the Fitness Centre, The Willows community includes a Party Lounge which serves as a social hub. This facility promotes community involvement and interaction among neighbours, allowing occupants to socialize and form strong bonds with each other.

Whether it’s a casual get-together or a celebration, the Party Lounge provides the perfect setting.

Green Spaces and Walking Trails

The Willows community facilitates an active lifestyle with multiple walking trails and hiking paths for occupants. These trails, including Mystic Vale Trails, Cattle Point Loop, and Bowker Creek Walkway, provide occupants with ample opportunities to engage in outdoor activities like hiking, running, and biking.

Not only do these trails offer occupants a chance to engage in physical activities, but they also provide stunning views of the ocean and mountains. The natural beauty of the scenic landscapes surrounding Courtice provides ample green spaces for occupants to enjoy, making The Willows a perfect place for nature lovers.

Nearby Sports Facilities and Activities

The advantages of living at The Willows extend beyond the community itself. Occupants have convenient access to the Westside Recreation Centre, offering an array of sports and leisure activities suited for all age groups and fitness levels. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast looking to stay active or a parent looking for activities for your children, the Westside Recreation Centre has got you covered.

In addition to the structured recreation facilities, occupants can also enjoy the natural surroundings and open spaces at Springbank Hill Community Park. This park is ideal for various outdoor activities, allowing occupants to enjoy the beauty of nature while staying active. Some of the activities available at the park include:

  • Walking and jogging trails
  • Picnic areas
  • Playground for children
  • Sports fields for soccer, baseball, and more
  • Dog park for furry friends

With such a variety of recreational facilities and activities available, there’s never a dull moment at The Willows for those interested.

The Willows Builders: Quality and Expertise

The quality and elegance of The Willows Townhomes in Ontario, Canada, can be attributed to the expertise of its builders, NewRock Developments. Known for their high-quality products and meticulous construction processes, these builders ensure excellence in every home at The Willows.

Their focus on quality and attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the homes, from the design to the construction. Working alongside NewRock Developments is Marlin Spring Developments.

Known for crafting beautiful living spaces, Marlin Spring Developments, along with NewRock Developments, are the key builders creating The Willows’ inviting atmosphere. From towns to semis and detached homes, their expertise lies in creating homes that suit diverse residential needs and preferences.

Construction Techniques and Materials

When it comes to building construction, NewRock Developments prioritizes quality materials to ensure durability and long-lasting value for homeowners. The homes at The Willows are built with premium vinyl siding and manufactured stone accents and are equipped with Energy Star windows and doors.

These features contribute to the homes’ energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal. The diversity in the sizes of the homes at The Willows indicates a diversity in construction techniques and materials used.

Ranging from 1,470 to 2,386 square feet, each home is built to accommodate different residential needs and preferences. This diversity in construction techniques and materials ensures that every family finds a home that meets its needs at The Willows.

A Look at the Condo Lifestyle: Benefits and Considerations

Living at The Willows offers occupants the benefits of the condo lifestyle. Townhouse owners at The Willows have ownership of both the interior and the exterior of their units, including any associated yard or garden.

This gives them more control over their property compared to condo owners who only own the interior of their units. The condo lifestyle at The Willows also offers an advantage in terms of maintenance effort.

External tasks such as snow removal and lawn care are handled by the condominium association, allowing occupants to enjoy a hassle-free living experience. Furthermore, townhome owners at The Willows typically enjoy lower monthly fees than those paid by traditional condo occupants.

To top it all, occupants have access to high-end condominium amenities like a fitness center and social lounges, enriching their living experience.

Community Involvement and Social Opportunities

Living at The Willows offers:

  • Being part of a vibrant community
  • Close-knit structure encouraging frequent interaction among occupants
  • Strong community relationships
  • Access to communal amenities and maintenance services
  • Ample socializing opportunities

The strong sense of community at The Willows is reflected in the high satisfaction among homeowners. Occupants report high satisfaction with the community’s quality and value, contributing to positive sentiment and encouraging neighbourly engagement. With such strong community involvement and social opportunities, it’s no wonder that The Willows is loved by its occupants.


The Willows Townhomes offers an elegant lifestyle that combines style, comfort, and convenience. With a variety of housing styles, high-quality construction, easy access to amenities, and a vibrant community life, The Willows provides a living experience like no other. Whether you’re a first-time home buyer or looking for a place to grow your family,

The Willows has something for everyone. The Willows is more than just a place to live; it’s a place to thrive. With its state-of-the-art amenities, beautiful green spaces, and strong community vibe,

The Willows provides an environment that promotes an active and social lifestyle. So why wait? Experience the elegant lifestyle that The Willows has to offer and make it your home today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of homes are available at The Willows?

The Willows offers townhomes, semi-detached, and detached homes for you to choose from. Consider which type best suits your preferences.

What amenities are available at The Willows?

The Willows presents a state-of-the-art Fitness Centre, Party Lounge, and green spaces with walking trails for its occupants to enjoy.

What are the benefits of the condo lifestyle at The Willows?

The condo lifestyle at The Willows provides occupants with property control, lower fees, and access to high-end amenities, making it a desirable choice for comfortable and convenient living.

Who are the builders of The Willows?

The Willows are built by NewRock Developments and Marlin Spring Developments, known for their high-quality products and meticulous construction processes.

What materials are used in the construction of The Willows?

The homes at The Willows are built with premium vinyl siding, manufactured stone accents, and Energy Star windows and doors. These materials are used in the construction of homes to ensure durability and energy efficiency.

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