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About The New Condos in Leslieville and Riverdale
New Condo For Sale In Leslieville & Riverdale

Leslieville and Riverdale is a beautiful, bustling neighborhood situated in the East End of Toronto. The East End is a quaint and family friendly locality compared to the hip and trending West End that is more famous for its pubs, bars, and shopping centers.

You don’t get much trouble in the East End, and it is always a great place to have a quiet and peaceful walk. Many essential destinations of Toronto surround Leslieville and Riverdale condos. This once industrial neighborhood is surrounded by the Don Valley, Don River, next to Coxwell Street, Gerrard Street and the Eastern Avenue.

Condos in Leslieville and Riverdale became a favorite place to settle down and had high demands for condos ever since it had its boom in film production on the south of East Ave and Portland. Now all the creative types and rising stars are looking for a place over there to find a gig or to plant their feet in the film business.

The gentrification of Leslieville and Riverdale

A huge reason for the popularity and demand for condos in the location is because of the renovation that took place between 2000 and 2010. A large portion of its history included the settlement of industrial workers and factories. This made the situation quite polluted and a hard place to live in. The renovation of the area had reduced the air pollution, brought more restaurants, cafes, and bars to the home, and made the neighborhood less grim and dark than it was during the late 90s.

It should be noted that in 2005, Leslieville was proclaimed by The New York Times to be Toronto’s hippest place to drink, dine and shop. With better condominiums, infrastructures, and rise of famous film production studios like the Showline Studios, Cinevillage and the Pinewood Toronto Studios there came a more enormous influx in settlement of more talented individuals in the neighborhood. Entrepreneurs, freelance designers, computer experts, and young families all started to call Leslieville their home.

The Leslieville and Riverdale condo neighborhood now have an interestingly diverse collection working class members, favorite establishments, dive bars aligned perfectly with busy restaurants, and pre-war row homes comfortably kept next to loft spaces. While the popularity of the locale went sky high and more people flocked to the East End, it is safe to say that accommodation is far cheaper here than it is elsewhere.

One can find more affordable house further down the south of Queen, but they are a bit old, small and run down. Being an area that is entirely self-contained as it happens to be cut off by the Don River, it retains its local and village-like feel. You can expect the Leslieville and Riverdale condo residents to know most other shopkeepers or workers by name and can even see random people chatting up on the middle of the street out of nowhere.

What to Do in the Area

The most notable attraction of East End’s Leslieville and Riverdale condos would be its gourmet. The best way to spend a sunny day would be to eat till your heart’s content all over the restaurants in Queen. The best bunch options can be found in restaurants like Table 17, Lady Marmalade and Leslie Jones. If you’re a coffee person then you will see spots like the Dark Horse Espresso, Mercury Espresso, and Te Aro Roasted, they offer free tasting and roasting demonstrations every Friday at noon.

You can also head on over to Tango Palace, which is a comfortable coffee house right near the heart of Queen. For evening snacks or ice creams, you will be happy going to Broadview Bakery and Deli, Hooked Inc, Leslieville Cheese Market, Ed’s Real Scoop and Bobbette and Belle.

Another great attraction from Leslieville and Riverdale condos is their collection of pubs and bars that offer excellent drinks. There aren’t any clubs on East End, but these bars would keep you cozy. The Roy is a great British pub that also offers delicious food. Then there’s Swirl, which provides a vast collection of wine. You can get some Irish vibes inside the Ceili Cottage, and they also have a great patio that is turned to a skating rink on the winter.

More on Attractions

The Avro organizes week-long events and is a great hangout spot. There’s also the WAYLA bar which is an all-inclusive spot that hosts dance parties for gay guys or girls and transgender folks. Leslieville and Riverdale condo residents also have a lot of shopping options to choose from as well. You can antique shops and interior design shops that will have your shopping needs entirely taken care of.

Gadabout has an exotic collection antiquities, clothing, and housewares of the previous decades. The Arts Market is a place that has a constant rotation of artists and artisans displaying their works for sale. You will find something new there in all of your visits. Nathalie Rose & Co. offers jewelry and women’s clothing. You can also go thrifty and bargain your way purchasing used items at Value Village. It’s the perfect place for cool things for cheaper rates from your condominium unit.

All of these still don’t cover the many amazing spots and moments to enjoy when living on condos in Leslieville and Riverdale. Beaches, parks and more shops not even mentioned for you to explore and find out. While the renovation has increased the living cost of both areas, there are still condos available at affordable prices. It would be best to get a place over at this treasure trove of a neighborhood before it becomes overpriced.

List of New Condos in Leslieville & Riverdale

  • Elevate at Logan
  • The Lofthouse Condos
  • 354 Pape Avenue Condos
  • 450 Pape Avenue Condos
  • 875 Queen Street East Condos
  • George Condos & Town at Leslieville

Leslieville and Riverdale Condos: Final Thoughts

The Leslieville and Riverdale condo neighborhood has only recently become the favorite locale it is now, and it still has a lot of room to change and grow, but families have already found comfort settling in the quiet and peaceful neighborhood. There are affordable and beautiful condos available at both areas that are near to the heart, such as at Queen’s End or closer to the edge nearby Don River. Any location choice comes with its positive aspects and fortunately commute quite comfortable in the neighborhood as well.

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