About 354 Pape Avenue Condos Development

354 Pape Avenue Condos feature a beautifully designed building with modern and local influences. This building features giant windows in each condo suite, enabling a view to see all of the beautiful scenery nearby. The industrial and modern feel goes perfectly with the surrounding area. While this spectacular building fits the style of the area, it still stands out due to its fascination and uniqueness.

The 354 Pape Avenue Condo is a boutique apartment in Toronto with 8 stories, compliments the area with vibrant architecture, beautiful residential suites and lots of retail storefronts.


Located in South Riverdale, the 354 Pape Avenue Condos are perfectly situated between many different restaurants, shopping centers, and public transit. Having many different shops right outside the door can be extremely convenient, saving time, money, and energy. The 354 Pape Avenue Condo will also feature shops on both the ground and second floor, keeping almost everything needed for everyday convenience, at arms reach.


The stunning 354 Pape Avenue Condos are being built by Sigma-Properties. Sigma-Properties provides very impressive architecture and knows exactly what it takes to create some of the world’s best condos. They focus on creating buildings that not only look appealing but also that fit the style and environment of each location. While having style is great, proper planning is essential. Sigma-Properties has been in the business for years and is a developer that you can trust.

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