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This city is the third largest city in Ontario and the ninth largest in all of Canada. Call it what you wish – the “Steel Town,” “Tiger Town or “The Hammer” – it’s a city of many faces with a lot to offer its residents. It’s a place where art thrives, from the century-old buildings to the old galleries.

Condos in Hamilton residents and visitors alike celebrate and cherish, the history of this magnificent city through its museums, national heritage sites, and architecture. It’s a place that will leave you in awe, from its natural beauty to its vibrant art scene.

Situated between two prime destinations – Toronto and the famous Niagara Falls – this port city is much more than a steel production hub. Its convenient location between two top destinations, vibrant industrial, cultural, and residential scene makes it one of the most coveted places to live and work in Canada. Whether you’re interested in delicious meals, art, history, real estate, or great outdoors, you’ll love it here.

A Taste of History & the Future

The city has come a long way since it’s established on June 9th, 1846 by George Hamilton as an industrial steel hub. During the earlier days, the city was responsible for producing almost 60 percent of the steel in Canada.  It’s still very much the Steel City, but they’re a lot more to see today than large steel slabs and ships at the port.

Today, the city is one of the most desirable residential destinations in Canada. Despite its industrial reputation, Hamilton also has a significant housing market. Approximately 21 percent of the country’s population resides within the city borders and over half of the people in Ontario. Job opportunities within the steel manufacturing industry, as well as the increase in the availability of housing, has played a significant role in population increase within the city over the years.

The city is also attempting to develop over 2000 acres of greenfield that will open up over 90,000 new jobs by 2031, welcoming more people to relocate to the condos in Hamilton. There are over 200 neighborhoods within the city borders, which are further into escarpment and sub escarpment regions.

The Rise of Condos in Hamilton

The city is home to some universities which also attracts many young people to the city. Educational institutions both in and around the city provide excellent accommodations for people looking to pursue territory education. Options within the city include McMaster University along with Mohawk College, Brock University, McMaster Divinity College and Redeemer University College.

The influx of condos for sale in Hamilton has played a significant role in the increase in the number of people relocating near the heart of the city each year. Glen Norton, the city’s director of economic development, stated that 1,391 condo suites had been built in the downtown area between the period of 2013 and 2016.

More on Hamilton’s Real Estate Market

This significant increase in the number of condos for sale in Hamilton has subsequently resulted in the urban scene in the city becoming more diverse with more diners, bars and entertainment venues popping up in the downtown neighborhood. Condo units are typically affordable and situated in proximity to all modern convenience, making them more attractive to home buyers.

As the Greater Toronto Area continues to experience significant growth, condos for sale in Hamilton are quickly becoming one of the most attractive places to invest in real estate market. Its position in the steel industry is still a considerable part of the city’s identity, but it’s also becoming a prime residential destination. The average price for rent within the city runs lower than many neighboring areas, and this has lured many people into investing in real estate.

Ease of Transportation & Accessibility

The city’s accessibility has been a major contributing factor to its growing population. Many condos in Hamilton have a perfect walk and transit score, which does running daily errands and moving around the city a breeze.  Restaurants, bars, shops, and some professional services are the location blocks away from some of the most appealing condos.

Moreover, whether you drive or rely on public transit, you won’t find it challenging to move around the city. HSR is responsible for operating the fleet of buses that commute the city, offers reliable transportation in and around Hamilton throughout the day.

There are also plans in place to improve transportation within the city through the creation of the BLAST Network. BLAST will be geared towards providing residents with comprehensive subway transit to different areas of the city. The first phase of the development will be the B Train, which will provide services to the arterial king corridor and provide a connection to McMaster.

Why You’ll Love Hamilton

In addition to the flourishing real estate market, there’s plenty of other reasons why condos for sale in Hamilton have become a prime residential destination. In Hamilton, new condos aren’t the only thing that attracts people.

There’s plenty for residents to see and do within the city. During the summer period, Wild Water Works at Confederation Park is a perfect place for residents to past time. The park features one of the largest outdoor wave pool that kids and adults alike will find fascinating.

If that doesn’t sound like your idea of sun, try going rock climbing or go for a spin in a bumper car at Adventure Village. Close by at the African Safari; there are rhinos, giraffes, lions, exotic birds, and many other animals to admire if you’re looking for a more relaxing adventure. The Art Gallery of Hamilton also has an impressive collection of historical artifacts on display that you may find interesting. There’s plenty to see and do, and you’ll love it in the City of Steel.

List of New Condos in Hamilton:

Here’s a list of some of Hamilton new condos. Some of them are pre-construction condo developments.

List of New Condos in Hamilton

  • Corktown Condos
  • City Square Condos
  • Gibson School Lofts
  • The Connolly
  • Tiffany Square at West Harbour
  • The Witton Lofts
  • The Residences at Acclamation
  • Harbour West Condos

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