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444 Aberdeen Avenue, Hamilton, ON
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Address 444 Aberdeen Avenue, Hamilton, ON
City Hamilton
Neighbourhood Hamilton
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About The Setai Condos Development

The Setai Condos is a new condo development that is currently in the pre-construction phase by Lev Living. This project is located at 444 Aberdeen Avenue, Hamilton ON. The estimated completion date for this property is still unknown. If you’re interested in the latest information on pricing, amenities, and unit availability, our article delves into what makes these condos an exceptional choice.

Key Takeaways

  • The Setai Condos in Hamilton reflect a luxurious living space within a master planned community, offering a mix of 109 residential units tailored to a diverse set of buyers and emphasizing community, convenience, and quality of life.
  • Residents of The Setai can enjoy an array of elite amenities, including a chef’s kitchen, fitness rooms, yoga studio, pool, and relaxation areas, aimed at facilitating a lifestyle focused on wellness, enjoyment, and social engagement.
  • The Setai offers ideal accessibility to public transit, local shopping districts like Locke St South, schools, and essential services, and despite details on pricing and unit types remaining exclusive, it presents a valuable pre-construction investment opportunity within Hamilton’s dynamic real estate market.

The Setai Condos in Hamilton

Nestled in the charming Kirkendall neighbourhood of Hamilton, The Setai Condos emerge as a beacon of luxury living. This new pre-construction project by Lev Living is poised to capture the essence of upscale urbanity with 109 residential units designed to impress. Picture an eight-storey architectural masterpiece rising gracefully at 444 Aberdeen Avenue, where each unit is a testament to Lev Living’s legacy of quality and opulence.

Hamilton’s allure as a vibrant city within the Greater Toronto Area is magnified by the presence of The Setai Condos. This development is not just another addition to the city’s skyline; it’s a statement of sophistication and a promise of a serene yet connected life. Here, residents will indulge in the luxury of convenience, with essential services and amenities just a stone’s throw away from their dream home.

Master Planned Community

Imagine a living space that’s been meticulously designed to not only blend with its surroundings but to enhance them. The Setai Condos are a centrepiece of a master planned community that is set to bring new vibrancy to Hamilton’s urban tapestry.

The careful planning behind The Setai reflects a vision to foster a sense of belonging, offering a variety of residential options to cater to diverse preferences and family sizes. It is not merely a place to live, but a community to thrive in.

The spirit of community at The Setai is palpable. From the architectural design to the communal spaces, every aspect is conceived to bring people together, creating an inclusive environment where every resident feels part of something larger. This is a place where neighbours become friends and the community becomes an extension of one’s family.

With The Setai, you’re not just buying a condo; you’re becoming part of a community that values connection and quality of life.

Renowned Studio Houman & SRM Architects

The blueprint of The Setai Condos is etched with the genius of two distinguished names in the world of design and architecture: Studio Houman and SRM Architects.

This prestigious collaboration is the driving force behind The Setai’s unique persona, where every line and contour is a signature of their renowned expertise. Studio Houman brings a legacy of innovative design to the table, ensuring that The Setai is not only a place to live but a work of art to behold.

SRM Architects contribute to this vision with their innovative architectural design, crafting spaces that resonate with elegance and functionality. Their work on The Setai Condos stands as a testament to their ability to blend form and function, creating an aesthetic that is both striking and harmonious with the existing fabric of the neighbourhood. This is where your dream home becomes a reality, and where luxury living reaches new heights.

Key Features & Amenities

Step inside The Setai Condos and be greeted by an array of exclusive amenities that redefine the concept of luxury living. The amenities include:

  • A chef’s kitchen
  • Fitness rooms
  • Yoga studio
  • An indulgent pool and relaxation area

These amenities are not just facilities; they are the cornerstone of a lifestyle that cherishes wellness, enjoyment, and the finer things in life.

The philosophy behind these amenities is simple: provide residents with an effortless way to live their best life. Whether it’s perfecting a culinary creation in the chef’s kitchen, finding your zen in the yoga studio, or unwinding by the pool, The Setai is designed to cater to every facet of your lifestyle. Accessibility and convenience are hallmarks of The Setai experience, ensuring that life here is as fulfilling as it is comfortable.

Chef’s Kitchen & Dining

At the heart of The Setai’s communal experience lies the chef’s kitchen and dining area – a haven for epicureans and a social hub for gastronomes. This space is crafted for those who appreciate the art of cooking and the joy of sharing meals. The chef’s kitchen is outfitted with high-end appliances and elegant finishes, providing the perfect setting for both intimate dinners and grand gatherings.

It’s more than a place to dine; it’s an experience that celebrates the culinary arts and the pleasure of company.

The dining area is designed to be both versatile and inviting, accommodating everything from casual breakfasts to formal banquets. Here, residents can host sumptuous feasts, partake in cooking classes, or simply enjoy a quiet meal in a setting that exudes class and sophistication.

The Setai’s dining amenities are a testament to the belief that meals should be memorable occasions, shared with friends and savoured in style.

Fitness Rooms & Yoga Studio

For fitness enthusiasts and those seeking a balanced lifestyle, The Setai’s fitness rooms and yoga studio offer a sanctuary of health and wellness. The fitness center is equipped with an array of modern equipment, catering to a variety of workout routines. Whether you’re looking to build strength, increase endurance, or simply stay active, the fitness rooms provide an environment that motivates and inspires.

The yoga studio, a serene space dedicated to mindfulness and flexibility, invites residents to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life. Here, one can engage in Pilates, meditative practices, or yoga sessions, all within the comfort of The Setai. Personal training sessions are also available, offering tailored fitness regimens to help residents achieve their wellness goals. It’s not just about staying fit; it’s about cultivating a lifestyle that values health and wellbeing as essential components of luxury living.

Pool & Relaxation Area

The epitome of relaxation at The Setai is found in its luxurious pool and relaxation area. Imagine three expansive oceanside swimming pools, each designed for different moods and moments. Whether seeking a refreshing swim, a peaceful retreat, or a vibrant social scene, the pools cater to every desire.

The surrounding area is a tranquil oasis, where the stresses of the outside world melt away in the warm embrace of the sun.

Adding to the allure is the 90-foot poolside bar, a striking feature that sets the stage for unforgettable social gatherings and quiet moments of reflection. Residents can sip on their favourite cocktails, bask in the warmth of the sun, or indulge in spa services that complement the poolside luxury.

The Setai’s relaxation area is not just a place to unwind; it’s a destination that elevates leisure to an art form, offering residents a slice of paradise in their own backyard.

Accessibility & Proximity

The Setai’s coveted location in Hamilton is a testament to the seamless blend of tranquility and connectivity that residents can enjoy. With convenient access to public transit, vibrant shopping districts like Locke St South, and a plethora of schools and facilities, The Setai is a nexus of convenience. It’s not just about the luxury within; it’s about the world at your doorstep, easily accessible and waiting to be explored.

Living at The Setai offers the following benefits:

  • Easy access to public transportation
  • Proximity to boutique-lined streets of Locke St South
  • Convenient access to schools and essential services
  • A perfect blend of urban living and peaceful retreat

Residents have everything they need to lead a fulfilling and convenient lifestyle.

Public Transit Routes

Seamless connectivity is a cornerstone of The Setai experience, and this is exemplified by the multiple public transit routes that serve its residents in South Eastern Ontario. The Hamilton Street Railway (HSR) provides comprehensive bus service throughout the city, making commutes and day trips effortless. For those looking to venture further, the nearby Hamilton GO Centre offers regional transportation options, including GO Transit buses and trains, connecting you to the Greater Toronto Area with ease.

The availability of such extensive public transportation ensures that residents of The Setai can enjoy the best of both worlds – the serenity of their luxurious home and the excitement of the city’s offerings. Whether commuting to work, exploring the region, or simply enjoying a change of scenery, the convenience of public transit makes every journey from The Setai an effortless adventure.

Locke Street South & Shops

Just moments away from The Setai Condos lies Locke Street South, a vibrant thoroughfare that captures the essence of Hamilton’s community spirit. This bustling street offers an eclectic mix of shopping, dining, and entertainment options, meeting the desires of even the most discerning residents. Whether it’s indulging in boutique shopping, savouring diverse cuisines, or experiencing the neighborhood’s nightlife, Locke Street South is a destination that truly has it all.

The charm of Locke Street South extends beyond its shops and eateries; it’s a place where the community comes together to celebrate, with seasonal events and festivals adding to the area’s lively atmosphere. For residents of The Setai, Locke Street South is not just a convenience; it’s a vibrant extension of their living space, where each visit promises new discoveries and delightful experiences.

Schools & Other Facilities

For families considering The Setai Condos, the proximity to a range of educational institutions is a significant advantage. From public schools to prestigious post-secondary establishments like McMaster University and Mohawk College, the options are vast and esteemed. Families have the luxury of choice, with access to various educational pathways that cater to their children’s futures.

In addition to educational facilities, The Setai is conveniently located near healthcare services such as Hamilton General Hospital and the McMaster Children’s Hospital. Parks and recreational facilities offer residents spaces to engage in outdoor activities, while local healthcare clinics and pharmacies ensure medical services are always within reach. The Setai’s location is not just strategic; it’s thoughtfully chosen to ensure that every aspect of life is catered for, from health to education to leisure. For more details, you can always refer to the site’s information.

Pricing & Unit Types

As of now, the pricing details for The Setai Condos remain an exclusive insight not yet available to the public. However, the anticipation of what these luxurious units will offer is palpable. With Lev Living’s reputation for quality, it’s certain that the value will align with the exceptional standard of living that The Setai promises to deliver.

Potential buyers are encouraged to stay tuned for updates on pricing and unit types, as the information displayed will provide further insight into the level of luxury that can be expected. With a development of this caliber, early interest is key to securing the best possible deal and ensuring that your investment is not just a purchase, but a legacy. Keep an eye out for the “coming soon” announcement.

The Hamilton Real Estate Market

The Hamilton real estate market in 2023 experienced the following trends:

  • It began as a sellers’ market before balancing out later in the year.
  • The average house price reached a peak of $918,000.
  • The median sale price per square foot fell by 12.4% as the year progressed.

These trends indicate a dynamic market that responds to various factors, including rising interest rates and changes in seller behaviour.

Looking ahead to 2024, certain areas within Hamilton, such as Lower Stoney Creek, Ancaster, and Glanbrook, are expected to be highly sought after. With the average residential benchmark composite prices anticipated to increase by 3.5%, and sales transactions to rise by 2%, the market presents both challenges and opportunities for buyers and investors alike.

The Hamilton real estate landscape is a tapestry of diverse neighborhoods, each with its unique appeal, and The Setai Condos stand poised to become a coveted address within this dynamic market.


As we conclude our journey through the world of The Setai Condos in Hamilton, it’s clear that this development is not just a collection of luxury units but a lifestyle choice that embodies elegance, convenience, and community. From the architectural prowess of Studio Houman and SRM Architects to the comprehensive suite of amenities and the strategic location, The Setai offers an unparalleled living experience. The anticipation of pre-construction sales and the benefits of early investment add to the allure of this exclusive opportunity.

Whether you seek the serenity of a luxury condo, the vibrancy of urban life, or the practicality of a well-located home, The Setai delivers on all fronts. With the Hamilton real estate market poised for growth, securing a home at The Setai is not just a wise investment but a step into a future of opulence and contentment. Let the promise of The Setai inspire you, as it sets a new benchmark for luxury living in Hamilton.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the current status of The Setai Condos in Hamilton?

The Setai Condos in Hamilton are currently in the pre-construction phase, with sales and availability details expected soon.

Are there any early benefits to purchasing a unit at The Setai during the pre-construction phase?

Yes, purchasing during the pre-construction phase at The Setai can provide early pricing deals and a wider selection of units, securing a favourable spot in the community.

What kind of amenities can residents expect at The Setai Condos?

Residents at The Setai Condos can expect a variety of exclusive amenities, such as a chef’s kitchen, fitness rooms, a yoga studio, and a luxurious pool with a poolside bar and spa services. These amenities provide a luxury living experience.

How accessible is The Setai for residents who rely on public transportation?

The Setai is easily accessible for residents who rely on public transportation, with multiple routes from the Hamilton Street Railway (HSR) and regional transportation options at the nearby Hamilton GO Centre.

What trends are expected for the Hamilton real estate market in 2024?

In 2024, the Hamilton real estate market is expected to see a 3.5% increase in average residential benchmark composite prices, with a predicted 2% rise in the number of sales transactions. Lower Stoney Creek, Ancaster, and Glanbrook are anticipated to be among the most desirable neighbourhoods

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