New Condos For Sale in Midtown

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Selling Now 2021 Plaza Midtown Main
Plaza Midtown Condos
Midtown   Plaza
$ 717,000+
Plaza Midtown Condos 1 and 2 are a new 538-unit condo development by the Plaza Group. Located at 25 Holly Street in Toronto, Plaza Midtown... Show on Map
Selling Now 2021 The Humber Condos
The Humber Condos
Midtown   Options for Homes
$ 597,900+
The Humber Condos is a new development by Options for Homes, located at 10 Wilby Crescent. The building is currently in the preconstruction phase and... Show on Map
Selling Now 2022
UOVO Boutique Residences
Midtown   The Sher Corporation
$ 779,900+
The UOVO Boutique Residences stands as a brand new condo development initiated by the 2114 Yonge Inc. along with The Sher Corporation. Currently, it is... Show on Map
Selling Now 2020 609 Avenue Road Condos - Exterior Render
609 Avenue Road Condos
Midtown   Madison Group
$ 1,769,900+
609 Avenue Road Condos is a new condo project by State Building Group and Madison Group, located at 609 Avenue Road, Toronto, ON. 609 Avenue... Show on Map
Selling Now 2018 Rise Condos - Street Level View - Exterior Render 2
Rise Condos
Midtown   Reserve Properties
$ N/A
Rise Condos is a new condo project by Reserve Properties, located at 501 St Clair Avenue West, Toronto, ON. The development has one building standing... Show on Map
Selling Now 2021 200 Russell Hill Condos - Street Level View - Exterior Render
200 Russell Hill Condos
Midtown   Hirsh Development Group
$ 4,395,000+
200 Russell Hill Condos is a new condo project by Hirsh Development Group, located at 200 Russell Hill Road, Toronto, ON. A 5-storey luxury low-rise... Show on Map
Selling Now tba
469 Spadina
Midtown   AB8 Group
$ 25,000,000+
469 Spadina Towns is a new development by AB8 Group, located at 469 Spadina Road, Toronto, ON. The single-family home features two units and five... Show on Map
Selling Now 2022 8 Haus Boutique Condos - Street Level View - Exterior Render
8 Haus Boutique Condos
Midtown   Royalpark
$ N/A
8 Haus Boutique Condos is a new condo development by Royalpark Homes, located at 2433 Dufferin Street, York, ON. Currently, in its public sales phase,... Show on Map
Sold Out 2020 2016 11 07 03 23 39 view02 day
AYC Condos
Toronto   Metropia Urban Landscapes
$ N/A
Two of the BEST neighborhoods come together; Annex and Yorkville Connection or AYC Condos are TRUE to its name, providing residents the luxury and two... Show on Map
Sold Out 2013 530 St. Clair Avenue West Condos
530 St. Clair Avenue West Condos
Midtown   Lash Developments
$ N/A
The urban lifestyle you have been dreaming of is at your fingertips with the introduction of 530 St. Clair Ave. West Condos. The Lash/Group Goldman... Show on Map
Sold Out 2019 Scoop Condos
SCOOP Condos
Toronto   Graywood Developments
$ N/A
SCOOP Condos is a new development currently in preconstruction located at 1771 Saint Clair Avenue West. The construction of these modern condos is scheduled to... Show on Map
Sold Out 2019 The Jack Condos - Bird's Eye View - Exterior Render 2
The Jack Condos
Toronto   Aspen Ridge
$ N/A
The Jack Condos is a new condo project by Aspen Ridge Homes, located at 1331 Yonge St, Toronto, ON. The development has one building (11... Show on Map
Planning tba 4 2
524 Dupont Condos
Midtown   TBD
$ N/A
524 Dupont Street Condos is a new condo development, currently in preconstruction phase, located at 524 Dupont Street, Toronto, ON M6G 1Y7. This project will... Show on Map

New Condo For Sale In Midtown

Midtown is one of the significant districts within Toronto, and it hosts both modernity and heritage. You will find high-rises and lush green parks, shopping complexes with luxury brands, fantastic street art, and plenty of outdoor activities. It’s a great and exciting place to be, while also offering its peaceful mornings and a breath of fresh air. Midtown Toronto condos have it all—sightseeing, wide park spaces and sports, branded shopping, restaurants and old cinema squares.

The condominiums here in this affluent neighborhood are comfortable and elegant structures. The high rises provide breathtaking views of the surrounding streets, lakes, and the far horizon. Expansive properties with high-end amenities draw many to these lavish condos. Midtown Toronto condos are well-accessible by public transport.

Midtown Toronto condo developers locate property spots that are close to schools and entertainment attractions. The unique blend of a chic and modern setting with colorful streets and youthful energy make it an attractive place to settle for families and young professionals alike. It is one of the critical financial districts and has easily-accessible office spaces. You’ll also find playgrounds and schools close by, perfect for kids.

You can explore your sports side in its tennis courts, pools and the beach. Midtown Toronto condominiums offer you growth in your career, recreational activities, and ample opportunity to create some great memories.


The neighborhood is a lot quieter than downtown and other upscale areas within the whole city. It doesn’t feature a lot of nightlife. But downtown does, and it’s just a short subway ride away. Your Midtown Toronto condominium will be significantly less noisy and serene in the early mornings.

The streets are not too congested, though you will experience a lot of foot traffic. On the whole, you could take an evening stroll under the shop awnings to revel in the bustling streets. It’s a pleasant experience. There are several entertainment options within Midtown Toronto condos. It has a great blend of both history and modern attractions. You can pop right over to the Royal Conservatory of Music, or drive down to the beach.


You can spend a quiet morning at the impressive Toronto Public Library, or visit Oriole Park to spend some time with your kids. There are escape rooms and cinema halls, historical sites like the Spadina Museum and Casa Loma. You’ll find galleries, museums, and art exhibitions all a few minutes’ travels from your condo. It’s tourist heaven, but it’s perfect even for residents to spend a day outside their homes.

If you’re the type to run in the mornings to keep fit, you will quickly find a park close to your condo. The neighborhood is filled with park spaces. There are a lot of nature treks at Rosehill Revision and jogging tracks around Mount Pleasant Cemetery. The Midtown Toronto condominium neighborhood boasts of several active sports for adults and children alike. Apart from volleyball on the beaches, there are indoor and outdoor sports like soccer, tennis, and basketball. You can also sign up for scuba diving and other water sports. The host of recreational facilities here are unparalleled.


You can shop for both your groceries and self-indulgence here at Midtown Toronto. Boutiques spanning vintage items, flowers, designer clothing, skincare, and countless others line the streets. It’s known for its large number of local businesses that occupy the lowest floors in most of the buildings. They’re easily accessible from condo spaces by subway or by car, for which you’ll find adjacent parking lots.

If you’re looking to take a break from the hectic week, you can drive to any of Midtown Toronto’s several massage parlors and spas. Or take a day to splurge amongst luxury brands and shopping malls. There are also several family-friendly restaurants or pubs to watch the weekend game. And if it isn’t enough, then downtown, full of its endless entertainment options, is just a few minutes’ subway ride away.

Any simple walk around Midtown will take you across some impressive art murals. You will find restaurants with a wide range of cuisines. They will offer either comfortable dining or home delivery. A few well-known names are Roof Lounge, Amaya, and Bodega. Local food vendors abound the neighborhoods in Midtown Toronto condominiums, and they’re well worth a try when you don’t feel like cooking at home.


Streetcars, buses, and subway very well connect the area. The subway stations are scattered pragmatically throughout the district. The GO Transit station will connect commuters to other communities easily. Travel through public transport is very hassle-free. Be well assured that it’s easy to move in and around the city from midtown.

Midtown Toronto is known for its well-planned public facilities and streets. It retains its peacefulness despite being host to various corporate institutions and a large population. There are many healthcare institutions and clinics, quickly reached even for emergencies. It holds opportunities for both the prospective career aspirant and the well-settled family person. An investment in one of Midtown Toronto condos is well worth it.


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