New Condos in The Beaches

Coming Soon tba 847 Kingston Road Condos-Main Image1
Sold Out 2020 West Beach Main
WestBeach Condos
$ 992,900+
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Coming Soon 2020 2016 12 21 03 24 18 507 511 kingston road rendering4
507 Kingston Condos
$ N/A
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Sold Out 2020 Heartwood the beach condos right on Queen and Woodbine
Heartwood the Beach Condos
$ 700,990+
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Sold Out 2020 The Lookout Condominiums - Street Level View - Exterior Render
The Lookout Condos
$ 889,240+
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Selling Now 2021 Terrasse Condos
Terrasse Condos
$ 538,900+
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Coming Soon tba 1684 Queen Street East Condos
1684 Queen St East Condos
$ N/A
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About The New Beaches Condos
New Condo For Sale In The Beaches

Featuring four beautiful beaches on Lake Ontario, the Beaches stand as a serene neighbourhood in Toronto. The area is located within the Old City of Toronto on the east side of downtown. Stretching from the boundaries of Victoria Park Avenue on the east side to the Kingston Road present in the north, the condominium neighbourhood has quite a broad reach which extends to the south of the lake.

Explore the real vibe of the lakeside resort town within the big city neighbourhood. Summertime in the area features a thousand tourists, and The Beaches condo residents are flocking together to experience the beauty of the place, making the real estate and condo prices worth your while.

Location & Accessibility

Transit is not a problem when living in a condo in Beaches, Toronto as it provides excellent ravine systems to walk around on or even for cycling. This leads up to the Toronto Botanical Gardens and the Don River corridor. The side streets are lined with the graceful presence of Victorian-styled residences.

Experience the heritage destinations which protect the cottage like the appearance of the apartments present near the lakeshore. Many new condominium developments have played a significant role in enhancing the growth of the community. Streetcars offer to be a great transportation option along with bus lines that spread into the nook and corner of the area.

What To Do Around The Neighborhood

Experience your stay at the Beaches condo look with a walk on the Boardwalk, take a good run through the Martin Goodman trail to get a taste of the warm mornings, relax by the water, and enjoy the retail shops with exciting choices.

Take a look into the cozy restaurants spread along Queen Street East. Queen Street is considered one of the main destinations in the area, featuring numerous retails and boutiques, artsy spots, and antique shops.

With excellent schooling systems, the Beaches condo neighbourhood doesn’t lag regarding modern amenities. The Kew Garden can be a haven for tennis enthusiasts with ten distinct courts to play in. The laid-back community enjoys the looks of a vintage small town.

Sandy Beach is yet another accessible prime location to explore the beautiful nature of the neighbourhood. With vast acres of soft land, beautiful parks, and particular pathways for bikes and rollerblading, the stretch is broad and appealing.

The Beaches condo residents maintain the development of the whole area regularly. Soak up the warmth of the sun on the beach or fire up a game on the volleyball courts, the choices are endless.

There’s free entry into the Donald D. Summerville Olympic Pool to take advantage of under the sun. On the east side of the area, enjoy the industrial Art Deco Architecture.

List Of New Beaches Condos

List of New Condos in The Beaches

The Beaches Condo: The Verdict

The Beaches condo neighbourhood is perfect for homeowners looking for a quiet, relaxed, and peaceful lifestyle. The small-town vibe with plenty of natural attributes makes it stand out from the rest, even beyond Victoria Park Avenue. There’s no place else you could enjoy the beautiful summer in the city of Toronto.

All these and more are the reasons why the pre-construction condo market in the Beaches is thriving. Real estate businesses have been expanding their reach with new condo developments, making condo prices more competitive, regardless of your search criteria.

Enjoy the outdoor amenities with beaches, parks, courts, and more. Surf through the beautiful condos for sale in the Beaches right now.