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New Condo For Sale In North York. New condos North York

North York is one of Canada’s most appealing areas today to residents of all kinds. Today the city is home to over 800 condo developments with units being offered for sale or rent. The town has many traits that make it so appealing to homebuyers and businesses. While it has many features of other boroughs, North York in Toronto does have some distinctive characteristics that truly set it aside from other areas.

As the motto suggests; “Progress with the economy,” it is currently one of the fastest growing cities in Canada. In addition to this, its proximity to Old Toronto has meant that the city is quickly becoming a metropolitan center as well.  About 28% of the population of the city of Toronto resides in the area.

North York condos are very distinguishable, boasting unique architecture and finishes that have contributed significantly to the area’s prosperous economy.

Real Estate & Economic Opportunities

About 50% of North York condo residents belong to single family homes, many of which have been renovated to complement the luxury condo residences in the area. Due to the demand for housing in North York, property values have risen by 47.6%, making it an excellent place for homeowners and businesses to invest in a pre construction condo. High-rise residences, exceeding five stories, are the second most occupied type of dwelling.

The region’s growing economy and high employment rate are the main contributing factors to its growth over the years. Plans to execute a $300-million project in North York will also introduce over 300 more jobs onto the employment scene. The project, which involved the construction of a four-star Marriott Hotel close to the intersection of Yonge and York Mills, will bring a lot of new opportunities to the already growing area.

Getting Around North York

North York condo residents and workers have a lot of options when it comes to access in commuting in and around the borough. This includes easy access to wide roads, subway transit, highways, and buses that traverse the area nonstop between essential destinations.

The section of Highway 401 that cuts through the administrative area is one of the busiest roads; with over 400,000 daily commuters. At Yonge University, you’ll also find Finch Station, which is the busiest bus station in the city and the 6th busiest subway location, welcoming over 97,460 commuters daily.

Getting Entertained

North York Toronto is also offering sufficient shopping options for its residents. Sheppard Plaza, Yorkdale Shopping Centre, Don Mills Centre, and Fairview Mall, are some of the famous shopping destinations in the city. You’ll also find a unique selection of cultural institutions; such as Black Creek Pioneer Village, one of the only authentic 19th-century heritage villages in the area.

The Aga Khan Museum, Toronto Centre for the Arts, and the Ontario Science Centre — which carries over 700 unique scientific exhibits — are also within the city and are all accessible by public transportation. Whole North York has undergone significant developments in recent years; the administrative area still boasts some green spaces, brooks, and dells, that can be seen along Don River; however, the city is mainly praised for its abundant parks.

The natural parks add allure to the North York condos and offer a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of urban living. Anyone who enjoys the natural beauty of nature will enjoy living in North York amidst the running streams and lush valleys that make North York so picturesque.

North York Condo Neighborhood

Two popular neighborhoods in North York, York Mills, and Leslie are currently two of the most highly coveted family-friendly locations in Toronto, Ontario and even in the entire Canada.

With the beautiful streams that are lined by green vegetation and the warm, welcoming environment, anyone would love to call these neighborhoods home.  The areas boast some condo residents that are within proximity to grocery shops, retail outlets, schools, major highways, and public transit options.

Condos for sale in North York offer everything that you’ll need in a home. Residences typically feature fully equipped onsite gyms, large private pools, outdoor terraces, meeting rooms, libraries, spa-like bathroom, large pet-friendly parks, and almost everything else that you would look for in the perfect home.

Moreover, apartments are close to transit options and therefore offer convenient means of traveling to neighboring areas. By moving to a condo in North York, you’ll enjoy living in a beautifully designed home that provides all of the conveniences of urban living. It’s the perfect home for growing families, working professionals, and students, who enjoy outdoor life and the convenience of living in or near a metropolitan area.

List of New Condos in North York

a list of preconstruction condos for sale in North York

  • M2M Condos
  • 831 Glencairn Avenue
  • One Crosstown Condos
  • Greenwich Village Towns
  • The Keeley Condos
  • 5959 Yonge Street
  • The Peak Condos at Emerald City
  • The Ravine Condos
  • Diamond Condos
  • Saturday in Downsview Park Condos
  • The Point Condos at Emerald City

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