160 Cactus Avenue Condos

160 Cactus Avenue, Toronto, ON
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Address 160 Cactus Avenue, Toronto, ON
City North York
Neighbourhood North York
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About 160 Cactus Avenue Condos Development

160 Cactus Avenue Condos is a new condos development that is currently in the pre-construction phase by Resident, located at 160 Cactus Avenue, Toronto, ON. 160 Cactus Avenue Condos combines a sought-after location with in-demand features. This project’s estimated completion date is still unknown.

Key Takeaways

  • 160 Cactus Avenue Condos in Newtonbrook West offer convenience and quality amenities, including easy access to public transportation, educational institutions, and parks and green spaces created by the reputable developer Plaza Partners.
  • The condominiums feature luxurious finishes and diverse suite sizes designed for comfort and elegance, with ceramic flooring options like marble and granite elevating the aesthetic and durability of the units.
  • The surrounding area boasts an array of amenities, such as country clubs, shopping centers, restaurants, and a variety of parks and green spaces, complemented by a comprehensive selection of public, Catholic, and private education options for families.

Discovering 160 Cactus Avenue Condos

160 Cactus Avenue Condos, nestled in the tranquil neighbourhood of Newtonbrook West, provides a harmonious blend of comfort, convenience, and elegance. Famed for its top-tier educational institutions, scenic parkland, and diverse retail options along Yonge Street and within Willowdale BIA, the neighbourhood leaves little to be desired.

The condos benefit from favorable access to public transportation, with bus stops within a 5-minute walk and a rail line located 2.3 km away. The location near Steeles Ave West and Steeles Ave adds to the convenience of commuting.

The esteemed developer Plaza Partners is responsible for the splendor that is 160 Cactus Avenue Condos. Established in 2016 as a subsidiary under Plazacorp, Plaza Partners boasts an impressive portfolio of over 14 properties with a combined purchase price of $400 million and a total development pipeline of approximately 4 million square feet.

Location: Newtonbrook West

Newtonbrook West, the home of 160 Cactus Avenue Condos, has a rich history. Tracing its roots back to the early 19th century, the neighbourhood grew around saw and grist mills established along the east and west branches of the Don River.

Today, it offers a family-oriented lifestyle with a plethora of amenities, including:

  • Parks featuring playgrounds
  • Sports parks
  • Skating facilities
  • Recreational centers suitable for all ages

The area is well-served by public transportation systems including the Line 1 subway at Finch Station, making Downtown Toronto just a 25-minute commute away. In addition, residents in Ontario can enjoy a variety of dining options at restaurants such as the Cactus Club Cafe First Canadian Place and 3 Brewers and have convenient access to shopping at markets like H-Mart and Main Drug Mart.

Plaza Partners Development

Plaza Partners, the developer behind 160 Cactus Avenue Condos, has transformed the area with their innovative vision. The vicinity of the condos features several popular parks and green spaces such as:

  • Hendon Park
  • Promenade Green Park
  • Olive Square Park
  • Earl Bales Park
  • Gwendolen Park
  • Gibson Park

These green spaces offer residents abundant options for outdoor leisure and relaxation, making it an ideal location for both houses and condos.

The developer’s commitment to creating an enriching living experience is evident in the diverse range of educational options available in Newtonbrook West. This includes public, Catholic, and private schools, making 160 Cactus Avenue Condos an attractive choice for families looking to rent or buy a home in the neighbourhood.

Furthermore, the convenient access to local grocery stores such as H-Mart and Main Drug Mart adds to the appeal of its location.

Condo Features & Suite Details

Upon entering 160 Cactus Avenue Condos, a collection of sophisticated features welcomes you. The condos consist of:

  • Sixty two-storey townhomes
  • Carpeted and ceramic flooring
  • In-suite laundry
  • Finished basements
  • Storage
  • Other amenities that contribute to a comfortable and luxurious living experience.

The value of these condominiums, as prime properties, is further elevated by the use of esteemed materials for flooring like marble and granite, as well as upgraded designer ceramic tiles, making them an attractive option for a potential sale.

Ceramic Floor Finishes

The condos at 160 Cactus Avenue offer a range of ceramic floor finishes, including:

  • Porcelain
  • Slate
  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Travertine
  • Vinyl plank flooring

The use of ceramic flooring significantly enhances the aesthetic appeal of these condos.

Thanks to its durable and easy-to-maintain surface, it surpasses alternative materials like concrete, carpets, and wood in resilience and longevity.

Suite Sizes & Layouts

Located at 160 Cactus Ave, the 160 Cactus Avenue Condos offer potential residents a variety of suite sizes and layouts designed to cater to diverse needs and preferences. These condos provide a perfect blend of elegance and functionality, making them an attractive choice for anyone seeking a home in North York. Further details regarding the specific sizes and layouts will be provided upon personal inquiry.

Nearby Amenities & Attractions

Residing at 160 Cactus Avenue Condos in Toronto, Ontario a perfect condo trend that unlocks a wealth of amenities and attractions at your disposal. Some of the nearby amenities and attractions include:

  • Bayview Golf and Country Club
  • The Oasis Country Club Golf Course
  • Parks
  • Community centres
  • Schools in the Newtonbrook West area

There is something for everyone in the city market area, only steps away from various attractions.

Residents can also enjoy diverse dining experiences at the cafeteria such as the Cactus Club Cafe First Canadian Place and 3 Brewers and have convenient access to shopping at markets like H-Mart and Main Drug Mart.

Plus, with several well-liked parks and green spaces nearby, residents can enjoy abundant options for outdoor leisure and relaxation. Some of these parks include:

  • Hendon Park
  • Promenade Green Park
  • Olive Square Park
  • Earl Bales Park
  • Gwendolen Park
  • Gibson Park

Country Club & Recreational Facilities

The wide array of country clubs and recreational facilities is a distinguishing attribute of the surrounding area. The nearest and most distinguished club near 160 Cactus Avenue Condos is Bayview Golf and Club, offering a variety of amenities such as:

  • 3 tennis courts
  • Pickleball courts
  • Fitness facilities
  • 18 pools
  • An 18-hole golf course

Residents can also enjoy a range of recreational amenities in Newtonbrook West, including:

  • Parks with playgrounds
  • Sports parks
  • Skating facilities
  • Community recreation centers furnished with pools, rinks, gymnasiums, and more

These centers not only provide amenities but also organize programs for community involvement.

Restaurants & Shopping

The area around 160 Cactus Avenue Condos is brimming with opportunities for dining and shopping. Residents can enjoy a diverse range of popular dining options, including Katsuya for Japanese and Asian cuisine, Muncheez Creperie, and EAT BKK Thai Kitchen & Bar.

Shopping enthusiasts are in for a treat with close proximity to various prominent shopping malls such as:

  • Yorkdale Shopping Centre
  • Bayview Village Shopping Centre
  • CF Shops at Don Mills
  • CF Fairview Mall
  • Sheppard Centre

In addition, boutique stores situated in Newtonbrook Plaza and women’s clothing stores in North York offer a more tailored shopping experience.

Parks & Green Spaces

Parks and green spaces are a key feature of the area surrounding 160 Cactus Avenue Condos in Toronto, Ontario. Hendon Park, Promenade Green Park, and Olive Square Park are situated near the condos, offering playgrounds and sports fields to accommodate a range of recreational activities.

In addition, residents have access to various nearby hiking and biking trails, including:

  • G Ross Lord Park
  • Deerlick
  • L’Amoreaux North Park
  • Hollywood PS Shortcut
  • Newtonbrook Riparian
  • Dufferin Trail

These green spaces offer the perfect opportunity for residents to stay active and connect with nature.

Local Schools & Education Options

For many families, education is paramount, and the vicinity of 160 Cactus Avenue Condos in Toronto, Ontario, certainly delivers on this front. The residents have access to several public schools such as ÉSC Monseigneur-de-Charbonnel.

Catholic schools like St Antoine Daniel Catholic School offer a range of services, including team teaching, Special Education, ESL instruction, and religious education. Moreover, esteemed private schools such as Webtree Academy,

Magnificent Minds and Sunnybrook School are conveniently situated near the condos, providing an alternative to public or Catholic schooling for interested individuals.

Public Schools

Several public schools, including the prominent Newtonbrook Secondary School, are a testament to the educational excellence of Newtonbrook West, near 160 Cactus Avenue Condos. The school maintains a healthy student-teacher ratio of 3.44, ensuring adequate attention for each student.

Newtonbrook Secondary School offers a diverse selection of programs and courses, including:

  • Academics
  • Athletics
  • Arts
  • Advanced mathematics and science classes
  • Participation in university competitions
  • Specialized certificate programs
  • Co-op education
  • English as a Second Language
  • Extended French program
  • French immersion program
  • SHSM (Specialist High Skills Major)

Catholic Schools

For families preferring Catholic education, schools like St Antoine Daniel Catholic School offer a range of services, including:

  • Team teaching
  • Special Education
  • ESL instruction
  • Religious education
  • Instruction in Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish

These services enrich the linguistic diversity of the curriculum.

These Catholic schools also offer a variety of extracurricular activities, including:

  • Academic support
  • Athletic teams
  • Clubs
  • Faith and leadership programs
  • Fine arts
  • Other engaging activities

French Immersion & Private Schools

For those interested in French immersion, programs like the Early French Immersion Program, Middle French Immersion, and Junior Extended French Program sites are available across Toronto. Ontario. Moreover, The Giles School provides a comprehensive French immersion program starting from the Pre-K level.

In terms of private school options, Webtree Academy, Magnificent Minds, and Curlew Montessori School are among the top private schools in the vicinity of 160 Cactus Avenue Condos. These schools offer numerous advantages, including personalized attention due to smaller class sizes, highly qualified teaching staff, selective admission processes, diverse student populations, opportunities for scholarships, and a robust history of academic achievement.


In conclusion, 160 Cactus Avenue offers an exceptional living experience. With its prime location in Newtonbrook West, a plethora of amenities, a variety of suite sizes and layouts, and a robust array of recreational, dining, and educational options, it truly is a gem in the heart of North York.

Whether you’re a family seeking a supportive community and top-quality education, or an individual looking for a tranquil yet vibrant lifestyle, 160 Cactus Avenue is an excellent choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of flooring is available in 160 Cactus Avenue Condos?

The flooring options available at 160 Cactus Avenue include ceramic finishes such as porcelain, slate, granite, marble, travertine, and vinyl plank.

What recreational facilities are available nearby?

There are a variety of recreational facilities nearby, including golf courses, parks, playgrounds, sports fields, and hiking and biking trails, offering plenty of options for leisure and activity.

What public schools are available in the vicinity?

In the vicinity, Newtonbrook Secondary School is a prominent public school.

What French immersion programs are available?

Residents have access to various French immersion programs, including the Early French Immersion Program, Middle French Immersion, Junior Extended French Program sites, and The Giles School’s French immersion program. Consider exploring these options to find the best fit for your needs.

What are the advantages of the local private schools?

Local private schools offer advantages such as personalized attention, highly qualified staff, diverse student populations, and opportunities for scholarships, all contributing to a history of academic achievement. These factors make them an appealing option for many families.

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