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Royal Windsor at Balmoral Village
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New Condos in Collingwood, Ontario

Nestled in natural beauty and close to the Blue Mountain, you have Collingwood that is just two hours away from Toronto. Its landscapes and vistas attract tourists from outside in large numbers.

Moreover, you can find quite a few getaway house plots along with considerable new condo development in this area.

This is also a construction site that is witnessing rapid expansion in both its population as well as their average annual incomes.

Further, it is also a prominent tourist attraction in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). For instance, it includes the Niagara Escarpment, various resorts nearby, and Collingwood’s location beside the Georgian Bay.

The Real Estate Scene in Collingwood:

This region’s natural beauty, it being a major tourist hub as well as the BDC (Business Development Centre) of Collingwood helping out new startups and businesses all mean a booming real estate scene.

Thus, people want to invest here in both residential and commercial. Greater business opportunities mean more people wanting to relocate and investing.

As a result, Collingwood condos, the new townhouses, are some among the many new construction projects coming up here.

Collingwood is also a town with a booming new condo development scenario. You will find visible single family home development along with increasing condo developments overall.

Moreover, the neighbourhood and community of the new townhouse comprised primarily English-speaking individuals of European heritage.

They have an average income which is slightly less than CAD 70,000.

Communities here are also highly educated. For instance, the overall unemployment rate in Collingwood is much less than areas nearby. These factors, along with the highway close by mean great situations for a booming realty construction scene.

The residential prices here are quite attractive to save money. You can say it is lower than that of Ontario by more than the price of CAD 100,000.

There are many individuals on the lookout for new home sales in new townhouses.

Likewise, Collingwood condos come in diverse sizes too. The ones on the sale are from as small as 600 to 700 sq ft to as large as 1300 sq ft and more.

Mostly, all new home developments located here come with 2 bedrooms. A townhouse comes at a median price of CAD 328 sq ft.

Living in Collingwood

Indeed, Collingwood is renowned as a place with great natural beauty that attracts tourists regularly to it.

Some such names are Huron Street and Heritage Drive in Collingwood.

Then again, you might hear about a condo project on Hurontario Street that you may find worthwhile, with its benefits and cost.

Collingwood is of great significance in Canada. You can call it a town with potential for tourism, a booming industry, above-average education levels, and finally, a relatively low construction price. Also, it is located not very far away from major cities.

Upcoming Projects

When it comes to new condo developments, some significant projects are:

Harbour House Condos: The property by Streetcar Developments has its location in the areas of Huron Street and Heritage Drive. The developments’ outstanding features and world-class construction has earned its name across the locations.

Collingwood Quay Condos: Collingwood Quay will be a 6-story premium mid-rise condominium construction in downtown Collingwood, located surrounding the beautiful glory of Canada.