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560 Sixth Street, Collingwood, ON
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Address 560 Sixth Street, Collingwood, ON
City Collingwood
Neighbourhood Collingwood
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About 560 Sixth Street Condos & Townhomes Development

560 Sixth Street Condos & Townhomes is a new condo development that is currently in the pre-construction phase by Georgian Planning Solutions, located at 560 Sixth St, Collingwood, ON. 560 Sixth Street Condos & Townhomes are emerging residential development condos, from the latest design updates to community responses and potential neighbourhood changes. This project’s estimated completion date is still unknown.

Key Takeaways

  • Georgian Planning Solutions proposes a vibrant new residential community at 560 Sixth St, Collingwood, featuring a mix of 231 apartment units and 70 townhouses designed to enhance housing density and offer affordable living options in the area.
  • The development is characterized by a modern design influenced by architect Michael Lu, prioritizing community and convenience, and aims to integrate harmoniously with the existing neighbourhood by offering a variety of living spaces to cater to different lifestyles.
  • Challenges such as increased congestion, demand on local infrastructure, and community dynamics have been acknowledged, with Collingwood’s strategic planning and the developer’s experience ensuring a careful approach to integrating the new high-density residential project into the town.

Exploring the Proposed 560 Sixth St Development

An exciting vision for Collingwood’s southwest end is emerging with Georgian Planning Solutions’ plan to transform 560 Sixth St into a vibrant residential community. Spanning six hectares, this proposed development is set to significantly expand the town’s housing options.

The project, initially planned with 272 apartments and 75 townhouses, has been revised to incorporate 231 apartment units and 70 townhouse units, thereby increasing the housing density to incorporate more affordable options. This revised apartment and townhouse proposal is in line with the town’s vision of promoting high-density residential living in existing neighbourhoods.

A public meeting held at the council chambers saw the unveiling of the artist’s rendering of the development, which was met with enthusiasm. The project promises to invigorate the existing neighbourhood around Sixth St and Holden Avenue, blending in harmoniously with the adjacent homes.

The building application is currently under review by the council’s committee, with the official plan amendment and zoning bylaw amendment being the key points of discussion. The council is primarily covering Collingwood’s plan of subdivision, ensuring the new buildings align with the town’s strategic growth objectives and adhere to the planning act.

The proposed development’s formal submission was met with a whole meeting dedicated to discussing the potential advantages and concerns related to the project. In the spirit of transparency, the council’s committee invited public opinions to ensure the new property is well received and beneficial for the existing community.

Design and Features of the New Condos and Townhomes

At the heart of this proposed property like the two four-storey apartment buildings, combining to provide 272 sleek apartment units. These are thoughtfully complemented by 75 townhouse units, creating a balanced mix of housing options.

The architectural blueprint reveals an intriguing design where the apartment buildings share a central square structure. This communal space will house various amenities for residents, fostering a sense of community and shared experience.

Prominent architect Michael Lu, a notable advocate for multiplex housing, is a significant influence on the development’s design. Lu’s vision of the future aligns seamlessly with the density and vibrancy the developer intends to bring to the neighbourhood.

The draft plan of the proposed property showcases an artist’s rendering of the apartment and townhouse proposal. The rendering paints an image of a lively community where residents enjoy the comfort of modern living combined with the warmth of neighbourhood camaraderie.

As the construction progresses, the adjacent homes will witness the rise of new units that embody the spirit of medium to high-density residential living. The proposed units plan to seamlessly integrate into the existing neighbourhood, enhancing its charm.

The plan of subdivision is designed with an emphasis on creating a harmonious blend of apartment buildings and townhomes. This balance will offer residents a variety of housing options to suit their lifestyle preferences, marking a significant step towards diversifying housing options in Collingwood.

The Developer’s Perspective

Georgian Planning Solutions, the mastermind behind the 560 Sixth St property, operates under the umbrella of two Ontario-numbered companies, signifying a structured approach to business operations. They bring to the project a wealth of experience from their previous developments.

This expertise ensures a high standard of quality and thoughtful design, promising future residents a delightful living experience in the 560 Sixth St condos and townhomes. The developer’s formal submission of the unit application was a milestone in the project’s timeline.

It marked the beginning of a series of discussions and reviews aimed at ensuring the new development’s alignment with Collingwood’s growth vision and community needs. Aware of the market dynamics and residents’ needs, Georgian Planning Solutions has been proactive in gathering feedback from the community.

This close interaction with the community is evident in their approach to designing the 560 Sixth St condos and townhomes project. Every image courtesy of the developer is a testament to their commitment to excellence.

They are determined to turn the artist’s rendering into reality, creating a space that will redefine luxury and comfort in Collingwood’s residential landscape.

Impact on Local Infrastructure

While the new units promise several benefits, potential impacts on the local infrastructure cannot be overlooked. The introduction of large apartment buildings might lead to:

  • increased neighbourhood congestion
  • strain on local transportation systems
  • increased demand for parking spaces
  • additional pressure on schools and healthcare facilities

These factors should be carefully considered and addressed to ensure the smooth integration of the new units into the existing community. The increase in medium-density residential units, as negotiated by the developer, will result in a significant number of new residential units.

This could potentially contribute to local traffic volumes, thus altering the community’s dynamics. However, Collingwood has a proactive approach to managing such changes.

The town’s Service Capacity Allocation Policy will guide the distribution and usage of municipal services for the new property, ensuring a smooth integration with the existing village media infrastructure.

The zoning changes, which allow for ‘missing middle’ housing such as multiplex projects of up to six strata homes on a single lot, are leading to an increase in housing density within the town. This is in line with the vision of medium-density residential that Georgian Planning Solutions envisages for the community.

These potential challenges underscore the need for a comprehensive approach to managing the growth that the new property brings. However, with the town’s strategic planning and the developer’s commitment to quality, the 560 Sixth St condos and townhomes are set to be a valuable addition to Collingwood’s residential scene.


In conclusion, the proposed development at 560 Sixth St brings a fresh perspective to Collingwood’s residential landscape. With its mix of condo units and townhouses, thoughtful design, and the developer’s experience, the project promises an exciting future for the town’s residents.

While challenges related to infrastructure and congestion need careful consideration, the town’s strategic planning and the developer’s commitment ensure a bright future for this elegant new addition to Collingwood’s skyline.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many units will the 560 Sixth St development have?

The 560 Sixth St development will have a total of 301 units, including 231 apartment units and 70 townhouse units.

Who is the developer of the 560 Sixth St project?

Georgian Planning Solutions is the developer of the 560 Sixth St project.

What amenities are planned for the residents of the new development?

Residents of the new development can look forward to a central square structure with various amenities, which will be shared by the apartment buildings.

What is the impact of the development on local traffic?

The development’s increase in housing density may contribute to higher local traffic volumes.

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