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400 Maple Street, Collingwood, ON
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Address 400 Maple Street, Collingwood, ON
City Collingwood
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About Victoria Annex Homes Development

Victoria Annex Homes is a new home development that is currently in the pre-construction phase by Georgian Communities, located at 400 Maple Street, Collingwood, ON. Victoria Annex Homes offers just that. With a limited collection of homes set in a prestigious location, this community promises tranquility and exclusivity. This project’s estimated completion date is in 2025.

Key Takeaways

  • Victoria Annex combines historic charm with modern living, featuring a limited collection of heritage-inspired homes including a transformed 19th-century schoolhouse and new coach house suites, with high-quality materials and luxury finishes.
  • Nestled in a prestigious Collingwood location, Victoria Annex encourages an active lifestyle with easy access to downtown amenities, outdoor adventures, and cultural experiences, fostering a seamless blend of history and contemporary living.
  • Homebuyers are offered an extended deposit structure and a $50,000 upgrade credit, highlighting Georgian Communities’ commitment to facilitating a smooth acquisition of luxury homes while preserving architectural heritage at Victoria Annex.

Experience the Allure of the Victoria Annex

Stepping into Victoria Annex is like traversing back in time while keeping one foot firmly in the present. This community, renowned for its unique features, houses a beautifully transformed 19th-century schoolhouse and inspired new coach house suites, catering to modern living while preserving Collingwood’s historic allure.

The exteriors boast heritage-inspired brick cladding alongside James Hardie quality siding, crafting an elegant and distinctive streetscape that blends in harmoniously with its surroundings. Inside these stunning homes, residents are greeted with durable luxury vinyl floors that augment the main living areas, marrying longevity with aesthetic appeal.

Limiting the collection to nineteen homes, Victoria Annex ensures exclusivity within this charming community, nestled among luxury single and semi-detached homes, presenting an unparalleled luxury living experience.

Inspired Coach House Suites

Victoria Annex’s coach house suites are true embodiments of the community’s allure. These suites are designed to honor the historic charm of the community, boasting exteriors that feature heritage-inspired brick cladding and high-quality James Hardie siding. But the allure of these suites is not confined to their exteriors.

Step inside, and you’re greeted with a fusion of historical elegance and modern comforts and amenities. The thoughtful design of these suites is a testament to the inspired community that Victoria Annex is, offering a remarkable lifestyle that awaits its residents.

Tranquil Living Spaces

In Victoria Annex, tranquility is not just a feature, it’s a lifestyle. Each home comes standard with high-quality features such as:

  • Hardwood floors
  • Cambria quartz countertops
  • Quality kitchen cabinets
  • Luxury vinyl plank flooring
  • Frameless glass showers

At the heart of these living spaces is a direct-vent gas fireplace, creating a cozy and comfortable environment that residents can retreat to after a long day. It’s in these tranquil living spaces where unparalleled luxury and the charm of the past come together, crafting a living experience second to none and tucked closely to the downtown core.

Nestled Among Luxury

Victoria Annex is not just about the homes, it’s about the location too. Perfectly nestled on Maple Street, a highly coveted and one of Collingwood’s most sought-after ‘Tree Streets’, this community provides residents with a prestigious address just moments from the vibrant downtown core.

It’s not just about living in luxury but living among it.

A Remarkable Lifestyle Awaits

Victoria Annex doesn’t just offer homes, it offers a lifestyle. This remarkable community in Collingwood fosters an active lifestyle enriched by its proximity to modern amenities and a historic harborfront. It’s not just about where you live, but how you live.

The historical harbourfront community of Victoria Annex boasts:

  • A vibrant culinary scene
  • Unique shopping experiences akin to urban centers
  • A variety of recreational activities and daily adventures
  • The charm of the local arts and cultural backdrop

Residents are encouraged to indulge in these offerings and embrace the vibrant atmosphere of the community, as a way to pay homage to its rich cultural heritage.

In this development, every day offers a new opportunity for discovery, for outdoor adventures, for cultural experiences, and for enjoying the remarkable lifestyle that awaits.

Neighbouring Collingwood’s Downtown Core

One of the many advantages of living in this development is its location. Proudly located on Maple Street, renowned as one of the most desirable ‘Tree Streets’, Victoria Annex is in close proximity to downtown Collingwood’s vibrant atmosphere.

Imagine a life where a short stroll leads you to an array of shops and a rich culinary scene, showcasing local talent and diverse dining options. This is what residents of this development enjoy – convenient access to downtown amenities, fostering an active lifestyle amidst picturesque landscapes.

Outdoor Adventures and Cultural Experiences

The development is more than just a residential community, it’s a gateway to outdoor adventures and cultural experiences. Residents can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities such as cycling through the town’s scenic trails.

The community provides access to waterfront trails that interconnect with other trails and cycling routes throughout Collingwood. It’s not just about the physical activities; it’s about the stunning landscapes that not only support an active lifestyle but also inspire the local arts and cultural scene within the community.

Perfect Balance of History and Modernity

This building is not just a community, it’s a testament to the perfect balance of history and modernity. The project prominently features a 19th-century schoolhouse, showcasing its commitment to preserving the historical architecture of Collingwood.

This historical schoolhouse is intertwined with modern design elements, striking a balance between Victoria Annex’s historical preservation and contemporary aesthetic. The luxury interiors within the historic schoolhouse provide modern amenities and comforts, exemplifying how this development combines the old with the new.

Making Your Dream Home Acquisition Smoother

Acquiring your dream home at Victoria is not just a process, it’s a journey made smoother by the community’s attractive offerings. For a limited time, offers an attractive extended deposit structure to ease the home acquisition process.

In addition, home purchasers can benefit from a $50,000 upgrade credit as a current incentive to enhance their buying experience. It’s not just about acquiring a home, but about making that journey smoother, and Victoria Annex ensures just that.

The Transformation of a 19th-Century School House

One of the defining features that sets it apart from other communities is the transformation of a 19th-century schoolhouse into a unique residential complex. Initially, a school site, the building is now being redeveloped into 17 residential units, with the school building itself transformed into two semi-detached units.

In this development, the 19th-century schoolhouse stands as a centerpiece for modern living, underscoring a commitment to preserving the architectural heritage while offering luxury homes.

Schoolhouse Residences

The schoolhouse serves as a unique residential complex within Collingwood’s desirable neighbourhood. This transformed 19th-century building is a testament to the community’s commitment to preserving its historic appeal while incorporating modern living.

The renovation of the schoolhouse creates a variety of contemporary living spaces, including school house an inspired selection of:

  • Semi-detached dwellings
  • Single detached homes
  • Townhouses
  • Coach houses

By limiting the collection to nineteen homes, ensures a seamless blending of the past with modern living, deeply reflecting the historical essence of the region.

Preserving History and Character

Preserving history and character is at the heart of Victoria Annex’s architectural design. Georgian Communities have carefully preserved key exterior heritage features such as the original masonry and distinctive brickwork during the transformation of the former Victoria Annex school into residential units.

While the historical integrity of the building’s exterior design was retained, the project introduced modern elements to complement the traditional architecture. The architectural finishes of the residential units reflect the character of the historic schoolhouse, blending history with modern luxury for a unique living experience.


Victoria Annex stands as a testament to the seamless blend of historic charm and modern luxury. From the inspired coach house suites to the tranquil living spaces, from its prestigious location to the remarkable lifestyle it offers, it is more than a community, it’s a haven that pays homage to its historic roots while embracing contemporary comforts.

It’s not just about living in a home, but about being part of a community that appreciates history, celebrates the present, and looks forward to the future with optimism.

Frequently Asked Questions

What unique features does the Victoria Annex offer?

Offers a blend of historic charm and modern living, including a 19th-century schoolhouse transformed into a residential complex, coach house suites, and homes with high-quality features like hardwood floors and Cambria quartz countertops.

How many homes are available in the Victoria Annex?

It has a limited collection of nineteen homes available.

What amenities are close to the Victoria Annex?

Located on Maple Street, close to downtown Collingwood, providing easy access to a variety of shops and restaurants. You’ll find everything you need within a short distance for a convenient lifestyle.

Are there any incentives for home purchasers at Victoria Annex?

Yes, offering an extended deposit structure and a $50,000 upgrade credit as a current incentive for a limited time.

How has the historical architecture of Collingwood been preserved in the Victoria Annex?

The historical architecture of Collingwood has been preserved by prominently featuring a 19th-century schoolhouse and carefully preserving its original masonry and distinctive brickwork. This demonstrates the community’s commitment to maintaining the area’s historical charm without losing it in modernization.

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