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156 Jozo Weider Blvd, The Blue Mountains, ON
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Address 156 Jozo Weider Blvd, The Blue Mountains, ON
City The Blue Mountains
Neighbourhood The Blue Mountains
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About Freed Blue Mountain Condos Development

Considering a move to Blue Mountain Village? Freed Blue Mountain Condos deliver a blend of nature and design, offering a living experience that harmonizes with the local village and environment.

With details on amenities, design, and location, this article guides you through the features that set Freed Blue Mountain Condos apart for residents and investors alike. The estimated completion for this project is still unknown.

Key Takeaways

  • Freed Blue Mountain Condos offer a luxury resort experience with high-end amenities, contemporary interiors, and is located amidst the natural beauty of Blue Mountain Village, designed by celebrated B+H Architects.
  • The development provides a range of activities and facilities such as golf, skiing, dining, and shopping, and advocates a ‘Live Freed Philosophy’ which is focused on enriching lives through unique architectural design and creating lifestyle hubs.
  • Freed Developments has a history of successful projects, and its Blue Mountain Condos aims to make a positive community impact with future expansion while balancing environmental considerations.

Freed Blue Mountain Condos: A New Resort Experience

Nestled in the heart of Blue Mountain Village, Freed Blue Mountain Condos is a sanctuary for those seeking both luxury and adventure. This luxurious resort community isn’t just a place to live; it’s a lifestyle. With an extensive range of high-end amenities, contemporary interiors, and proximity to distinctive shops and thrilling activities, the condos provide a lavish resort experience like no other.

The seven-storey buildings are more than just residential condos; they are an embodiment of an architectural masterpiece. With peaked rooflines inspired by the surrounding mountains, the condos perfectly complement the landscape, offering a seamless blend of modern interiors and natural beauty. The architectural design, crafted by renowned B+H Architects, is truly a sight to behold, signifying the unique brand of Freed Developments.

Project Overview

Freed Blue Mountain Condos sets itself apart with its modern interiors, high-end amenities, and unique architectural designs. The peaked rooflines reflect the surrounding mountain scenery, offering a design that is as unique as it is beautiful. Known for their work on projects like the Deerhurst Resort, Freed Developments showcases its expertise in creating luxurious living spaces that elevate the quality of life for residents.

The development will house 700 residential units, providing a variety of living options for potential residents. Each condo is designed with modern interiors and luxurious amenities, ensuring a comfortable and upscale living experience. Whether you’re a family seeking a spacious home or a couple looking for a cozy retreat, Freed Blue Mountain Condos has something for everyone.

Location and Accessibility

Freed Blue Mountain Condos will be located right in the Blue Mountain Village. With picturesque views and a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking trails, the location is a haven for nature enthusiasts.

Reaching Freed Blue Mountain Condos is effortless. Whether you’re driving, taking a bus from Toronto, or utilizing the complimentary shuttle service within Blue Mountain Village, getting there is easy and convenient. And once you’re there, you’re greeted by world-class hospitality and a range of luxurious amenities and services that cater to your every need. The development is further enriched with over 40 distinctive shops and restaurants, along with thrilling activities such as zip lines, ropes courses, hiking, and biking.

Embracing the Freed Lifestyle

The Freed lifestyle isn’t simply about existence, but rather about thriving. Centered on the creation of lifestyle hubs through unique design, architecture, and experiences, the Freed lifestyle philosophy is all about offering living spaces that elevate and improve the overall quality of life for residents. Whether it’s the contemporary interiors, the luxurious amenities, or the thoughtfully planned community, everything at Freed Blue Mountain Condos is designed to enhance your living experience.

Living at Freed Blue Mountain Condos means embracing an elevated lifestyle. With upscale amenities like:

  • championship golf
  • downhill skiing
  • fine dining
  • access to numerous shops and restaurants

Every day is an opportunity for a new adventure. The villas are designed with spacious windows and elegant features, providing a luxurious living environment surrounded by picturesque landscapes. It’s not just a condo; it’s your personal sanctuary.

Live Freed Philosophy

The ‘Live Freed Philosophy’ lies at the core of Freed Blue Mountain Condos. This philosophy aims to establish a pinnacle master-planned community that enriches life and human connections through architecture and design. It’s about creating a luxurious living environment that offers contemporary interiors, upscale amenities, and enriched experiences.

The core values of Freed Blue Mountain Condos are rooted in the ‘live, work & play in your neighbourhood’ principle. This is reflected in their design and services, offering a unique living experience that enhances the lives of their residents. Through well-crafted design, modern interiors, and upscale amenities, Freed Blue Mountain Condos is committed to creating lifestyle hubs that enhance and enrich the lives of its residents.

Past Successes

Freed Developments’ impressive track record speaks volumes about their commitment to excellence. With successful projects encompassing residential and commercial endeavors such as upscale restaurants, parking facilities, and a Muskoka golf course, Freed Developments has consistently demonstrated their expertise in creating luxurious living spaces. Their exceptional work has been recognized and awarded, further cementing their reputation in the industry.

Despite some critiques regarding execution and customer service, Freed Developments’ innovative design and concepts have significantly influenced its standing within the industry. Their dedication to redefining luxury and comfort continues to shape their identity in the marketplace, as they craft residential spaces that encapsulate a lifestyle through meticulous architecture and design.

The Residences: Your Personal Sanctuary

The residences at Freed Blue Mountain Condos offer a range of modern amenities, including:

  • Clifftop Clubhouse
  • Nature trails
  • Mountain biking
  • Hiking
  • Golf
  • Winter sports
  • Fitness studio
  • Infinity pool
  • Splash pad
  • Dining
  • Tennis facilities

These amenities provide a luxurious living experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

The condo designs, crafted by B+H Architects, also pay homage to their natural surroundings, incorporating peaked rooflines that reflect the mountain scenery.

Spacious Layouts and Modern Amenities

Each residence at Freed Blue Mountain Condos features spacious interiors, with an average condo size of approximately 2,000 to 2,500 sq. ft. Coupled with modern amenities like:

  • Clifftop Clubhouse
  • Nature trails
  • Mountain biking
  • Hiking
  • Golf
  • Winter sports
  • Fitness studio
  • Infinity pool
  • Splash pad
  • Dining
  • Tennis facilities

Residents can enjoy a living environment that caters to their every need, with a variety of residential units permitted.

Rental Management Program

Freed Blue Mountain Condos provides a thorough rental management program for property owners. This program is designed to effectively manage rentals, providing services such as:

  • utilities and parking
  • marketing and booking assistance
  • unit cleaning
  • maintenance

Even if owners opt for alternative rental managers or private property rental, they are still required to pay a 2% fee to the BMVA.

Resort Amenities and Activities

Freed Blue Mountain Condos provides a plethora of resort amenities and activities to accommodate all interests and lifestyles. Some of the amenities and activities include:

  • Year-round hot tubs
  • Seasonal outdoor pools
  • Indoor pools
  • Fitness facilities
  • Clubhouse equipped with state-of-the-art fitness equipment

With these options, there’s something for everyone.

Whether you’re looking to maintain your fitness routine or seeking relaxation and rejuvenation, Freed Hotels Resorts Blue Mountain Condos has you covered.

On-Site Facilities

On the premises, residents and guests can take pleasure in a variety of dining options situated within Blue Mountain Village. Whether you’re craving a quick bite at Cheezed or in the mood for a gourmet meal at Copper Blues Bar & Grill, there’s a dining option to suit every palate.

For those seeking relaxation and wellness, the Horseshoe Resort offers modern fitness studios, an infinity pool and splash pad, and a spa featuring an outdoor deck and heated pool. Just a short drive away, you can also find the Muskoka Bay Resort for a different experience.

Outdoor Adventures

Venturing outdoors, residents and guests are met with an array of outdoor activities. Some of the activities available include:

  • Skiing
  • Hiking
  • Biking
  • Golf
  • Yamaha adventures
  • Trails
  • Fat biking
  • Lake access
  • Ice skating
  • Cross-country
  • Ziplining
  • Aerial adventure parks

The opportunities for fun and exploration are endless.

Nearby ski resorts like Blue Mountain Resort – Collingwood and Craigleith Ski Club are conveniently situated for those who enjoy winter sports. For water enthusiasts, the Coca-Cola Mill Pond Activity Centre and the Plunge! Aquatic Centre offer a range of water sports.

Community Impact and Future Developments

The development of Freed Blue Mountain Condos goes beyond the creation of a luxurious resort community; it aims to make a positive impact on the community. With future development plans that include raising the maximum building heights permitted from five storeys to seven storeys and undertaking a substantial expansion at Blue Mountain Resort, the future looks promising.

However, potential environmental implications, including its impact on the two Areas of Natural and Scientific Interest (ANSIs) located in the northcentral part of the study area, should not be overlooked following the council decision.

Remaining Development Lands

The undeveloped lands remaining for Freed Blue Mountain Condos present a thrilling prospect for future growth. With the aim to develop the undeveloped lands in the Blue Mountain Village and pursue official plan amendments to raise building heights, Freed Developments is set to redefine the landscape of the village.

However, it’s crucial to consider potential environmental factors such as traffic impact, visual impact, and future stresses on the demand for waterfront access and amenities.

Investing in Freed Blue Mountain Condos

Investing in Freed Blue Mountain Condos, with its ideal location, high-end amenities, and distinct architectural design, opens up a multitude of opportunities. From modern condominium developments, F&B ventures, to resort communities, the portfolio is supported by substantial investments focused on the development, renovation, and improvement of various properties.

The potential profitability prospects, property valuations, and unique tax advantages make it an attractive investment opportunity.


In conclusion, Freed Blue Mountain Condos offers a unique lifestyle that blends luxury with adventure. Its prime location, modern amenities, unique architectural design, and commitment to enhancing residents’ quality of life make it a sought-after destination for those seeking a luxurious resort experience. With exciting future development plans and a wide range of investment opportunities, Freed Blue Mountain Condos is more than just a place to live; it’s a lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the owner of Freed Developments?

The owner of Freed Developments is Peter Freed, who has built a fortune as a developer of condominium apartment towers, mainly in downtown Toronto. He also announced in late 2021 that he was taking control of a handful of Ontario’s most familiar resort properties.

Can you live at Blue Mountain?

Yes, you can live at Blue Mountain, as there are diverse real estate opportunities including condominiums and single family homes to cater to different lifestyles and preferences.

What is freed business?

Freed is a company that has been transforming Toronto’s real estate landscape for over 25 years, focusing on luxurious modern condominium developments, F&B ventures, hotel and resorts, and commercial spaces.

What amenities are available at Freed Blue Mountain Condos?

Freed Blue Mountain Condos offer a variety of amenities including a Clifftop Clubhouse, nature trails, fitness studio, infinity pool, and more for a well-rounded experience.

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