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Meet Freed Developments, whose brand is synonymous with people-friendly lifestyles and revolutionary design. Freed Developments has been at the forefront of the housing industry for several years. And it has been creating lifestyle hubs for its occupants ever since its inception. The company was founded by the ambitious Peter Freed, who has over 20 years’ worth of experience in the real estate development industry ground-up. It has resulted in his current understanding of the needs of the community, citizens and different sections of society.


Freed Development’s projects have often been dubbed as lifestyle hubs. This is because their buildings provide residents with everything they may need. They are placed in great locations, close to restaurants and bars. They have plenty of open spaces for vehicles and for walks. This is all borne out of Peter Creed’s vision on the community lifestyle of the resident, aimed at heightening life satisfaction and bringing joy to people’s lives. He is one amongst those credited with the overhaul and redesign of the industrial past of King West neighborhood. It is now one of Toronto’s most influential districts.


Freed Developments has several condo and loft apartment projects lined up in Toronto. At present, the upcoming projects are Art Shoppe Lofts and Condos at Yonge, 346 Davenport in Midtown Toronto, and Reimagine Galleria at Dufferin and Dupont. The fantastic planning and location of these projects inspire awe in the prospective buyer. Freed Development’s condos are placed strategically within reach of the best in Toronto. Their buildings are constructed in vibrant streets, close to large urban parks, malls, art galleries, and top-class restaurants. They close to transit points and well connected. Some of the other recent Freed Developments projects are Sixty Colborne and 150 Redpath.


Freed Developments is oriented towards expert design and better quality of life for its residents. They cater to the energetic and passionate young professional. Freed Developments knows how to satisfy the needs of the restless individual. It goes no-holds-barred on designing spaces that encourage a healthy and wonderful life experience. Each development is located at the heart of friendly neighborhoods and aesthetic surroundings. They are experts at reimagining an environment in a way that preserves its history and brings a splash of modernity. This makes their properties extremely attractive to young professionals and families.


Avant-garde meets simplicity and class in each of Freed Development’s building projects. Condos in Freed Developments are glass-finish, letting in the maximum possible light into homes and providing panoramic views of the surrounding neighborhood. Amenities such as courtyards, breathtaking infinity swimming pools, and rooftop lounges are made available to residents, apart from indoor party spaces and similar facilities. The interiors blend modern and chic elements to create a resplendent look for Toronto’s elite. The gorgeous designs of Freed Development’s condos are due to their partnerships with acclaimed interior designers and highly accomplished urban planners. The surrounding areas are planned to make green spaces and recreational activities available to the Toronto citizen. Their impressive high-rise architecture and top-class interiors have led them to be recipients of a number of design awards.


It’s not just the residential complexes, but the commercial spaces as well. Freed Developments has been working with businesses of all kinds to create an environment that can host both works and play. Freed Developments have been instrumental in making sleek bars and stylish restaurants easily available to those who buy into their condos. One of the best examples of this is the redevelopment of Kings West, which was once a worn down and gritty industrial neighborhood. Now, Kings West is one of the most vibrant entertainment and culture districts in Toronto. Creative agencies and driven professionals have now found a place in Kings West, whether it’s the art galleries or art festivals. After Freed Development’s projects, the neighborhood was frequented by Toronto’s elite.


The company has brought an energetic nightlife to its neighborhoods. Freed Developments spans even resorts, hotels, boutiques, tech start-ups, and retail. The company is dedicated to building the perfect neighborhood, where work is close by and conveniences a step away. Thanks to their all-around focus, the building of a lifestyle of innumerable choices is a natural course of action for them. Freed Developments easily blends elegance with heritage where it arrives. Their stamp is that of innovative exteriors and state of the art interiors. Their buildings are one of the best places to live in.

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