500 Sheppard Street Condos

Located in North York, just north of Downtown Toronto, these new condos are sure to amaze. With 25 floors and 220 units, the building will definitely stand out among the rest. This design is very geometrically pleasing to the eye. It features a large rectangular base with the large tower protruding out of one end. The top of the tower breaks character and slightly juts out to create a visually stunning design that is reaching out to the sun.

Being located outside of Downtown Toronto, this neighborhood is very  peaceful. You still have access to many shops and restaurants, without the busyness of the Toronto Core. Being so close to the expressway and public transit make it easy to be able to get into downtown for work or just an evening of fun.

Mallpaks Developments are creating this stunning structure. They are focused on providing quality to the residents as well as bringing in more business to the area. Being situated directly across from the Bayview Village Shopping Centre, the Sheppard Street Condos will offer a lot of entertainment and business to the area of North York.



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