About Carlyle Junction Condos Development

The Carlyle Junction Condos are located in the Keele and St. Clair Junction. These new flats are currently in preconstruction at 6 Lloyd Avenue in Toronto and are part of an ambitious development project for community revitalization. Stanton Renaissance has the vision for creating beautiful homes and improving communities, and the Carlyle Junction Condos is one of those projects.

The Future of Toronto

The Carlyle Junction Condos will be 14 stories tall and will contain 478 units. Each unit will be chic and beautiful, a mix of vintage and modern. The developers have a vision for a complete overhaul of the community. Written into the design is a space for a vibrant farmer’s market offering healthy and organic options to residents. There is also space in the design for local businesses to set up shop and thrive. There will also be room for expression of the arts in a multiple of capacities.

Accessibility of The Carlyle Junction Condos

The Carlyle Junction Condos is located close to transit routes allowing for easy access into the downtown core of Toronto. There is shopping, restaurants, and grocery stores in the area. The Keele and St. Clair Junction is an up and coming neighborhood that is developing and growing fast. This development is the first to be equipped with more than three systems for eco-energy production.

Stanton Renaissance is a unique developing company that desires to revitalize the new apartment buildings in the Toronto Area. Louie Santaguida is the key player in the vision behind Stanton Renaissance’s vision. This company longs to revive the land in a green and earth-friendly manner. Stanton Renaissance has an eye for seeing land as well as communities that have unrealized potential and then using time, energy, and strategy gives these communities success. Santaguida has extraordinary vision and is always up for a challenge.

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