About 450 Pape Avenue Condos Development

Many people recognize the address of 450 Pape Avenue, especially when shown what the building looks like. This house has been in Hollywood films, has been a Salvation Army shelter, and for what it was initially… a mansion. Now, this home is planned to become brand-new condos. By restoring the current building and adding two stories, this famous building will finally be occupied again. Built on the property will be a mid-rise 28 story tower.


Located in North Riverdale, the 450 Pape Avenue Condo will be next to the Riverdale Shopping Centre, Riverdale Farm, and the Don Valley Parkway. There are quite a few restaurants, grocery stores, and parks within walking distance of this great neighborhood. From the 450 Pape Avenue Condo, a quick five-minute ride to Woodbine Beach will allow you to spend the day swimming, playing beach volleyball, and lounging in the sun.

The Developer

Catherine Naismith Architects (famous for Infill Housing in Richmond Hill and Alton Mill Rehabilitation) and Coolearth Architecture (creators of Coniston Seniors Affordable Housing in Sudbury) are the ones taking on the restoration and development of the 450 Pape Avenue Condos. They will be taking over plans introduced by Eracon Holdings Inc.

These two famous architecture companies will be using most of the plans developed by Eracon Holdings, but with some modifications of their own to offer better parking and a touch of their own design.

Many will want to be part of the interesting history of the soon to be 450 Pape Avenue Condos.

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