Downtown Aura Townhomes

12 Henderson Avenue, Brampton, ON
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Address 12 Henderson Avenue, Brampton, ON
City Brampton
Neighbourhood Brampton
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About Downtown Aura Townhomes Development

Downtown Aura Townhomes is a new townhome development that is currently in the pre-construction phase by Umbria, located at 12 Henderson Avenue, Brampton, ON. Downtown Aura Brampton stands out for its elegant townhomes that cater to modern tastes. This project’s estimated completion date is in 2025.

Key Takeaways

  • Downtown Aura Brampton represents an idyllic townhome community offering a mix of urban and nature-infused living, with seamless access to highways, public transportation, and an array of dining, shopping, and entertainment options in a well-connected GTA city.
  • The townhomes at Downtown Aura, developed by Umbria Development Group, are distinguished by Architecture Details and more features like modern design, personal rooftop terraces, and community amenities such as playgrounds and BBQ areas, catering to a contemporary lifestyle that values connection and relaxation.
  • Umbria Development Group brings a strong reputation for quality and excellence to Downtown Aura, reflecting a commitment to creating superior homes and a vision that infuses modern design with an elegant living experience in the heart of Brampton.

Discover Downtown Aura Brampton

Downtown Aura brings a new life to a balanced lifestyle and is an exclusive collection of exceptionally stylish stacked townhomes that offers an exceptional blend of urban and natural living. It exudes indulgent urban vibes featuring distinguished exteriors and a premium interior while being nestled in the embrace of stunning natural surroundings and will have easy access to nearby major thoroughfares.

This unique combination defines its distinctive character, surrounded by endless amenities and green space making it an ideal abode for individuals seeking a contemporary lifestyle and new life. It’s a perfect place to raise children. Moreover, Downtown Aura Brampton’s location in an extremely deep connection to the GTA city ensures that all your needs are just a stone’s throw away.

A mere 5-minute drive leads residents into the vibrant city life of Brampton, brimming with diverse dining, shopping, and popular city attractions are also located close by. This proximity allows residents to experience the hustle and bustle of city life while also enjoying the comfort and tranquility of a townhome community.

Thus, Downtown Aura offers an exceptional urban living experience right at your doorstep.

Location and Accessibility

Downtown Aura enjoys a prime location in Brampton. It boasts easy access to major highways such as Queen Street and Main Street, which connect to the Greater Toronto Area. Highways 410 and 407 are also conveniently accessible from Downtown Aura, offering residents seamless connectivity throughout the city.

Frequent travelers can rejoice, as Downtown Aura offers easy access to world-class along all provides frequent bus service along all major thoroughfare options. Here are some of the transportation options available:

  • The nearest airport is just a 5-minute drive away.
  • Brampton Transit provides regular bus service in the area.
  • Brampton GO station is also nearby, providing convenient access to regional train services.

Whether you’re commuting for work or embarking on a vacation, Downtown Aura is an extremely well-connected enclave.

Green Spaces and Recreation

Downtown Aura is not just about beautiful homes and convenience; it’s about a lifestyle. It boasts green spaces like Gore Meadows East Community Park and Gage Park, offering residents a peaceful enclave close to nature.

For those who love outdoor activities, Downtown Aura offers a variety of indoor and outdoor facilities including hiking and biking trails like Heart Lake Trails, Claireville Conservation Area Loop, Etobicoke Creek Trail: Mayfield West to Brampton, and Chinguacousy Trail. From leisurely walks to adventurous hikes, Downtown Aura caters to all your outdoor activity desires.

Downtown Aura an exclusive community offers residents offers:

  • A diverse range of flora and fauna, make it a haven for nature lovers
  • Sports facilities and playgrounds for residents of all ages
  • A remarkable community center that offers a variety of activities for residents

Downtown Aura is a vibrant city within a city, a place where you can live, work, and play, as its aura exudes urban vibes.

Embrace Modern Living in Downtown Aura Towns

Downtown Aura Towns exemplify the seamless fusion of modern design and comfortable living spaces. This harmonious blend of urban living offers residents a lifestyle that caters to their modern needs, an environment perfect for a growing family.

The townhome community created remarkable homes by Umbria Development Group, showcases a deep commitment to modern living by integrating indoor-outdoor experiences that facilitate:

  • Connection
  • Socialization
  • Relaxation
  • Rejuvenation

Residents of Downtown Aura have access to a range of amenities that enhance their lifestyle. These amenities include:

  • Expansive and private rooftop terraces that offer a serene retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life
  • A private family-friendly playground that allows children to play and socialize safely
  • Communal BBQ areas that provide the perfect setting for social events
  • Nearby facilities like Memorial Park, arenas, sports fields, restaurants, cafés, schools, parks, supermarkets, shops, and major shopping centers just across the street and community centers

With all these amenities, you can enjoy a convenient and fulfilling lifestyle right at your doorstep.

Private Rooftop Terraces

Downtown Aura townhomes are remarkable for their private rooftop terraces, providing residents with a secluded haven amidst the city’s hustle and bustle. These terraces provide a serene and refreshing space with lush greenery, allowing residents to unwind after a long day.

Whether you wish to soak up the sun on a lazy afternoon or host a weekend barbecue for friends, these terraces provide an ideal setting. Aside from fostering relaxation, these private rooftop terraces also provide an apt setting for social gatherings.

They provide expansive views that can enhance any social event, making them the perfect spot for hosting gatherings. Whether it’s a family get-together or a friendly reunion, the rooftop terraces at Downtown Aura offer the perfect setting to create beautiful memories.

Indoor and Outdoor Amenities

A life at Downtown Aura means indulgence in urban vibes and access to a variety of indoor and outdoor amenities that enhance the living experience. Outdoor amenities include:

  • A private enclave with a shady gazebo
  • A family-friendly playground
  • Outdoor BBQ areas
  • Expansive private rooftop terraces

These spaces provide opportunities for relaxation, social interaction, and community building, setting Downtown Aura apart from other developments.

On the inside, Downtown Aura offers a host of facilities such as Memorial Park and private rooftop terraces. The integration of green spaces and landscaped courtyards provides residents with a unique opportunity to appreciate nature, contributing to the allure and serenity of the community.

Be it a park picnic, a neighbourhood barbecue, or a tranquil evening on the rooftop terrace, Downtown Aura presents an irresistible lifestyle.

Past Projects and Reputation

Umbria Development Group, conveniently situated in the heart of Italy, home to many local, big box retailers, has a rich history of successful real estate projects that have left a significant impact on the market. These include Downtown Aura Brampton and 1030 Queen West Condos, projects that have addressed the acquisition, development, and marketing of new properties, responded to demographic shifts, demonstrated market resilience, and aimed to provide affordable housing at below-market rates in locations such as Perugia, Bastia Umbra, and Foligno.

While their industry standing might not be explicitly defined, it can be deduced from industry engagements and firsthand encounters. Their accolades, such as the Saginaw Future Economic Excellence Award from Saginaw Future, Inc., further underscore their commitment to excellence and innovation in the real estate industry.

Vision for Downtown Aura

The vision of Umbria Development Group for Downtown Aura is to create a modern and elegant townhouse development in downtown Brampton, offering residents an elevated lifestyle. This vision is reflected in the attention to detail in the design and construction of the townhomes, ensuring a harmonious blend of modern living and natural aesthetics.

Downtown Aura incorporates modern designs through its spacious layouts, private rooftop terraces, and unique exteriors. These features enhance the living experience, making Downtown Aura an ideal choice for those seeking a modern, comfortable, and convenient lifestyle.

Vibrant City Life in Downtown Brampton

Residing in Downtown Aura immerses you in the bustling city life of Downtown Brampton. This bustling city offers a host of world-class transit options, community centers, and cultural experiences, ensuring that everyday life is an adventure.

The city hosts a range of cultural events such as:

  • Downtown Heritage Walking Tour
  • Tamil Heritage Month Celebration
  • Black History Month
  • Celebrate the Lunar New Year
  • International Women’s Day
  • Irish Heritage Month Celebration
  • Vibrant Brampton festival

These events add to the dynamism and vibrancy of the city, making it a lively place to live, work, and play.

World-Class Transit Options

Brampton Transit presents excellent transit solutions, including the GO Train, local bus services, and quick access to major highways. The GO Train service allows residents to seamless daily commute from Downtown Brampton to Downtown Toronto in approximately 41 minutes, making it extremely convenient for daily commuters.

In addition, Downtown Toronto offers access to 7 major highways, providing convenience for individuals who favor traveling by car. Downtown Brampton’s public transportation is renowned for its reliability and affordability, guaranteeing convenient access to top-notch transit options.

Community Centers and Cultural Experiences

Downtown Brampton boasts of rich cultural experiences and community centers that cater to all age groups. These centers include:

  • Cassie Cambell Community Centre
  • Century Gardens Recreation Centre
  • Chinguacousy Wellness Centre
  • Chris Gibson Recreation Centre
  • Earnscliff

These centers offer venues for recreational and cultural activities, strengthening the sense of community in Downtown Brampton.

The city also hosts several annual events, including:

  • National Indigenous Peoples Day
  • The Great India Carnival
  • Pride
  • Vibrant Brampton Festival
  • CARABRAM – Brampton’s Multicultural Festival
  • The World of Jazz Festival

These cultural experiences add to the bustling and vibrant heart of the vibrant GTA city, making it a lively and exciting place to live.

Exclusive Collection: Townhomes in Downtown Aura

Downtown Aura provides residents with an exclusive array of townhomes, each designed with unique features to deliver a superior living experience. The collections, namely the Garden Collection, Courtyard Collection, and Terrace Collection showcase a combination of elegance and modernity, offering residents a luxury lifestyle.

The Garden Collection Townhomes showcase a distinctive architecture that harmoniously combines urban elements with natural aesthetics. The Courtyard Collection offers elegant homes with private covered terraces and direct access to the courtyard. Lastly, the Terrace Collection stands out due to its modern two-storey design, offering residents a modern touch to townhome living.

These collections not only cater to various budgets and preferences but also offer a unique living experience.

The Garden Collection

The Garden Collection comprises one-story homes, complete with private covered patios and stunning outdoor landscapes. The standard floor plan for these residences consists of a Ruby (Interior) unit with 989 sq. ft. of space and a patio of 212 sq. ft.

These homes are designed to provide residents with a unique blend of luxury and comfort, offering a serene retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city in a peaceful enclave surrounded by nature.

The Courtyard Collection

The Courtyard Collection features ground-level, one-storey homes equipped with walk-up entrances, front porches, and secluded balconies. These homes provide a square footage range of 989 to 1225 square feet, offering comfortable living spaces.

Most homes in this collection typically feature 3 bedrooms, catering to small families or individuals seeking additional space.

The Terrace Collection

The Terrace Collection presents modern, two-storey townhomes, enhanced with exclusive rooftop private balconies and spacious designs. These homes feature:

Average square footage of around 1,178 sq. ft, providing generous living space

Exclusive rooftop terraces offering stunning skyline views

Additional outdoor living space

Access to natural light

Flexibility in design

A home in the Terrace Collection transcends mere shelter, offering a unique lifestyle instead.

Features and Finishes: Exceptional Style and Comfort

Downtown Aura’s townhomes deliver a distinctive combination of extraordinary style and comfort through their features and finishes. The architecture of these townhomes is notable for the integration of:

  • Genuine Stucco clay
  • Brick
  • Concrete brick
  • Stone

This contributes to their exceptional and timeless charm, reflecting natural beauty.

The homes’ interior design elevates resident comfort, featuring spacious living areas, modern kitchens, and bathrooms, along with a refined courtyard offering secluded walking spaces.

Interior Design Elements

The townhomes in Downtown Aura showcase interior design elements such as premium finishes, incorporation of wood and natural materials, and expansive floor plans encompassing modern kitchens, bathrooms, and living areas, making it a sought-after new condo townhome development.

These design elements create a harmonious blend of modernity and elegance, offering residents a comfortable and luxurious living experience.

Outdoor Spaces and Architecture

The outdoor spaces at Downtown Aura are meticulously crafted to serve as tranquil retreats. These spaces incorporate abundant greenery, open-concept communal areas with outdoor seating and pergolas, as well as exclusive private facilities such as rooftop terraces and playgrounds.

The architecture of Downtown Aura meticulously strikes a balance between form and function, employing distinguished materials that complement the lush courtyard and private walking areas, thereby ensuring a seamless blend with the surrounding environment.


In conclusion, Downtown Aura offers a unique blend of current life and natural charm developed by Umbria Development Group located at McLaughlin Rd & Queen St, Brampton, making it a desirable place to call home. From its prime location, world-class transit options, and natural green spaces, to its modern townhomes and exclusive collections, Downtown Aura truly is a sanctuary within the city. It’s not just about having a house; it’s about having a lifestyle that perfectly balances urban living with the tranquillity of nature.

Frequently Asked Questions

What amenities are provided in Downtown Aura Towns?

The amenities provided in Downtown Aura Towns include expansive and exclusive rooftop terraces, a private family-friendly playground, community BBQ areas, and more, offering a range of options for residents.

What are the public parks and green areas located in Downtown Aura, Brampton?

The primary public parks and green areas are Gore Meadows East Community Park and Gage Park. Enjoy the natural beauty and outdoor activities in these locations.

What is the range of square footage for The Courtyard Collection homes in Downtown Aura?

The range of square footage for The Courtyard Collection homes in Downtown Aura is 989 to 1225 square feet, providing a variety of options for different preferences and needs.

What are the available transit options for the residents of Downtown Brampton?

Residents of Downtown Brampton have access to GO Regional Express Rail, the upcoming Hurontario-Main LRT extension, and Rapid Transit along Queen Street, providing a diverse range of transit options to choose from.

What exclusive townhome collections are available in Downtown Aura?

Downtown Aura offers exclusive townhome collections such as the Garden Collection, Courtyard Collection, and Terrace Collection. These options provide residents with a variety of living spaces to choose from.

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