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Top 9 Pre-Construction Condo Developers in Toronto

Last Modified: November 23, 2020

Toronto Condo developers. Real estate developers

When it comes to seeing a healthy ROI on pre-construction condos in Toronto, it starts with choosing the right people for the job. There are various condo developers in Toronto. The question is, which one is right for your project?

Clients often ask me about investing in the pre-construction condo market in Toronto. I find myself repeating the same advice. That is, to invest in a builder or developer before you invest in a building.

In no particular order, here are 9 of my favourite developers in Toronto, all of whom get the green light from us here at Precondo.


Daniels. Condo developers in Toronto. Real estate developersDaniels is an extremely reputable real estate developer in Toronto. They are the recipient of numerous builder of the year awards.

They build incredible condos, and they do plenty of low-rise projects as well. Bringing a lot of the luxury low rise features and finishes into their high-rise projects, Daniels units are always on the more decadent side of things.

What Daniels Corporation has built:

  • Festival Tower at 80 John
  • Limelight Condos at Square One
  • Cinema Tower at 21 Widmer

What Daniels Corp is up to:

  • Daniels Erin Mills Master-Planned Community
  • Wesley Tower at Daniels City Centre
  • Daniels Waterfront Community

Concord Adex

Concord Adex is one of the most well-funded condo developers, and they are even more prominent in Vancouver. In my experience, they seem to move very quickly with construction in an effort to hit their deadlines.

Concord specializes in large master-planned communities in Toronto. Most notably, they’re behind the entire CityPlace neighbourhood in Downtown Toronto.

Toronto real estate developers. Concord Adex condo developers. Downtown Toronto.What Concord Adex has built:

  • The City Place Community in Downtown Toronto
  • The Park Place Community in North York

What Concord is up to next:

  • Concord Canada House (CityPlace’s last development)
  • Saisons (Seasons’ much-awaited follow-up development at Park Place)

Pinnacle International

Pinnacle is a top-tier real estate developer in Toronto and has completed some great projects to date. Similar to Concord, Pinnacle is a very well known builder in Vancouver and has been making its mark in the city over the past few decades as well.

They’re well-funded condo developers. Their projects complete generally without much delay. Most importantly, all of their projects are built with a remarkable level of quality and stand the test of time.

Pinnacle often prices its projects very competitively. This makes their real estate developments in Toronto the safest of investments when combined with their self-financing structure. [1]

What Pinnacle has built:

  • Grand Park 1 & 2 at Square One
  • The Ritz in Vancouver
  • The Pinnacle on Adelaide

Toronto real estate developers. Pinnacle International. Toronto condo developers. What’s in Pinnacle’s Pipeline:

  • One Yonge Community – Easily one of the most anticipated condominium projects in the pipeline. Planning and approval have gone back and forth for years, but the first of the 3 ultra-tall luxury builds  – Prestige Condos – has launched sales this year. The location is great, but what’s better is the Path extension that’ll give all One Yonge residents direct access to the Path and Union.
  • Pinnacle Etobicoke Community

Great Gulf

Great Gulf is the recipient of many awards and one of our favourite condo developers in the Greater Toronto Area. They go above and beyond to create uniquely memorable projects as well as incredible investment opportunities. Great Gulf has completed a number of real estate projects here in Toronto. Great Gulf also has projects in Alberta, Texas, Florida, and Washington.

Great Gulf. Toronto real estate developers. Condo developers.

What Great Gulf has built:

  • One Bloor – One of the most desired projects in Toronto when it sold pre-construction. It had more marketing and more “hype” around it than any other build at the time. It completed a little delayed, but that’s to be expected with a 75 storey ultra-luxury condominium. Not to mention when it has to be built right at Yonge & Bloor – one of Toronto’s busiest intersections. I’ve viewed many completed units in One Bloor myself, and it’s an incredible development. Many great layouts, finishes are top-notch, and the building itself is very well planned.
  • Charlie Condos
  • Monde Condos

What Great Gulf is up to:

  • 357 King – by far the most attractively priced pre-construction projects in Toronto we’ve seen this year. Why? It has zero parking. That said, only about 50% of 1 and 1+Den buyers in the downtown core area require parking anymore. It won’t be long before the majority of 1 and 1+Den units simply don’t have parking. Condo developers in the core no longer offer it for suites smaller than 2 beds typically these days. The price per square foot is incredible, at 20% lower than nearby projects. At that price, I’ll pass on parking.
  • Yonge and Rich
  • Home (Power + Adelaide)

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Toronto real estate developers. Diamante condo developers. Diamante may not be the largest or the most well-known condo builder on this list. However, they’ve built some of the best and most unique developments in the Greater Toronto Area and have been a great developer for our clients to invest with.

The suite layouts and incredible opulent standard finishes make their Italian roots evident. Focusing on quality over quantity has allowed them to bring some of my favourite luxury developments to the market.

Diamante’s landmark Development at Davenport & Bay, The Florian, actively trades resale at over $1300 Per Square foot, putting it in Toronto’s ten most expensive condo buildings.

What Diamante has built:

  • The Florian in Yorkville
  • Domus
  • The Royalton

What’s coming up for Diamante:

  • Mirabella at Lakeshore & Windermere – One of our current favourite developments here at Precondo. Situated right in between Toronto and the Humber Bay Shores community, Mirabella is Diamante’s next luxury condominium. The views are incredible, and many suites are laid out flawlessly. In addition to the stunning lake views, there are some very well priced north high-park viewing suites that work out great investment-wise.
  • 100 Davenport – We’re hoping this one gets approval. The preliminary designs are stunning, in competition with Mirvish + Gehry in my opinion, so we’ll keep fingers crossed.

Urban Capital

Urban Capital is one of my top condo developers in the city. They’re not as well known as the others on this list, but they’ve been around for some time now after starting their first building in 1996. This was the creation of 48 units dubbed the Camden Lofts.

Over the years Urban Capital has proven to be a reliable, albeit smaller builder, who gets their projects done on time and to an exceptional standard.

Since starting in the 90s, they’ve completed over 3,500 condominiums and currently have over 1000 under construction, coming in at just over $2 Billion in development.

Small compared to some of the guys here, but their track record speaks for itself and they have some exceptionally priced developments from time to time.

What Urban Capital has Completed:

  • The Camden Lofts in Toronto’s Fashion District
  • Charlotte Lofts at 36 Charlotte St
  • Tableau Condominiums at 125 Peter St

Toronto real estate developers. Urban Capital condo developers. Urban Capital’s Next Developments:

  • M3 Condos by Rogers at Square One – This one is the most notable project Urban Capital has worked on to date. This is a massive, multi-phase, master-planned upscale condo community in the heart of Square One. Urban Capital is collaborating with Rogers on this one as Rogers’ first condominium development.
  • Kingsway By The River In Etobicoke – One of my personal favourites – they had some incredible pricing at up to 15% below market value, check out my video on one particular unit they had priced $50k below fair market value here.


Menkes has completed around 30-40 Condominium developments in the Greater Toronto Area to date. It goes without saying that they’re a large builder with a lot of recognition in Toronto. Their builds include a mix of single-family detached and semi-detached homes and plenty of high rise condominiums. Menkes also build office towers as well as industrial spaces.

Well versed in development and well funded, Menkes projects seem to consistently sell very well and deliver on their promises time and time again. They were also chosen to manage AeroCentre Buildings because of their good track record. [2]

Some of Menkes notable builds:

  • The Four Seasons Private Residences – At a current average resale value of $1350 per square foot, the Four Seasons is one of Toronto’s most expensive condominiums to live in – and for good reason. It’s easily one of, if not the, most luxurious condo developments in Toronto. The location in the heart of Yorkville couldn’t be any better. This is probably the greatest testament to Menkes’ ability there is.
  • Harbour Plaza – Recently completed at 88-100 Harbour St, this is an incredible development in Toronto. It sold extremely well during pre-construction sales, and the rent that the newly registered units are fetching is making investors laughably cash-flow positive.

What’s up next for Menkes:

  • Sugar Wharf at LCBO Lands – This promises to be one of Toronto’s most desirable condominium developments. Directly east of Pinnacle’s grand One Yonge development site, Menkes has approval for some ultra-dense and ultra-tall condo developments as well. With the Path being connected to One Yonge and this plot of land, it’s sure to be an incredible investment.

Menkes condo developers. Real estate developers

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Tridel condo developers. Real estate developers. Toronto real estateNo surprise here. If you follow the Toronto Condo market at all, you know who these guys are. Tridel‘s projects sell well both pre-construction and resale.

They always get complete in a timely fashion. The build is always high-spec, and they register their condos exceptionally quickly in my experience.

Aquilina took 1 month from Occupancy to Registration. In Toronto real estate terms, that is lightning fast.

What Tridel has Built

  • Ten York – just recently completed and started occupancy. There’s still a few remaining luxury suites left at Ten York and a couple of penthouses. It’s an incredible location, and an amazing building altogether. At 65 storeys, it offers some stunning lake views. This project sold very well pre-construction and Tridel priced it attractively – they’ve delivered on what the renderings promised here.
  • Aquilina at Bayside
  • 300 Front St West

What Tridel is up to:

  • Islington Terrace at Islington Station – The master-planned Islington Terrace community consists of three towers: Islington Terrace, Bloorvista, Bloor Promenade. With a huge multi-million dollar face-lift planned for Islington TTC and Kipling TTC station, buyers are this master-planned community is definitely going to see a stable appreciation and extremely high rental desirability. Etobicoke’s city center is an up-and-coming location. Expect to see plenty of re-development in the coming years and a strong appreciation for anyone getting in early.
  • Alter at 355 Church St
  • 101 Erskine at Yonge & Eg

“Mid/High-Rise Home Builder of the Year Tridel is well known for creating sustainable and energy-efficient communities of the highest quality standards. Tridel condominiums account for a quarter of all residential LEED projects across the GTA and Tridel is the largest LEED-certified high-rise developer in Canada.”
– News Wire Canada

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To Sum Up

In terms of minimizing potential losses, the developer is the most crucial factor in any pre-construction purchase. While ‘location, location location’ is still a top priority, I’d still put location at a strong number two behind the developer.

Some of the many questions you need to ask yourself as a potential investor include: Will the project have good resale value? What is the completion time and are delays expected? How quickly will it register? Will it be built if it doesn’t sell well? The closest thing to a guarantee you’ll get to any of these questions is buying with a reputable condo developer.

When faced with the option of purchasing a pre-construction condo at two nearly-identical developments, I’ll gladly pay a 10% premium to purchase from a developer listed below, compared with a first-time developer or a developer with a hit-and-miss track record.

Have any questions about condos in Toronto? Get in touch and the Precondo team will get back to you.


1. Joannah Connolly, Developer files application for 54-storey downtown Vancouver tower (IMAGES), retrieved from

2. Colliers International, Colliers International Partners with HOOPP and Menkes to Manage Leasing of Award-Winning AeroCentre Buildings, retrieved from


  • marc rassekh October 31, 2018 at 10:35 pm

    I am looking forward to the 1+den and 2+den condos in down town Toronto near to the universities.

  • Mary November 9, 2018 at 8:52 am

    What about Options for Homes. People shoukd know about them too.

  • cecelia shearman January 9, 2019 at 7:46 am

    I’m interested in investing in a property in mississauga. Do you have any available in that area?

  • Shahzad hashim March 29, 2019 at 4:03 pm

    I’m interested in a good pre construction project in TO downtown.

  • Tim Gong April 23, 2019 at 8:16 pm

    To any condo developer:

    In the vacany lot bounded by Rathburn, Living Art Dr. and Square One Dr. please duplicate a suite EXACTLY like the “NEWCASTLE” model in unit 10 of 385 Price of Wales Drive, I will buy one or two on high floor. Please do not install balcony swing door as in unit 10 of floor 32 to 36, it is a puzzle why swing door was installed instead of sliding door as in floor 9 to 31, swing door can be smashed by wind and resident may get locked outside in the balcony and freeze to death.

    The floor plan of Chicago Condo’s “NEWCASTLE” suite meets my search criteria so well in all aspects that I can call it my “dream condo”, but future development of Amacon to the west of the Chicago condo will obstruct my southwestern view. I am searching for a new condo to purchase and have done extensive research on floor plans in all available Mississauga condos. While Pemberton’s “Kylan” model in the Mills Square Condo at the tentative address of 4677 Glen Erin Drive could be a dream home there are several negative aspects about it: Ugly and insipid faucets (I prefer traditional Delta brand), tight kitchen counter space against the wall, redundant and useless Island (I would put a dinning table there instead of it), inconsiderate floor plan of bedroom adjacent to bathroom of neighboring unit may cause noise problem and the location is not my favorite.

    Important criteria in my search:

    I have a 120-inch projection screen which requires at least 13 feet of projection distance, so a den opposite to the living room wall is essential.

    A right handed bathroom layout exactly as in the “NEWCASTLE” suite is sacrosanct, I hate layout with mirror image to it.

    If the NEWCASTLE suite will be modified to a one bedroom plus den with 2 bathrooms, it will be more than perfect for me should I need a live-in home care worker in my old age. (See my dream condo floor plan I named “THE CASTLE”)

    I hope ground breaking will happen very soon as I am a retiree who may not has much time to enjoy life. I will offer $500K to $600K and pay 100% cash in the purchase from my stock investment which can potentially worth $millions.,+Mississauga,+ON+L5B+0C6/@43.5896314,-79.6502729,831a,35y,1.92t/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x882b472aa34435cb:0x4182459b4f121bce!8m2!3d43.588365!4d-79.649125

    THECASTLE suite in Chicago Condo

    My conceptual dream condo

  • Lisa Sharples May 10, 2019 at 2:34 pm

    How about an article about the worst condo builders? Those that do a bait and switch by showing a beautiful model but don’t “deliver”?
    Things i’ve learned as a 1st time buyer: In Ontario you can move in as soon as the developer can release the units…but keep in mind you will be paying a rental which does not go towards your final owing amount. This continues until the building is registered.
    Developers these days love to attract buyers with amazing amenities but don’t care if those amenities cause you personal disturbances. Example: Gym on top floor looks amazing but those living below it are constantly hearing loud bangs from people dropping weights.
    We have a squash court so the developer added a basketball net and calls it a basketball amenity. The thumping from the court drove us crazy which we had to bear until the building was registered and a board was voted in.
    Children’s play room access from the hall is also where the townhomes are. Children screaming and running up and down the hallways. No bathroom inside the play area so parents let their children go running down the hall on their own.
    Dog play area…sounds great unless your balcony faces the area. Barking dogs, smell of urine & feces..not good.
    Our building “model” showed pathways to the townhomes that were done with paving stones. What did they end up doing? Asphalt that looks terrible. The beautiful lawns they showed on the model? Doesn’t exist. It’s weeds & gravel. They informed us after we moved in that they do not own that land so they are not responsible for it…So why did they not say that in the showroom? Oh right…it was probably in the fine print somewhere.
    Open access to yard area….great for homeless to get into the stairwells and for the public to use the dog park, children”s playground. It took months of complaining for the builder to put up a gate to restrict access.
    Outdoor theatre? Sound great in theory but it has never been used. No seating. No idea how people would be listening to the movie. Oh and of course you can’t see the screen until it’s dark out so residents facing the area would be disturbed.
    Car wash…more like a hose and a low end vacuum.

    Now that the building is registered the builder has moved on to the next project leaving the board to deal with all of the complaints.

    Buyer beware.


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