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Urban Capital is one of Toronto’s leading real estate developers that has been bringing beautiful homes and sophisticated living to major cities across Canada. Urban Capital was named one of the top 5 urban developers in Toronto. Urban Capital was formed by Mark Reeve and David Wex in 1996. They’ve been in the industry for over twenty years now and have witnessed it change first-hand. Since then they’ve been responsible for bringing the housing market to newer areas and pushing the limits on design.


Urban Capital entered the housing development industry with a project in downtown Toronto. Their first project was Camden Lofts, which required special permissions because development hadn’t been allowed in that area. The project was hugely successful and led to the subsequent growth of Urban Capital. Since then, they have expanded to most major cities across Canada. They’ve entered into regions such as Montreal, Ottawa, and Halifax. Urban Capital’s projects are known to be highly innovative and oriented towards artistic design. They have created a large variety of projects, ranging from condos to lofts and row-houses. Some of their popular completed projects include the acclaimed River City 1 and the Boutique in Toronto. Other projects on their portfolio are Mondrian, Central 1, and Central 2 at Ottawa and Glasshouse at Winnipeg.


Urban Capital has several projects underway, like Harris Square and Queensway Park in Toronto amongst others. At the moment, their Cite Midtown and Mackenzie Towers projects are under pre-construction phase. Cite Midtown is 700-unit condominium project being developed at a prime location within Montreal, surrounded by entertainment hubs and fantastic views of the city. It offers a large number of amenities, including a city park, a commercial plaza, and an outdoor pool. Mackenzie Towers is another pre-construction condominiums project planned for Edmonton. It features top-class finishing, flexible layouts, exposed concrete interiors, and a fantastic location within the Warehouse District.

Urban Capital has worked with some of the most talented and accomplished interior designers, architects and contractors to deliver unparalleled residential units. They have built everything from simplistic, low-rise condo complexes to avant-garde high rises, built to assist a theme within the neighborhood. They are committed to preserving the heritage of a city and adding contemporary elements to their surroundings. The company has been the recipient of many awards for their groundbreaking design and exceptional commitment to adding value to the public.


Urban Capital builds homes that have a distinct look in terms of architecture and design. With this in mind, their vast range of their most spectacular pre-construction condominiums in GTA comprises Ravine, Smart House, River City 3, Queensway Park, and Harris Square in Toronto; Gorsebrook Park, Halifax; No. 1 River Landing, Saskatoon; Kingsway by the River, Etobicoke; M City, Mississauga; and Cité Midtown, Montréal. Their buildings vary greatly from project to project, delivering greater value to neighborhoods and residents. Their only stamp is that of carefully planned excellence. Their homes are designed to be elegant, charming, and authentic. Their projects are characterized by their innovative architecture and sleek interiors. Their condominiums emphasize panoramic views and ceiling-to-floor glass windows. Each unit’s layout is designed to be multifunctional and easy to play with. Their open and free-flowing design allows residents to change up the tasteful interiors to suit their own needs.


Urban Capital’s exquisite range of past projects include Tableau, River City 1 & 2, Nicholas, Trinity Townes, Boutique, St. Andrew, Charlotte Lofts, and Camden Lofts in Toronto; Glasshouse, Winnipeg; Southport, Halifax; Hideaway, Central 1 & 2, East Market and Mondrian in Ottawa; and McGill Ouest, Montréal. In here, they have offered also offers a large number of amenities to residents. Whether it’s outdoor pools, private lounges, public parking lots, every facility is planned thoughtfully. Not to mention the fittings in condos, that are energy efficient and impact sustainability in a positive manner. Each project is based out of a prime location that is connected easily by transport to an eclectic range of city life options. Residents will have their pick of stylish restaurants, recreational facilities, family attractions, and entertainment options.


Urban Capital has experience in building retail hubs and commercial spaces as well. They place a special emphasis on building a great neighborhood and living community. Almost all of Urban Capital’s projects have had something to give back to the local neighborhood, the street life, and the skyline of Canada’s cities.


Urban Capital is also dedicated to building urban spaces that are sustainable. Their projects are built in urban landscapes that are environment-friendly and deliver to the needs of the city population: more walking space, greener outdoors, and fantastic urban living. They build residencies that are surrounded by enough open space and greenery. They have also built parks in association with their projects, providing benefits to residents and the general public.


At present, Urban Capital has delivered over $3.7 bn of value to the housing development industry, with over 4,500 condos and 2,600 units under construction. There are more residences on the way. The company has been a pioneer ever since its inception. Their homes are everything to as for as they cater to the ever-evolving standards of living. All of Urban Capital’s projects are certain to leave an indelible impact on the skyline of a city. Thanks to their vision, they continue to deliver both beauty and functionality to the housing industry.


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