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Concord Adex is a much smaller real estate development subsidiary of Concord Pacific. The company came into existence in 1997, after Concord Pacific obtained a major piece of land in downtown Toronto’s waterfront neighborhood. It was this acquisition helped to create the foundation on which Concord Adex was built on, since it was established to govern the development of this site; known as Concord City Place.

Towards the end of the 1990’s, Concord Adex joined forces with the already established Burcon Group who already had an impressive portfolio — with the largest office and retail space in Canada under their belt. However, in the early 2000’s the company was privatized and branched off on their own. Years later in 2006, the company acquired even more land in North York, which became the home of Concord Park Place. Their establishment led the way for numerous major real estate development projects in Toronto’s booming real estate industry.

The company saw an opportunity to break into the real estate market, when the World Fair was supposed to be held in North America, and seized the opportunity. The saw an increase in opportunity for land acquisition and Concord Adex realize this and saw to the birth of the The Expo 86.  Ever since they’ve become an integral player in the industry they’ve led the development of several residence across Canada including their famous CityPlace community in Toronto. Today Concord Adex is one of the leading real estate developers in the country.

In many way their development of CityPlace community which was the largest residential development at the time is still one of the company’s biggest accomplishments. There is no devaluing the role this development had in the establishment of the company. It’s situated in an area of downtown Toronto at 23 Spadina Avenue. The condo places resident less than ten minutes’ walk from popular destination such as Kings Street West, providing quick access to many restaurants and retailers. Liberty Village and the famous financial district is also a short distance away. The Air Canada Centre is also a short distance away and for those who rely on public transportation Gardiner Expressway, GO system and numerous streetcars are within the area and provide quick commute to these destinations. Concord Adex CityPlace community introduces a total of 7,500 residential units to the area with the addition of retail space.

To add to their accomplishments is Canada’s largest skyline defining communities known as Concord Pacific Place. The development which is located at 88 Pacific Blvd in Vancouver in traduces new standards to real estate development in the area. Currently Concord Adex have added many other accomplishments to their portfolio with developments all across communities in  Canada and the company is currently making plans to develop residences in the United Kingdom. To date, there are a total of 130 residential and mixed use buildings that have been completed by the company.

Concord Adex’s Sustainable Building

Beyond monetary gain, Concord Adex focuses on creating communities that are healthy and green in an effort to reduce their environmental impact. Many of their developments feature designs and finishes that complements the outdoor surroundings. Concord Adex admits that temperature and transportation control have the highest energy consumption and thus focuses on building green communities that will reduce energy consumption while simultaneously catering to customer’s needs. There condominiums are design carefully with walls that can regulate heating and cooling for a more efficient home. Communities are also strategically located next to cities and major transit stations in order to significantly reduce carbon footprint.

Concord Adex focuses on improving quality of life in every way possible. Their residential developments offer an abundance of amenities for residents’ enjoyment. Some of their most famous developments feature parks, pathways and amenities such as swimming pools, outdoor terraces, and fully equipped fitness centers, pet wash areas, outdoor BBQ areas and more. At the same time these condos keep residents connected to major retailers and transportation hubs while promoting green living. Concord Adex Concord Pacific Place was the first and largest residence of its kind to meet LEED Gold standards for community development. Communities are surrounded by some of the world’s most recognizable restaurants such as HSBC and Starbucks amidst an array of financial services and some of the most prestige retail brands. Their developments offers resident quick access famous world known brands such as De Beers, Hublot, Saint Laurent, Tory Burch, Prada, Moncler and Off-White to name a few. Many of their residents also boast unparalleled views of the lakefront and skyline in Toronto and feature spa-like bathrooms and elegant kitchens to leave residents feeling like they are on a vacation every day.

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