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Daniels Corporation is a real estate developer with a passion for building. The company has been building vibrant communities across Canada for over 35 years, facilitating luxury living in every sense of the work. They strive look beyond the physical infrastructure of their communities focusing on economic, cultural and social elements that are essential to create a complete sense of home.  This devotion has been an essential part of Daniels operation over the years. They’ve led the development of over 30,000 high-quality residence ranging from single family homes to condominiums and master planned communities. Daniels is also one of the most prominent and skilled commercial and retail developer in Canada.

Lead by highly motivational and committed personnel, Daniels is currently stands as one of the most credible developers in the industry. Founder John H Daniels is a well-known person in the Canadian real estate industry, earning the company much well deserved respect.  Throughout is carrier Mr. Daniels played a major role in the building of some of Canada’s most admired landmarks such as Toronto’s Eaton Centre, Toronto-Dominion Centre, Goodyear Tire Plant in Etobicoke and the Erin Mills community in Mississauga.   

Daniel’s Team

The devoted team at Daniels Corporation is one of the main reason behind the company’s success.  With the leadership of President Mitchell Cohen the devoted team of visionary professionals are geared towards developing homes that offer residents a sense of belonging in addition to commercial properties that are strategically located and will earn companies public trust. The team handles all aspect of the project from the initial planning and designing phase to the construction and management of all commercial and residential properties to ensure complete control over the project success and protect customers’ interest. In many ways the company is an all-inclusive real estate developer and is dedicated to seeing each project through from start to finish.

Daniels Master-Planned Communities

Daniels has a gift for creating highly coveted master-planned communities that boast high-end residences, retail and office space from underutilized land. With all their projects they aim to establish neighborhoods that blend seamlessly into their surroundings, ensuring complete satisfaction for homebuyers, businesses and retailers alike.  It’s this principle that has been the foundation of their community development projects over the years.

For instance the company has combined force with Toronto Community Housing to reinvent a 69-acre Regent Park situated in downtown Toronto area. It’s geared towards improving the surroundings and creating neighborhoods that are sustainable and healthy to rival even the most prestige addresses. Currently Regent Park is home to popular brand name retailers such as Shoppers Drug Mart, Tim Hortons, Rogers and RBC. Daniels have also joined forces with famous filmmaker Ivan Reitman for the development of TIFF Bell Lightbox, the prime destination for world of firm. It’s where you’ll find the Toronto International Film Festival and a host of restaurants, and retailers. There’s also a spacious commercial parking garage to accommodate guest.

Daniels have also built popular neighborhoods across the Great Toronto Area, offering residential and commercial office space within, Daniels Erin Mills in Mississauga and Daniels’ City Centre West as well as HighPark condos and NY Towers in Toronto. Daniels Waterfront – City of the Arts, the company’s most recent master planned community located at the Lower Jarvis and Queens Quay in Toronto’s East Bayfront is one of their most anticipated developments. The project will offer a total of 1,320,000 square feet of retail, commercial, office and residential space alone Toronto’s most desirable waterfront.

Green Building

Daniel has been an advocate of green building long before it became the buzz word in the Canadian real estate industry. The company had always been vocal about protecting the environment and applies this belief to their construction techniques. The company is devoted towards developing projects that are ecologically friendly and efficient through standards above Ontario Building Code, and in many instances, LEED Gold certification. Their partnership with Toronto Community Housing for the revitalization of Regent Park is largely due to their sustainable building techniques. Like Toronto Community Housing, Daniels have a vision to develop a healthier and more sustainable community throughout the city, introducing a new vitality to the entire downtown Toronto region.

Daniels Homes Construction Quality

In addition to their sustainable building techniques, Daniels if known for the quality homes that they develop. There are many residences that can match the quality of Daniel homes. From creative architectural designs to gorgeous interior finishes to sustainable and energy efficient residence, Daniels strive to build homes that they would love to call their own and not just for monetary gain. Throughout the years they’ve established a reputation for their contraction quality as well as their commitment to continuously introduce innovative techniques to ensure the highest quality of building. They’ve been an industry trend setter for many years and are influencing many buildings like themselves to become environmentally responsible and promote green buildings.

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