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9 Best Green Certified Buildings in Toronto

Toronto is truly embracing its green future, and I’ve had the pleasure of seeing many of these eco-friendly marvels up close. From modern high-rises to revamped historical buildings, each structure is a testament to the city’s commitment to sustainability.

The Green Building Council of Canada’s adoption of an enhanced LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) system further boosts this effort, helping to highlight the top-performing green buildings in Toronto.

As someone who has witnessed the construction and transformation of these spaces, the impact of green certified buildings in Toronto is not just about environmental benefits—they also enhance the urban landscape and improve the quality of life for residents.

Green Building Council of Canada

Are you curious to learn which buildings are setting the standard for sustainability in Toronto? Let’s dive into the city’s top 9 green-certified buildings that are leading the way in eco-friendly design and innovation.

Quick Summary

  • In 2022, Canada achieved notable recognition in the global green building sector by ranking third in the world for LEED-certified buildings.
  • According to the Waterfront Toronto Green Building Requirements (GBR) Version 3.0, new residential buildings should provide garden plots for at least 30% of units. 
  • LEED rating levels are categorized as Platinum for 80+ points earned, Gold for 60-79 points, Silver for 50-59 points, and Certified for 40-49 points earned.

1. TD Centre Complex

Being one of the largest complexes in North America, this six-building structure is highly environmentally friendly. It is located in the Financial District, Ontario. All of its buildings are LEED platinum-certified [1].

This is because of its cooling system, 22,000-square-foot green roof, and various waste management systems. It also features a system for reducing water consumption by monitoring soil moisture.

Dockside Green This LEED platinum-certified establishment is located in Victoria City. It has its own biomass gasification facility to produce hot gas.

Furthermore, this sustainable building also processes and reuses its own sewage. Also, it boasts energy-efficient showers, faucets, and appliances, as well as an automobile programme.

TD Centre Complex

2. Royal Bank Plaza

To get the LEED Gold certification, this complex underwent numerous modifications. It has energy-efficient lighting and a solid recycling program [2].

It was created as such to make the most of natural light. Royal Bank also features water-saving systems such as hands-free taps and low-flow bathrooms.

Specifically, employees also get live reports on energy consumption and saving ideas via TV displays.

Royal Bank Plaza

3. The Berczy

Completed in 2014, this condominium project achieved LEED Gold certification in the same year.

The architects selected sustainable materials and power-intensive electrical equipment. Owing to this, they could structure an eco-friendly residential building. Besides, it has a rooftop garden too. Residents can find this right next to St. Lawrence Market.

The Berczy

4. Barrymore Building

Previously, this structure was known as the Barrymore Furniture factory. Situated in Liberty Village, the property has since been turned into a variety of retail and commercial spaces.

It is home to the Knoll Showroom, which has LEED Platinum certification. Designed with post-consumer materials, Barrymore features extensive use of natural light.

Barrymore Building

5. GRIT Lab

The GRIT Lab is located at 230 College Street. The country’s rooftop research centre studies several sustainable technologies.

For instance, it includes solar panels, green walls, and green roofs. Its facility includes a temperature sensor and two photovoltaic cells.

Additionally, it uses three green walls, 33 green roof test models, and over 300 detectors that collect data consistently.


6. George Brown College Waterfront Campus

This magnificent structure serves higher education as well as several environmentally friendly programs. The George Brown College Waterfront campus has received numerous awards for its environmental stewardship.

A LEED Gold-certified architecture, it integrates very nicely with the natural surroundings of the lakeside town. Atmospheric carbon detectors, an open green roof, and low-flow piping regulate and manage the ventilation on campus.

George Brown College Waterfront Campus

7. Greenstone Building

It is the first-ever building in North Canada to attain the LEED gold position.

This Yellowknife’s construction has the world’s most giant curtain walls with solar batteries in the central chamber. Specifically, those walls heat the water collected from the rooftop garden and groundwater.

Greenstone Building

8. Earth Rangers Centre

This modernist structure went through extensive repairs in 2012 to transform it into a light-filled, environmentally friendly office for the Ontario government.

For this reason, while planning the sustainable building, the architects removed many portions of the structure to create a new four-story showpiece lobby.

As a result, the property’s LEED Gold, Class-A status was supported by energy-efficient windows and mechanical and electrical modifications.

Earth Rangers Centre

9. 20A Senlac Road

This residential building has prefabricated modules. A LEED Gold certified structure, Senlac features VOC (volatile organic compound) free coatings, low-flow plumbing fittings, and a PV array installation.

20A Senlac Road

Upcoming Green Buildings in Toronto

1. EQ Bank Tower

This 24-story building is located on the outskirts of Toronto’s Corktown neighbourhood. Undoubtedly, it looks forward to having a LEED Gold certificate. Likewise, it will mark environment-friendly ventilation, plant walls, and green patios.

EQ Bank Tower

2. Waterfront Innovation Centre

The Waterfront Innovation Centre is a huge office building designed specifically for tech and creative industry personnel. In addition, it targets to achieve LEED platinum accreditation. It will boast green surroundings, automated technologies and also sensors to check occupancy and lighting conditions.

Waterfront Innovation Centre

3. Jane and Finch Community Hub and Arts Centre

The structure is part of a future Finch West LRT warehousing. In addition, the maintenance site is built on land provided by the Ontario government.

The unit also includes several environmentally-friendly features. For example, it uses rooftop gardens and a soccer field, as well as timber frames, energy-efficient components, and plenty of trees.

Jane and Finch Community Hub and Arts Centre

4. The Arbour

This building has solar chimneys and a tilted, photovoltaic roof to capture natural light and air for the ventilating system. One of Ontario’s first mass wood establishment, it will also reside next to the Waterfront Innovation Centre.

The Arbour

5. North-East Scarborough Community and Child Care Centre

This project has many eco-friendly features, such as excellent corrugated metal surfaces reflecting the sunshine and absorbing heat. It has metal vents for shade atop floor-to-ceiling windows and an ecological green roof. It’s also near the Toronto zoo.

North-East Scarborough Community and Child Care Centre

6. Schwartz Reisman Innovation Campus

It covers a 750,000-square-foot lab, research, and conference facility made to unite the school community of researchers, students, and businessmen. To get the LEED gold certification, it also features rooftop gardens and lustrous floor heating.

Schwartz Reisman Innovation Campus

Best Green Buildings in Toronto

These architecture are smartly building up Canada’s tech ecosystem with few of the most coveted bits of Toronto. While the green architecture is washing over the city, the potential to quickly turn the tide and make environmental progress is huge.

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