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What Does Carriage Trade Mean in Canada Real Estate?

The term “Carriage Trade” may not be unknown to you, but what does it actually mean?

Having worked extensively in the luxury real estate market, I’ve seen firsthand how this exclusive designation elevates property listings, ensuring they reach the right audience.

The Carriage Trade is an exclusive service that seamlessly provides a curated list of the most prestigious real estate properties on the luxury market. This designation guarantees that your luxury property is seen by the right people with genuine interests, increasing the likelihood of a successful sale.

Are you curious about how the Carriage Trade can transform your real estate experience and what sets it apart from other listings?

Let’s explore the unique advantages and opportunities that come with the Carriage Trade designation.

Quick Summary

  • The Carriage Trade designation adds a layer of prestige and exclusivity to a property, making it stand out in a competitive market.
  • Sellers gain access to a network of real estate professionals who specialize in luxury properties, ensuring that their property is marketed effectively.
  • Only about 5% of luxury properties in Canada qualify for the Carriage Trade designation, making it a mark of exclusivity and prestige.
  • In my opinion, the ability to attract international buyers is one of the biggest advantages of the Carriage Trade designation.

Carriage Trade: A Trailblazer Luxury and Exclusive Real Estate Service

Carriage Trade, a pioneer in luxury house marketing, connects wealthy clients with specialized luxury real estate services who are well-versed in the regional real estate market.

In order to optimize visibility and draw in the most qualified luxury property purchasers to your property, selling a Carriage Trade Program offers worldwide reach with electronic, print, and exclusive marketing tools.

The exclusive marketing tools by the Carriage Trade luxury property program boost your home’s appeal and visibility.

Eligibility for the Carriage Trade Program

The luxury property program of Carriage Trade necessitates that homes meet a set of requirements that real estate agents carefully assess.

These factors can change depending on the market, as the cost of luxury property can vary from city to city. Some important factors that decide whether your home qualifies for Carriage Trade luxury property listings or not are:

  • The demand for luxury properties in some neighbourhoods is higher than in others, raising the value of individual homes.
  • A luxury property must have more distinctive features and amenities. Elevators, auto lifts, and even heated driveways may fall under this category.
  • The landscape and interiors of your luxury property should be equally desirable.
  • Having some noteworthy history may increase the value of your property.
  • Although the other 4 variables heavily influence this one, it is still a critical determining factor in whether or not a property will be on the luxury property listings.

Carriage Trade Luxury Properties: Marketing Perks

If you are selling a property, you want to ensure that the right audience sees it. Exactly this is what Carriage Trade accomplishes for you.

Your property features on Canada’s premier online destination and websites for finding luxury real estate listings. Additionally, your house will receive a unique Carriage Trade sign, known as the symbol of grandeur and luxury.

Additionally, your real estate property receives luxury-specific marketing materials like feature sheets and brochures.

The Carriage Trade marks or similar other trademarks displayed provides your property with a thoughtfully crafted marketing strategy.

This possibly includes exposure to some of the best luxury home marketing platforms and favourite listings.

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