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13 Condo Living Room Ideas to Style Your Dream Home

There are a variety of shapes, sizes, layouts, and interior designers with their styles for condos. Your condo living room can unquestionably be anything you want it to be: simple, formal, or opulent and glitzy.

This brief guide can assist you in putting together a finished design for your condo’s living room, irrespective of whether it is a small living space.

Read on for suggestions to help you design a living room that will make your guests swoon and give you the vibe of living in an opulent space.

1. Save the Floor with a Fitting Sofa

Square footage could present another difficulty. The spaces could be small because a condominium property is more popular in urban settings. You might need to select furniture that complements the overall scale of your apartment if this is the case.

2. Pick a Lovely Accent Colour for One Wall of the Living Room

An accent wall adds a perfect pop of colour to the living room of your condo counter space. Certainly, if you enjoy colour and have a small living area with just one wall of windows, think about painting an accent wall.

You can use your favourite colour without making the room feel small or dark if the surrounding walls are kept more neutral by having white walls.

3. Incorporate Multi-functional Pieces

Nesting tables, chairs, or benches with concealed storage are excellent ways to maximize living area space and provide versatility. Choose pieces that can offer double duty – whether it is furniture, lights, or any other furnishings.

A cube-shaped bookcase can look wonderful against the back wall. Additionally, it’s a terrific concept for displaying framed photos, artwork, and literature. However, if you require hidden storage, it can also be fitted with baskets and bins.

4. Add Space-Defining Furniture Pieces and Accessories

The living room can acquire that distinctive character with the careful use of rugs, a modern coffee table, floating shelves, throw pillows, and a warm and cozy couch. Also, if the living room has white walls choose these furnishings having a punch of accentuating elements.

5. Include Some Shelving Close to the Ceiling

It’s important to come up with inventive storage solutions because space can be at a premium in a condo compared to a home. A book ledge has been constructed above the window wall in case your condo living room is small. It’s a fantastic method to create that additional room without taking up additional floor space or reducing the natural light.

6. Make Wise Colour Selections

To make your space feel larger, use white for the walls, trim, and ceiling. Use reflective surfaces to give the impression that the space is larger, such as mirrors. Bring in the finishing touches. Fewer adornments are preferred because having too many little items can make a space appear congested.

7. Create a Well-Lighted Living Room

While designing the interiors of the condo living room, make sure that an ample amount of natural light enters the room for the maximum time of the day.

When lit properly, a small space might appear much larger. Use additional lighting to offer some extra warmth to your space in addition to letting natural sunlight come in via the windows. One pro tip is to avoid using blackout curtains.

Choose lighting options like string lights, wall sconces, or pendant lighting if you don’t have enough space for floor and table lamps.

8. Arrange Bigger Stuff Around the Room’s Edges

When decorating a condo living area, there’s no reason you have to get rid of bulky furniture, but you do want to be thoughtful about where you place them. Keep larger pieces towards the wall along the perimeter rather than in the centre of the floor.

Consequently, this will maintain the illusion of depth in a room, such as bookcases, hutches, and couches.

9. Take the Plunge with Some Bold Interior Decor Options

Bold colours, prints, and textures work particularly well in living rooms, but be sure to balance them out with neutrals to avoid overwhelming the space.

Use colours and designs in more subtle ways if you’re concerned about being too bold. Throw pillows, a wall, or even just frames are the greatest ways to introduce strong colours.

Indeed, you might also go large and hang some vividly coloured wallpaper or finally get the blue velvet couch you’ve been eyeing. There is no reason why you can’t also put in a hint of daring colour or pattern as long as you manage to achieve some equilibrium in the space.

10. Smart Usage of Vertical Elements

By going vertical, you can make the most of every nook and corner in your living area. Certainly, you can add some fun, chic elements. Examples of contemporary condo living room ideas include geometric wall shelves hanging to create display space, interest and texture.

Alternatively, you can place a freestanding open rack unit between ceiling to two floor ceiling windows for storing in plenty of room. Avoid positioning decorative stuff on the ground. Instead, use vertical shelves for keeping them.

11. Create a Section in the Living Room

If relaxing on the sofa and watching movies is what you enjoy doing in your living room, then plan the space accordingly. Two entire walls of this living area are occupied by a cozy sectional. It is in the middle of a big square coffee table. An end table for the TV serves as storage and a place to put the viewing screen on the wall opposite.

12. Create a Work Station Along the Window Wall

Consider positioning it towards the window end of your apartment living room if the living room also acts as your home office.

This provides you with plenty of sunlight throughout the day. Certainly, you will have something to gaze at while taking breaks. A desk won’t normally obstruct the light, and leaning it up against the window hides it.

13. Add a Luxury Vibe to the Condo Living Room with a Fireplace

A ventless gas or electric heater might be a good addition to your condo living room if you want a fireplace but don’t have a chimney [1]. These appliances provide lovely flame options and are simple to install. The warmth and effect of a real fire may be achieved with just a few remote controls.

A direct-vent gas fireplace will require the least amount of installation work. Any outside wall can be used to install this kind of fireplace, and it will exhaust the back. A day or a day and a half are often needed for installation.

Gas fireplaces provide ambiance to living room spaces and can provide more heat than a wood-burning fireplace. Also, you won’t get the noises and smell of a fire. Additionally, gas fireplaces start by flipping a switch, and they require less upkeep.

Small Space Design Tips

  • Pick on foldable pieces of furniture.
  • Avoid keeping much stuff on the floor.
  • Emphasis on lighting.
  • Optimally use reflecting pieces.
  • It’s crucial to pick the correct rug.
  • Maintain cohesion throughout.

Breathe a New Life Into Your Living Rooms

Use the above tips to create a stunning living area in your condominium in a much more affordable way. Transform your living room and create a wonderful abode with just a few creative design tricks and a dash of imagination. In your cozy tiny room, you won’t have to worry about feeling cramped.

There are several ways to make your living room feel open and breezy despite its little amount of floor space, from your furniture choices to ornamental items.

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