10 Most Expensive Luxury Condos in Toronto

The 10 Most Expensive Luxury Condos in Toronto

As the provincial capital of Ontario, Toronto has so much to offer for real estate investors. From doing business Downtown to taking a stroll along the Waterfront District. But, as the saying goes – you get what you pay for. This is especially true when it comes to buying luxury condos here in Toronto.

Despite what recent headlines might say on the contrary, in reality, these high-end condominiums are still extremely coveted. From the rich and famous to the big dreamers. Even British royalty wants a slice of the Toronto real estate pie, with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle reportedly looking at buying a base here too. With such a wide appeal, luxury high-end condos in Toronto are being snapped up fast.

Ready to see some of Toronto’s finest luxury real estate for yourself? It’s time to take a look at the 10 most expensive condos, penthouses, apartments, and lofts in Toronto here at Precondo.

Strap in and get ready for the most jaw-dropping journey, with pit stops at some of the most luxurious Toronto penthouses.

1. Shangri La

Shangri La Condos - Toronto penthouseIt’s over to Shangri-La to kick off proceedings for our luxury condos. It’s no surprise that Shangri La earns a spot on our list of as one of the most expensive condos in Toronto.  On the market for $9.3 million, this stunning luxury condo residence features its own penthouse. The building offers some of the most decadent living conditions that Toronto has to offer.

Situated on the 65th and 66th floors of the Shangri-La, the penthouse features a spacious outdoor terrace, that offers an up-close view of the neighbourhood. The condo measures in at almost 5,000 square feet. So, residents have more than enough space to relax and enjoy the stunning views in their new condo.

Other condominium units are also available within the Shangri-La, making this a truly versatile development. If you are researching ‘luxury condos Toronto’, your search has brought you to the right location with Shangri-La.

2. Yorkville Penthouse

The Yorkville Penthouse is next up on our luxury condos list, coming in at a cool $12,900,000. Named after the area it’s based in – upscale Yorkville in Downtown Toronto, it’s a contender for the title of ‘most expensive condo in Toronto’. At 5,600 square feet, this is not your average condo or indeed home.

This new luxury Toronto condo has 3-bedrooms plus den unit. There’s also a plethora of amazing features like spacious walk-in closets, a dreamy fireplace and marble floors. Not forgetting those all important spectacular views of the city. Toronto has never looked better.

The cost doesn’t include monthly fees of almost $5,000 and taxes that may exceed $20,000 each year. That makes the Yorkville Toronto penthouse exclusively for the elite.

3. St. Regis

St. RegisIf you are on the hunt for exquisite condos, then you can’t miss the luxury St. Regis residence in Toronto’s beautiful skyline. With loft unit for sale ranging from $2,675,000 to $3,315,000, it’s undoubtedly a fine example of the most luxurious homes in the city. [1]

The condo is indeed worth it. With exclusive features such as a fully equipped gym and a party room. The views are some of the greatest that you will find in the city. It’s a condo that’s simply unforgettable and would make a fine place to call home.

“The St. Regis brand, which was founded by John Jacob Astor in the early 20th century, is known for its insanely attentive service, as well as perks like midnight supper and afternoon tea. The hotel will even have butlers on hand to unpack suitcases, steam dresses and draw baths.”
– Jean Grant, Toronto Life

4. The Florian

Overall, The Florian condo for sale by Diamante Development Corporation is an impressive new development. However, it’s the exquisite unit atop the penthouse that gets all the attention today. For a price of $15,800,000, it’s up there with the most expensive pieces of real estate in Toronto. The Florian condo is also an example of some of the most luxurious residences and apartments that you’ll find in the entire country. Just like you’d expect with such an esteemed property, it comes complete with features such as Venetian plaster, pearl inlays, and marble floors. It’s one of the most unique condos Toronto has to offer.

5. Ritz Carlton

Ritz CarltonYou can’t mention ‘Toronto luxury condos’, without including the Ritz Carlton. Call this luxurious penthouse home for between $1,596,000 to $3,544,450. Condo units range from 1,233 square feet to 10,854 square feet.

The Ritz Carlton is up there with some of the most expensive real estate you’ll find in Toronto. It’s located amidst a classy selection of restaurants, entertainment venues, and high-end shopping locations.

Like you’d expect for such a price tag, it boasts stylishly designed suites. Throughout, the Ritz Carlton features decadent, state-of-the-art design. It has been completed with beautiful finishes and amenities that you’ll only find in the most expensive homes, apartments, and lofts in Toronto.  Amenities include 24-hour concierge, spas, and dinners with meals prepared by famous chefs. City residents will certainly get their money’s worth.

6. Museum House

Anyone who lives at Museum House will tell you that it is a stylish residence that’s worth every penny. Museum House was carefully designed with attention to detail on even the smallest elements, to ensure satisfaction across each of its luxury condos.

The 5,700 sq. ft. penthouse offers residents the once in a lifetime opportunity to live lavishly. This condo is a truly regal and therefore unsurprisingly expensive penthouse in Toronto.

From the outdoor terrace, residents can enjoy panoramic views of Toronto’s skyline and the waters. Costing $3,450,000, Museum House features high ceilings and floor to ceiling windows to capture the neighbourhood views. When it comes to finding luxury condos along Bloor Street, make Museum House should top of your list.

7. Four Seasons

Luxury condos in the city of Toronto don’t come much grander than Four Seasons. Developed by Lifetime Developments, it’s on the market for $13,900,000. It’s a four bathroom residence and apartment, that takes luxury living to another level. The exclusive loft and penthouse offers residents a house in a beautiful location, among the most luxurious of homes. Included with this condo is everything that you need to live a vacation-like lifestyle within reach of Toronto.

Boasting a unique blend of colours and modern finishes, Four Season penthouse will satisfy even the fussiest of millionaires who are looking for a luxurious home. So, when it comes to finding a home that’s fit for the ‘luxury condos Toronto’ search, you really can’t go wrong with a Four Seasons condo.


8. Pier 27

This exclusive residence went on sale with units costing between $2,431,000 and $5,193,000. This puts it right up there with the most expensive homes in Toronto. Developed by Cityzen Development Group, Pier 27 is designed to offer condominium living at its finest.

All new suites in the condominium boast finishes that you’ll only find in the most well-coveted penthouses. Situated on Yonge St, the stunning condo development has some of the most amazing views of the Toronto skyline and of the lakefront. [2]

9. Nobu Residences

There’s Toronto condos and then there’s Toronto condos. With Nobu Residences, you are definitely getting something extraordinary. The luxury units range from $1,419,900 to $1,589,900. So, if you are looking for something a little less expensive but still within the top range, this condo is an option to consider.

This 49 story U-shaped loft has a fantastic array of features that allow it to contend for the title of ‘most expensive penthouse in Toronto’. Though, for a few million less than our other contenders in the city.  As it’s part of the famous restaurant chain loved by Hollywood celebrities, Nobu Residences doubles as location to dine and appease your taste buds at too.

This luxury condo is located in an area with a vibrant nightlife with plenty to do. Amenities that make this expensive penthouse in Toronto stand out include: a gym, a massage room, a yoga room, a spin studio, hot tubs, a cold plunge, a wet steam room, and more. Like with any luxury condo, all your needs will be met with Nobu Residences. It takes city living to whole new level.

10. 346 Davenport

346 DavenportClose to both Rathnelly and Yorkville neighbourhoods, 346 Davenport offers luxury units between $2,574,900 to $5,074,900. The penthouse features a total of 35 units ranging in size from 1976 to 2801 square feet. They are all uniquely developed for those looking for lavish city living accommodation.

From the stunning views to the exclusive amenities, this new luxury residence has everything that you would expect to find in one of the most expensive penthouses in Toronto.

We hope you’ve enjoyed taking a peek at our top luxury condos Toronto has to offer. The most sought-after luxury condos in Toronto are always the most expensive and luxurious. But, there’s no denying that they’re the cream of the crop!


1. Jean Grant, What we know about the new St. Regis, the luxury hotel that will replace Trump Tower, retrieved from https://torontolife.com/real-estate/condos/know-new-st-regis-luxury-hotel-will-replace-trump-tower/

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