Chinese Real Estate Investors in Canada
Is Their Ownership Now Less than 4%?

There has been a lot of speculation that the Chinese investment in Canada will decline due to the current conditions in the Canadian market. Since January of this year, investors from China (as well as buyers from other countries) are now required to disclose information regarding their household, income, and social insurance numbers, which will be…

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Canadian Real Estate Market News
2018 Condo & Housing Update

In a cyclical real estate market patience is everything; however, many buyers and sellers are uncertain if they can wait for the Canadian housing market – particular Toronto’s – to recover. If we’ve learned anything from history, it is that the Canadian real estate market tends to bounce back over time and become even stronger….

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11 Small Apartment Hacks
Creative DIY Storage Ideas To Declutter Your Room

These small space decorating ideas will solve all your problems! If you think bigger is always better, it’s not! Tiny apartments are a national phenomenon for many Torontonians, and many suburban areas have started to adapt to this affordable and low impact lifestyle. For newly working professionals, having a small space to call home once…

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10 Most Expensive Luxury Condos in Toronto
Million Dollar Penthouses Compared

Price is indeed important when it comes to Toronto luxury condos – you pay for what you get. It’s time we take a look at the 10 most expensive condos, penthouses, apartments, and lofts in Toronto here in Precondo. Despite the recent negative news on the luxury real estate market, these high-end condominiums in the…

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Average Toronto Housing Prices from 1967 to 2019
What’s Going to Happen Next?

The Toronto price chart has become scary over time but many are still hoping it will turn the corner. Real estate investors and home buyers alike are nervous about what will happen next. The housing and condo market hasn’t been at its best over the past few years and this year it hasn’t seen any major…

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The 9 Best Condos in Toronto

It’s time to start the battle for the best condos in Toronto! There’s no denying it. The city of Toronto has some of the finest condos in the world. Rising above one of the most enviable addresses in the world, these towering residences are lavish and modern, boasting amenities that offer all the comfort that…

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Toronto Housing Bubble About to Burst?
A Look into the Condo Real Estate Market

The Toronto housing market is bound to crash. Toronto’s housing prices have rapidly appreciated into the “unaffordable” realm and a price adjustment is simply inevitable. It’s official; Toronto is in a real estate bubble. This is the headline that mainstream media has been using to sell ad space for the next ten years. Here’s the…

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Top 9 Pre-Construction Condo Developers in Toronto

Invest in a builder or developer before you invest into a building. Without a doubt, I say that to nearly every client who asks me about investing into the pre-construction condo market in Toronto. In terms of maximizing your upside, while minimizing potential losses, the developer is the most crucial factor in any Pre-Construction purchase….

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Cosmos Condos: Cancelled?!
Risks of Buying Pre-Construction

Cosmos Condos, a multi-phase Pre-Construction development in Vaughan was cancelled by the developer, leaving 1100 purchasers without a condo – but at least they’ll get their deposits back, right? The builder was forced to cancel Cosmos Condos due to “unsatisfactory financing terms”. Generally speaking, Pre-Construction condo contracts often include a financing clause allowing builders to cancel…

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