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The Best Dogs For Condo and Apartment Living

Should you be considering embracing the condo lifestyle, anticipate being surrounded by an array of amenities and unparalleled luxury. Being a pet owner, I can fully relate to the happiness and obligations that accompany the presence of a furry friend. However, the question arises, can you accommodate a dog breed in your condo?

Despite what a lot of people believe, the size of the place isn’t everything when it comes to these dogs. Multiple low-energy and calm furry friends don’t bark as much as others. However, finding suitable popular dog breeds for your condominium can be a challenging task.

So, we have rounded up some of the best dog breeds that you can consider if you are a dog lover and don’t want to give up on luxury condo living.

Let’s dive in and discover the ideal companions for your condo lifestyle.

Quick Summary

  • A notable percentage of these dogs live in urban areas, with many owners adapting their living spaces, such as condos, to accommodate their pets.
  • Studies show that low-energy dog breeds, which are ideal for condo living, typically require about 30 minutes of exercise daily.
  • It is estimated that around 25% of condo dwellers own pets, with dogs being a popular choice.
  • From my experience as a pet owner and real estate professional, choosing the right dog breed is crucial for ensuring a harmonious living environment in a condo.

1. Bichon Frise

Dog breeds can’t get cuter than these pets! Havanese are little fluffballs, and having them around will be a lot of fun. These are the best apartment dogs as they weigh around 6-11lbs. So, no condo will be too small for these four-legged Havanese friends. Bichon Frise is perfect for small and close quarters, but make sure you take them out for walks regularly to prevent them from becoming too energetic for apartment living [1].


2. Pugs

These are the perfect dogs for condo living due to them being one of the smallest dog breeds. They don’t require a large house or ground, but they will require lots of love. Pugs are known for being loyal companions, and they are even-tempered. These dogs are curious creatures, and they will require regular walks as well. This breed is also really friendly with children, and they can adapt easily.


3. Yorkshire Terriers

If you are looking for terriers, this breed is one of the top options for great apartment-living dogs. These terriers are small four-legged friends, and they won’t require a lot of space. A normal-sized apartment would be sufficient for these pets. Also, these terriers are easy to train, and they won’t create a lot of nuisance throughout the small space. These lovely creatures are friendly to everyone.


4. English Bulldog

Even though bulldogs might look like ferocious animals, they are amongst the best pets for apartment living. These cheery four-legged friends wouldn’t mind spending their entire time napping inside. English Bulldogs don’t have the habit of barking often, which is perfect for small spaces. These stocky build English pets weigh around 48 lbs.


5. Shih Tzu

There might not be better dog breeds than toy ones. Shih Tzus might be high-maintenance dogs, but they are perfect for condo living [2]. Shih Tzu has long flowing coats and an affectionate nature, which is going to make every fall in love with these lovely four-legged friends. They are the perfect pets if you want to cuddle and sleep.


6. Chihuahua

These beautiful small pets won’t require a lot of exercise. Therefore, they make ideal apartment-living dogs. Even if smaller spaces, you can easily train them and make them ideal for apartments. On average, a Chihuahua weighs around 2 lbs, so you can easily take them around as well. In addition, every adult and child is going to love this breed.


7. Greyhound

Even though this might look like one of the oddest dog breeds for a condo, but don’t go by their lanky and tall frame. Greyhounds are classic European pets who are mellow house dogs, and they won’t require a lot of attention. You won’t have to extensively train this breed, and they don’t require a lot of exercise either. These smart pets can easily adapt to their surroundings, which makes them one of the greatest apartment-living dog breeds. Your neighbours certainly won’t be affected by a Greyhound.


8. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is one of the friendliest dog breeds. These are perfect for dwellers who are looking for a dog breed for good cuddles. Moreover, these small spaniels don’t weigh a lot. These spaniels are around 10-20 lbs, which makes them perfect for apartment dwellers to carry around. This spaniel breed is also known for staying most of the time indoors, and they are quite happy with that.


9. French Bulldog

French Bulldogs are also known as Frenchies, and they are friendly and cute dogs that would easily fit in apartments. This breed doesn’t bark a lot, and they don’t require a lot of exercise. So, for a refined space, French Bulldogs might just be the perfect puppy. These lovely creatures have a tendency to get along well with children and strangers, which is a major benefit. However, they won’t be comfortable in extreme temperatures. So, you will need to have the air conditioning turned on most of the time to keep these dogs comfortable.


10. Dachshund

You might think of Dachshunds as small and fierce dogs, but they are friendly dogs. Dachshunds are also known as sausage dogs, and they are great for children. If you plan on having multiple dogs in the condo, consider having one of them as a dachshund. These pets are comfortable with other dogs, and they won’t create any fuss. They also don’t require a lot of attention or exercise. Even though it can be slightly challenging to train them, you are not going to face a lot of issues with them.


11. Great Dane

You might be thinking what a Great Dane is doing on this list? How can this be the ideal apartment-living dog breed? Well, never judge the breeds by their size. Yes, they are huge and amongst some of the biggest dogs, but they make wonderful pets. They can easily adapt to apartment living and won’t require a lot of space. Great Danes can easily spend the entire day on the couch.


12. Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier is another perfectly sized and adorable American breed, making it one of the best apartment dogs. These kinds of pets will require a lot of love and attention. You will also have to take these terriers on daily walks. However, having a Boston Terrier is going to be the best choice if you plan on staying in a confined space. This small-sized terrier will remain inactive whenever they are inside the house.


13. Miniature Pinscher

Miniature Pinschers are the perfect dogs you can have for small areas such as apartments or condos as per American Kennel Club. Even though Miniature Pinschers might look like smaller versions of Dobermans, they are quite different. This is a much older breed and has ancestors in the form of Greyhounds and Dachshunds. Miniature Pinschers are one of the best dogs for apartment living. They have exceptional energy and intelligence. They are easily trainable four-legged friends, and they can stay home for long hours without any issues.


14. Conton de Tulear

If you are looking for four-legged friends that can cheer up your mood at any time, this is the perfect breed. You will always find a Conton de Tulear smiling and going around the house. These little pups are one of the best apartment dogs as they won’t be creating any fuss. They love to play fetch as well. So keep them entertained while you are indoors. The beautiful fur coats on these pups are simply adorable.


15. Basenji

If you love both cats and dogs and are confused as to which one you should own, consider having a Basenji. This pup has its native to Africa, and even though they are hounds, they have cat-like tendencies. So, you will find a Basenji grooming itself a lot of times. As well, it won’t bark a lot. These dogs are quite loyal, and they will protect you at all times. Your pet will require regular attention and daily exercise, though. Allow them to have their own space where they can feel comfortable and relax without any issues.


16. Maltese

Are you looking for a cute pet to have for your condominium? Well, this is it! Maltese have a glamorous coat, which provides them with a royal look. These are the ideal companions to have in a small apartment living space. Also, they won’t shed their hair, and that is a significant advantage when you are staying indoors most of the time. Maltese will require proper and regular care and attention, though. So, spend a lot of time with them and love them unconditionally.


17. Poodle

A normal Poodle might be slightly big as apartment dogs. However, the smaller size, toy, or miniature poodle will be the perfect pet to have. These best apartment dogs are great for small areas due to their size, and they don’t require a lot of exercise. Just an occasional walk to the dog park now and then will keep them refreshed and entertained. A poodle will add flair, style, and friendliness to every apartment.


18. Toy Fox Terrier

The final breed of apartment dogs for this list is another terrier. Toy Fox Terriers are easy to train, and they are quite clever. These perfectly sized terriers can even adapt to the smallest of places. Terriers are loyal, and they will always be protective kinds. So, consider having a Toy Fox Terrier if you want a dog breed that does not require attention all the time and will still be a loyal pet.


Making Condo Living Enjoyable for You and Your Pet

These are some of the best apartment dogs that you can get. Another one of the four-legged friends that you can get is the American Chinese Crested. Chinese Crested is an American breed that won’t require a lot of space and will adapt easily.

All of these dog breeds will easily adapt to small areas, and they won’t create a fuss for the other people staying in the community. You can now finally have the lovely dog breed that you always wanted and still enjoy the benefits of condo living.

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