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2655 Lawrence Avenue East, Toronto, ON
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Address 2655 Lawrence Avenue East, Toronto, ON
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About 2655 Lawrence Avenue East Condos Development

2655 Lawrence Avenue East Condos is a new condo development that is currently in the pre-construction phase, located at 2655 Lawrence Avenue East, Toronto, ON. 2655 Lawrence Avenue East Condos offers a seamless blend of comfort, convenience, and connectivity. This project’s estimated completion date is still unknown.

Key Takeaways

  • 2655 Lawrence Avenue East Condos in Ontario, Canada offers luxury living with convenient access to amenities, robust transit connections including proximity to Lawrence East Station, and a blend of comfort and community.
  • Developed by the Mehan Group, the condos feature refined interiors with options for personalization, sustainable living practices like energy-saving appliances, and pre-wiring for high-speed tech connectivity.
  • The condos’ location in a culturally vibrant and economically growing Scarborough region provides residents with ample cultural, culinary, and recreational opportunities in addition to excellent walkability and connectivity via public and road transport.

Exploring the Allure of 2655 Lawrence Avenue East Condos

2655 Lawrence Avenue East Condos in Ontario, Canada designed by Scott Shields Architects, is an emblem of contemporary design and communal engagement. The development exudes an aura of sophistication, rising tall in the Bendale neighbourhood with its two residential towers and a communal plaza, promising to bring a fresh wave of modernity to the area.

Strategically located just east of Midland Avenue, this landmark condo project offers:

  • Luxury and convenience
  • Accessibility to diverse amenities
  • Robust transit connections
  • A unique blend of comfort, community, and connectivity

The allure of 2655 Lawrence Avenue East Condos lies in these features.

Location Highlights

Situated on the southern side of Lawrence Avenue East in Ontario, Canada, 2655 Lawrence Avenue East Condos offer urban convenience at its best. With a Fresh Co grocery store and a host of eateries easily accessible, residents can enjoy fresh produce for home-cooked meals or a range of cuisines, all just a stroll away on Lawrence Ave.

Convenience extends beyond amenities to include connectivity, and this is where 2655 Lawrence Avenue East Condos excels. A brief 6-minute walk leads to the Lawrence East Station, offering seamless access to Line 3 Scarborough and straightforward transfers to Line 2 Bloor-Danforth.

Coupled with street-level transit on Lawrence Avenue East and Midland Avenue, this prime urban location ensures the city is always within reach.

The Developer Behind the Project: Mehan Group

The globally recognized Mehan Group, with its diversified business model, drives the landmark condo development at 2655 Lawrence Avenue East. Over its thirty-year history, the Group has transitioned from a fashion industry focus to a prominent player in the real estate sector.

Today, the Mehan Group concentrates its efforts on property management, development, and real estate investment. Their vast real estate portfolio spreads across three countries, underscoring their significant global influence and expertise.

This rich experience and vision are beautifully reflected in the 2655 Lawrence Avenue East Condos, a project set to transform the Bendale neighbourhood’s skyline and lifestyle.

Exclusive Features of 2655 Lawrence Avenue East Condos

Balancing community and exclusivity, 2655 Lawrence Avenue East Condos in Ontario, Canada, provides a lively mixed-use communal space. Features include:

  • Large commercial retail options occupying the ground floor
  • Two residential towers above offer a luxurious, comfortable lifestyle
  • 412 units available, poised to accommodate a large community seeking deluxe city living.

Currently in the preconstruction phase, the condos are already making waves as a new landmark. The completion date may not have been announced yet, but the anticipation among prospective residents and investors is palpable.

Each day brings us closer to the unveiling of this ambitious project, a beacon of modernity and community engagement in the heart of Bendale.

Refined Interiors & Amenities

Elegance and luxury come to life within the units of 2655 Lawrence Avenue East Condos in Ontario, Canada. Interiors feature:

  • Nine-foot high ceilings on the second floor
  • Eight-foot high ceilings on the remaining floors, accommodating mechanical or ductwork
  • Oak staircases
  • Smooth ceilings on the first and second floors highlight the meticulous craftsmanship.

The condos also offer opportunities for residents to personalize their living spaces, with a selection of:

  • Quartz or granite kitchen countertops
  • Primary ensuite bathrooms come equipped with a separate shower stall complete with a glass enclosure and an alcove tub with tile surround, offering a private spa-like experience
  • Every unit is pre-wired for the tech-savvy residents, featuring two category-5 and two category-6 telecommunication lines, along with two cable TV lines, facilitating high-speed connectivity and a modern lifestyle with touch gestures capabilities, including touch gestures double tap.

Sustainable Living Practices

At 2655 Lawrence Avenue East Condos, sustainable living is woven into the fabric of the development’s design. The condos boast energy-saving features such as high-efficiency natural gas furnaces, EnergyStar-rated tankless water heaters, and windows with low E-Argon thermo-pane glass.

But it’s not just about energy conservation. The development also promotes water conservation, with each condo equipped with water-saving showerheads, faucets, and toilets.

In anticipation of the growing electric vehicle market, the development is planned to have a rough-in for future electric vehicles. It’s not just about luxury living, but living responsibly.

The Convenience of Connectivity

Positioned in a service-rich district of Scarborough, 2655 Lawrence Avenue East Condos command a strong public transit score. This strategic location is a stone’s throw away from multiple transit stations, including Lawrence East RT Station, Ellesmere RT Station, and Kennedy RT Station, offering residents a plethora of commuting options.

Beyond public transit, the area’s Walk Score of 77 indicates the feasibility of running most errands on foot, encouraging a sustainable lifestyle for residents. With such impressive connectivity and convenience, residents can revel in city living’s best aspects without the common inconveniences.

Proximity to Don Valley Parkway

In terms of road connectivity, 2655 Lawrence Avenue East Condos boasts a prime location. The development provides direct access to the key north-south route. This allows residents to efficiently connect with Toronto Proper, facilitating quick journeys into the city.

Moreover, the location provides drivers with the benefit of convenient access to both the Don Valley Parkway and the Ontario 401 Expressway. This enhances both east-west and north-south travel, making commutes smoother and more efficient.

Whether you’re heading to work or planning a weekend getaway, the open road is just a stone’s throw away.

Street-Level Transit Options

But what if you want to leave the car at home? No problem. The area around 2655 Lawrence Avenue East Condos is well-served by street-level transit on both Lawrence Avenue East and Midland Avenue.

This ensures residents have accessible transportation options right at their doorstep. Additionally, the condos are within an 8-minute drive to several commuter rail stations, including:

  • Kennedy GO Station
  • Eglinton GO Station
  • Scarborough GO Station
  • Agincourt GO Station

This allows for diverse commuting options and easy access to the wider city. With such a variety of transit options, commuting is a breeze at 2655 Lawrence Avenue East Condos.

A Glimpse into the Neighbourhood: Bendale & Scarborough

Beyond its modern architecture and luxurious amenities, 2655 Lawrence Avenue East Condos also benefit from being nestled in the thriving Bendale and Scarborough neighbourhoods. These areas offer a dazzling array of cultural hotspots, culinary delights, and recreational opportunities.

Bendale’s thriving community ambiance, abundance of green spaces, and overall accessibility only add to the allure of 2655 Lawrence Avenue East Condos. Meanwhile, Scarborough’s economy is driven by sectors like:

  • healthcare
  • education
  • retail
  • manufacturing

is on the rise, providing robust employment opportunities and fuelling the area’s economic growth.

Cultural Hotspots and Culinary Delights

From international cuisines to local artwork, the Bendale and Scarborough neighbourhoods house a myriad of cultural and culinary delights. Residents of 2655 Lawrence Avenue East can savour multicultural dining options on Progress Avenue, offering Italian and Indian cuisines, or enjoy comfort foods at Bendale Restaurant.

The cultural landscape is just as vibrant, with:

  • The Doris McCarthy Gallery at the University of Toronto Scarborough exhibits works by prominent local artists
  • The Scarborough Museum in Thomson Memorial Park offers a gateway into the region’s history
  • The nearby Scarborough Town Centre serves as a hub for shopping and entertainment, including a cinema.

Parks and Recreation

Outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate the abundant green spaces and recreational facilities in the Bendale and Scarborough neighbourhoods, including the beautiful Arsandco Park. Thomson Memorial Park, in close proximity, offers recreational trails, sports fields, and a wading pool.

Nature lovers can enjoy scenic hiking trails at the nearby Amberdale Ravine Park. Knob Hill Park adds to the outdoor offerings with an outdoor pool, basketball courts, and a playground.

For those seeking a taste of wilderness in the city, the Rouge River Valley presents an urban wilderness area. Let’s not forget The Guild Inn’s arts-based cooperative community with its sculpture garden, offering residents a chance to engage with the rich artistic heritage of Scarborough.


Sitting at the intersection of luxury and convenience, 2655 Lawrence Avenue East Condos represent the epitome of modern, community-focused living. These condos, with their strategic location, exclusive features, and robust connectivity, offer an enticing opportunity for both residents and investors alike.

Experience the allure of a vibrant community, the thrill of city living, and the comfort of luxury interiors, all under one roof. The Bendale neighbourhood is ready to welcome you to a new era of urban living. Embrace the future at 2655 Lawrence Avenue East Condos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the developer behind 2655 Lawrence Avenue East Condos?

The developer behind 2655 Lawrence Avenue East Condos is The Mehan Group, which has over thirty years of operational history.

What amenities are available at 2655 Lawrence Avenue East Condos?

The amenities at 2655 Lawrence Avenue East Condos include high ceilings, elegant oak staircases, and personalized living spaces with quartz or granite kitchen countertops.

What sustainable living practices have been incorporated into the design of 2655 Lawrence Avenue East Condos?

2655 Lawrence Avenue East Condos have incorporated sustainable living practices through energy-saving features like high-efficiency natural gas furnaces and EnergyStar-qualified tankless water heaters, along with water-saving showerheads, faucets, and toilets.

What transit options are available for residents of 2655 Lawrence Avenue East Condos?

Residents of 2655 Lawrence Avenue East Condos have various transit options, such as nearby Lawrence East RT Station, street-level transit on Lawrence Avenue East and Midland Avenue, and access to the Don Valley Parkway.

What recreational opportunities are available in the Bendale and Scarborough neighbourhoods?

In Bendale and Scarborough, residents can enjoy green spaces like Thomson Memorial Park, Amberdale Ravine Park, and Knob Hill Park, along with cultural venues such as the Doris McCarthy Gallery and the Scarborough Museum. These recreational opportunities contribute to a vibrant community.

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