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5 Huntley Street, Toronto, ON
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About 5 Huntley Street Condos Development

5 Huntley Street Condos is a new condo development that is currently in the pre-construction phase by Earl Huntley Limited Partnership, located at 5 Huntley St, Toronto, ON. 5 Huntley Street Condos stand out with strong transit links, a lively neighbourhood, and access to cultural touchstones. This project’s estimated completion date is still unknown.

Key Takeaways

  • 5 Huntley Street Condos in Toronto is poised to be a prominent 63-storey high-rise with a significant presence due to its architectural innovation and prime location in the Upper Jarvis area.
  • Residents of 5 Huntley Street Condos will benefit from the neighbourhood’s rich cultural fabric, access to green spaces, shopping, dining, and educational institutions, and excellent public transit connectivity including major subway and bus routes.
  • The development will replace existing structures, requires official amendments for increased building height, and will offer a range of residential units including coveted three-bedroom suites, adding to the vibrancy and diversity of the Upper Jarvis community.

Overview of 5 Huntley Street Condos

Situated in the Upper Jarvis area, the 5 Huntley Street Condos stand as a beacon of architectural innovation. This 63-storey tower aims to transform the current landscape of low-rise buildings in the vicinity.

Behind this transformative venture is the partnership between Earl Huntley Limited Partnership and Turner Fleischer Architects, a renowned architectural firm known for its visionary creations. The 5 Huntley Street Condos stand as more than just another high-rise building in the city.

They are a testament to architectural prowess, encompassing a Gross Floor Area of 50,581 square meters. With a high floor space index of 37.47, this development is set to leave a substantial footprint on Toronto’s skyline.

Location and Neighbourhood Highlights

The condos occupy a prime position in the heart of the Upper Jarvis neighbourhood. Known for its vibrant atmosphere, this area of Toronto is a melting pot of diverse attractions, including:

  • Trendy restaurants and cafes
  • Art galleries and museums
  • Shopping boutiques and markets
  • Parks and green spaces
  • Cultural festivals and events

Residents can enjoy a truly unique urban living experience in this dynamic neighbourhood, perfect for single-family homes.

Running through this historic neighbourhood is Sherbourne Street, a testament to Toronto’s rich history and dynamic modernity. This street beautifully juxtaposes its historical charm with modern infrastructural elements, providing a unique character to the neighbourhood.

Access to Transit and Streetcar Routes

One of the primary benefits of residing at 5 Huntley Street Condos is the seamless access to public transit. Sherbourne Station, a major transportation hub on the Bloor-Danforth Line 2 subway, is just a quick 6 to 7-minute walk away. The station is packed with amenities, including:

  • a Bike Share program
  • cellular service
  • designated waiting areas
  • PRESTO card compatibility
  • Wi-Fi services

Sherbourne Street is not only a historical landmark but also a significant transportation route. The historical streetcar line on Sherbourne St was operational until 1942, and today, it is replaced by the 75 Sherbourne bus route and streetcar route.

This change has significantly enhanced the public transport connectivity for the residents of 5 Huntley Street Condos, making commuting a breeze.

Proximity to Green Spaces and Parks

Residing in the city’s heart doesn’t necessitate a compromise on green spaces. The residents of 5 Huntley Street Condos have ample opportunities to engage with nature. Just a short walk from Wellesley Station, Wellesley-Magill Park, Barbara Hall Park, and Allan Gardens are some of the nearest parks offering ample green space for relaxation and outdoor activities.

Allan Gardens, a lush, historic green space, is located between Gerrard Street East and Carlton Street near Sherbourne St. Just five minutes from the condos, this park features a greenhouse with rare plant species – a nature lover’s paradise in the heart of the city.

In addition to these nearby parks, Moss Park and Sherbourne Common provide more urban park experiences. Moss Park is located between Queen Street East and Shuter Street, while Sherbourne Common boasts a spacious area with water features at the foot of Sherbourne St.

Proposed Development and Unit Offerings

The existing residential structures at 5 Huntley Street will be razed to pave the way for the new 63-storey condo tower. This transformation is not just a physical change but also requires an Official Plan Amendment and a Zoning By-law Amendment to progress with the building plans.

The proposed development also includes a Rental Housing Demolition and Conversion application. This acknowledges the change in housing being offered at the site. The site at 5 Huntley Street will be redesignated from ‘Neighbourhoods’ to ‘Apartment Neighbourhoods’, permitting the construction of a structure significantly taller than the current four-storey limit.

Three Bedroom Suites and Rental Units

The 5 Huntley Street Condos development presents a variety of residential units to accommodate diverse living needs. One of the highlights of the residential offerings is the option of 3-bedroom suites. These suites are tailored for families or residents seeking more spacious living accommodations, offering an ideal blend of luxury and comfort in the heart of the city.

Surrounding Amenities and Attractions

The neighbourhood surrounding 5 Huntley Street Condos is nothing short of culturally vibrant. With an array of recognized landmarks and theatres, residents are always just a few steps away from a cultural experience.

For those who love shopping and exploring, the central location offers proximity to St. Lawrence Market, Distillery District, and CF Eaton Centre for a diverse cultural and shopping experience.

Shopping and Dining Options

Residing at 5 Huntley Street Condos guarantees easy access to essential daily services, all within walking distance. From grocery stores to banks and various other shops, residents have easy access to everything they need for everyday living.

However, it’s not solely about convenience – it encompasses indulgence as well. North of the condominiums, residents will find a diverse selection of dining establishments, including restaurants, cafes, and bars.

These offer a range of culinary experiences, from casual bites to fine dining.

Nearby Educational Institutions

Education is paramount, and residents of 5 Huntley Street Condos are privy to convenient entry to eminent university-level educational institutions. Toronto Metropolitan University, a mere six-minute drive or 17 minutes away by bus, offers close educational opportunities for students residing at the condos.

The University of Toronto, another accessible option for higher education, can be reached in just nine minutes by car or 16 minutes using public transportation.

An Exceptional Opportunity for Toronto Living

5 Huntley Street Condos, located at 5 Huntley Street Toronto, presents a remarkable opportunity for individuals seeking prime Toronto living. Centrally located, the development’s location allows residents to experience the heartbeat of the city every day.

The 5 Huntley Street Condos, located in the vibrant upper Jarvis neighbourhood, provide essential urban conveniences for an authentic downtown living experience, just a short walk from Earl Street and Jarvis Street.


In summary, the 5 Huntley Street Condos offer a unique blend of modern luxury, convenient location, and diverse amenities. Whether you seek a vibrant urban lifestyle or a serene retreat amidst green spaces, these condos offer an enriching living experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the 5 Huntley Street Condos located?

The 5 Huntley Street Condos are located in the Upper Jarvis area in Toronto.

What amenities are available at Sherbourne Station?

Sherbourne Station offers a Bike Share program, cellular service, designated waiting areas, PRESTO card compatibility, and Wi-Fi services for commuters.

What kind of residential units are available at 5 Huntley Street Condos?

The residential units at 5 Huntley Street Condos include a range of options, such as 3-bedroom suites.

What attractions are near the condos?

The condos are near St. Lawrence Market, Distillery District, and CF Eaton Centre, offering a variety of shopping and entertainment options nearby.

What educational institutions are nearby?

You can conveniently enter Toronto Metropolitan University and the University of Toronto nearby.

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