214-230 Sherbourne Condos

214 Sherbourne St, Toronto, Ontario
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Address 214 Sherbourne St, Toronto, Ontario
City Toronto
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About 214-230 Sherbourne Condos Development

214-230 Sherbourne Homes is a new condo development that is currently in the pre-construction phase by KingSett Capital, located at 214 Sherbourne St, Toronto, ON. 214-230 Sherbourne Homes promises to enhance the city’s skyline with luxurious living spaces, amenities, and dedicated community and public open spaces. This project’s estimated completion date is still unknown.

Key Takeaways

  • KingSett Capital is developing a 47-storey mixed-use condominium tower at 214 230 Sherbourne in urban Toronto, promising to enhance the city’s skyline with luxurious living spaces, amenities, and dedicated community and public open spaces.
  • The architectural design is led by Hariri Pontarini Architects with contributions from Ferris + Associates Inc. and ERA Architects, combining sustainability, affordable housing, and respect for the area’s history within the design and construction of the tower.
  • PCL Construction is overseeing the pre-construction phase of the project, which represents a significant step toward realizing KingSett Capital’s vision for the building as a hereafter landmark of community and architectural excellence in Toronto’s downtown east.

Project Overview: KingSett Capital’s Vision for 214 230 Sherbourne

KingSett Capital, a name associated with innovation and strategic urban growth, is leading transformative development. Their newest endeavour at 214 230 Sherbourne, a 47-storey mixed-use condominium tower, will redefine downtown Toronto’s skyline by offering luxury, functionality, and community engagement.

Nestled in the vibrant west side of Sherbourne Street, just south of Dundas Street East, this high-rise marvel will not only enhance the city’s aesthetic but also invigorate the bustling Toronto’s Garden District with new energy.

The grandeur of 214 230 Sherbourne Street is evident in its proposed makeup: 615 residential units housed within a sleek tower that soars into the sky, anchored by a 6-storey podium designed to encapsulate a world of amenities and conveniences. This development transcends being merely a residential haven; it epitomizes KingSett’s ethos of creating city properties that hold more than just market value, dedicating 481 square metres to community space, and featuring an adjacent lot of 151 square metres of privately owned, but publicly accessible open space.

With a variety of housing options, including rooming houses, this project caters to a diverse community on Sherbourne Street South. With the city of Toronto’s downtown east action plan in mind, 214 230 Sherbourne is envisioned as a catalyst for change, not only reshaping the physical landscape but also reinforcing the social fabric of the neighbourhood.

It’s a place where the community centre is not just an amenity but a cornerstone for collective growth and enrichment, promising to become a vibrant part of downtown Toronto hereafter. In collaboration with the local councilor and the Ontario Coalition, this project aims to bring positive change to the downtown east area.

Design and Architecture

Hariri Pontarini Architects, alongside Ferris + Associates Inc. and ERA Architects, who contribute their expertise to the landscape and heritage aspects respectively, are defining the architectural narrative of 214 230 Sherbourne. Together, they are crafting a building that is not just an edifice but a statement, a modern-day marvel that reaches a towering height of 494 feet or approximately 150.55 meters, set to make a distinguished mark on the cityscape.

This development transcends being merely a condo, emerging as a beacon of sustainable urban living and affordable housing. It aims to provide accessible health services and meal programs within an energy-efficient structure.

The 47-storey building, with its harmonious blend of glass and steel, will stand as a testament to the architectural prowess and commitment to enhancing the downtown east locality with supportive housing and community services. The city council, in collaboration with city hall, the mayor’s office, and city staff, has played a crucial role in supporting such initiatives.

The integration of heritage into contemporary design is a meticulous dance, one that ERA Architects performs with grace and respect for the site’s storied past. As the project transforms the west side of Sherbourne Street, it pays homage to the area’s history, ensuring that the new structure not only complements but also celebrates the rich tapestry of Toronto’s architectural lineage.

Progress Updates

The complex journey from vision to reality is being led by PCL Construction at this critical juncture, steering the pre-construction phase of 214 230 Sherbourne. Recognized for their expertise and precision, PCL Construction is diligently laying the groundwork for what is to become a landmark in Toronto’s downtown east.

As the project patiently awaits its rise from the ground, every meticulous step taken is a leap toward the coming times of architectural excellence and community vitality.

As anticipation intensifies, both the local community and stakeholders watch eagerly with high expectations. The pre-construction activities are a hive of strategic planning and preparation, setting the stage for a smooth transition to the construction phase. With each update, the vision of KingSett Capital inches closer to reality, promising to bring a renewed sense of purpose and place to the heart of Toronto.


As we reach the culmination of our exploration into 214 230 Sherbourne Street, it’s clear that KingSett Capital’s ambitious project is poised to redefine downtown Toronto’s skyline and breathe new life into the Garden District. Through innovative design, a deep respect for heritage, and a firm commitment to community enrichment, this development is set to become more than just a high-rise—it will be a vibrant hub of urban living and social interaction that will resonate for generations to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 214 230 Sherbourne project?

The 214 230 Sherbourne project is a 47-storey mixed-use condominium development by KingSett Capital, offering 615 residential units and society spaces in Toronto’s Garden District.

Who is responsible for the architectural design of 214 230 Sherbourne?

Hariri Pontarini Architects is responsible for the architectural design of 214 230 Sherbourne, with Ferris + Associates Inc. managing the landscape architecture and ERA Architects overseeing the heritage aspects.

What kind of community services will be included in the 214 230 Sherbourne development?

The 214 230 Sherbourne development will include accessible health services and meal programs, contributing to the well-being of society within the modern, energy-efficient building.

What is the current status of the 214 230 Sherbourne project?

The project is currently in the pre-construction phase, managed by PCL Construction for groundwork and coming times development.

How will the 214 230 Sherbourne project impact the local community in downtown Toronto?

The 214 230 Sherbourne project will significantly benefit the local society in urban Toronto by providing affordable housing, improving the urban environment, and offering valuable society spaces and services, fostering social interaction and support. These aspects contribute to a positive impact on the society.

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