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595 Parliament Street, Toronto, Ontario
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Address 595 Parliament Street, Toronto, Ontario
City Toronto
Neighbourhood Toronto
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About 595 Parliament Condos Development

595 Parliament Condos is a new condo development that is currently in the pre-construction phase, located at 595 Parliament St, Toronto, ON. 595 Parliament Condos combines everyday comfort with modern amenities that cater to the expectations of both residents and investors. This project’s estimated completion date is still unknown.

Key Takeaways

  • 595 Parliament Street Condos’s new condo project merges modern living with a nod to Cabbagetown’s historic vibe by retrofitting a 1970s commercial building with contemporary residential units, offering sustainability features like an outdoor snow melting system.
  • Residents of 595 Parliament will enjoy a variety of amenities and design perks, including mixed-use suites with private outdoor spaces and smart home technology, as well as proximity to educational institutions, local attractions, and convenient transit options.
  • The area surrounding 595 Parliament Street Condos, near Wellesley Street East, boasts a rich culinary and cultural scene, with a variety of dining options and entertainment venues that contribute to the vibrant and engaging atmosphere of the neighbourhood.

Discover 595 Parliament Street Condos: A New Era of Living

Nestled in the heart of Toronto, the 595 Parliament Street Condos emerge as a beacon of modernity, setting a new standard for urban residences. Designed by the esteemed Keith Loffler McAlpine Architects.

This unique project marries a 1970s-era commercial building with a contemporary residential addition, resulting in a striking five-storey ensemble that stands out in the cityscape, just off Parliament St.

Sustainability is woven into its fabric, as evidenced by the innovative outdoor snow melting system, which not only ensures convenience but also showcases the development’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

The artful placement of residential units atop a two-story commercial base radiates sophistication, beckoning those who appreciate the finer things in life.

The Vision Behind 595 Parliament Street Condos

The visionaries behind 595 Parliament Street Condos sought to create a living space that honors the rich heritage of Cabbagetown while embracing the expectations of modern residents.

This unique new condo project aims to blend seamlessly with the historic surroundings, ensuring that the development enhances the existing architectural narrative of the area.

Residents will find themselves in a walker’s paradise, where the storied past of Cabbagetown is brought to life through the careful design of new residential units that serve as a bridge to a progressive future.

The project’s commitment to architectural detail and historic sympathy is evident in every corner, from the thoughtful renovation of the commercial edifice to the touch of historical charm that complements the neighbourhood’s historic architecture vibe.

Suite Selections and Floor Plans

Diversity in living spaces is key at 595 Parliament Street Condos, where a variety of unit types await to cater to individual preferences and lifestyles. Each three-bedroom condo unit boasts private outdoor spaces, including balconies and terraces, providing residents with their own slice of the outdoors in the heart of the city.

The generous living spaces, ranging from 1,690 to 2,013 square feet (157 to 187 square meters), are meticulously designed to offer the utmost comfort and functionality.

Beyond the confines of the individual units, the development offers 34 parking spaces and 18 bicycle storage spots, promoting both convenience and an active lifestyle. Additionally, the parking spaces are designed to accommodate vehicles of various sizes, taking into consideration both metric and imperial units.

Exclusive Building Amenities

At 595 Parliament Street Condos, residents are afforded the luxury of exclusive building amenities that cater to both practicality and leisure. The parking facilities, accommodating 34 spaces, are thoughtfully allocated among residents, commercial users, and visitors.

Additionally, 18 spaces are designated for secure bicycle storage, offering a nod to the active and eco-conscious spirit of the community.

Projected Growth in Downtown Toronto

In the ever-evolving landscape of downtown Toronto’s real estate market, 595 Parliament Street Condos stands as a beacon of potential growth amidst the city’s landmarks. Despite experiencing low sales and a sluggish market in recent years, the anticipation of renewed vigor looms on the horizon.

With contrasting forecasts predicting both increases and decreases in the average home price, the market remains a canvas for speculation and opportunity. Yet, history suggests that Toronto condos, particularly those in downtown areas, have enjoyed a steady appreciation, with an annual rate of 5-7%, hinting at the promise that 595 Parliament holds for discerning investors.

As investor-owned condos face affordability challenges due to high mortgage rates, the unique project at 595 Parliament presents a compelling argument for investment, offering a silver lining in an otherwise uncertain market.

The Neighbourhood Charm: Embracing Cabbagetown Lifestyle

Cabbagetown, the neighbourhood encircling 595 Parliament Street, is a tapestry of charm and modern convenience. With a Walk Score of 97, residents of this new condo development will find themselves in the heart of a walker’s paradise, where daily needs are met with a simple stroll outside their front door.

The local scene is fueled by a diverse array of shops and restaurants. Easy access from grocery stores, Toronto Dance Theatre, Jet Fuel Coffee, and subway stations contribute to the area’s vibrant and engaging atmosphere.

Yet, the buzz of busy main roads is beautifully offset by the tranquility of quaint side streets and the lush greenery of neighbourhood parks, crafting a living experience that is both energetic and peaceful.

Local Attractions and Landmarks

Toronto’s heartbeat is its cultural diversity, and nowhere is this more evident than in the attractions and downtown Toronto landmark(s) dotted around the city. Iconic events such as the Toronto Caribbean Carnival, the Toronto International Film Festival, and the Toronto Dance Theatre are cornerstones of the city’s identity, offering residents a front-row seat to world-class entertainment.

The streets themselves are canvases for creativity, with neighbourhoods like Queen Street West’s Graffiti Alley serving as vibrant hubs for street art and impromptu exhibitions, enriching the cultural tapestry accessible from 595 Parliament Street Condos.

Educational Institutions and Family Life

The vicinity of 595 Parliament Street, nestled within Cabbagetown, is a nurturing ground for family life, largely due to the proximity of various educational institutions, including elementary schools and a senior public school.

Families residing here will benefit from the supportive environment that fosters educational growth, making it an ideal setting for those who prioritize learning and new development.

Everyday Conveniences at Your Doorstep

Living at 595 Parliament Street Condos, a new development means having the essentials of life just steps away. Grocery stores such as No Frills, FreshCo, and Rabba offer a range of convenient shopping options right at your doorstep, simplifying daily errands.

When it comes to navigating the city, the well-connected public transit system is a resident’s best friend. With Sherbourne subway station and Castle Frank Station close by, along with a network of bus and rail lines like the 65 Parliament and the 365 Parliament Night Bus, the ease of transit access is unparalleled.

This blend of grocery shopping convenience and transit connectivity, including nearby subway stations, exemplifies the practical advantages of living at 595 Parliament Street Condos.

Technology and Design: A Modern Touch

The 595 Parliament Street Condos are not just a testament to architectural beauty but also a hub for modern technology and design. With Daniels on Parliament providing top-tier amenities such as fitness centers, rooftop terraces, and social lounges, residents will experience a lifestyle that is both luxurious and technologically advanced.

Smart Home Integration

The integration of smart home devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Home within the units of 595 Parliament Street Condos brings a level of convenience and control that is the hallmark of modern living.

Residents can enjoy innovative amenities such as touch gestures double tap functionality, a motorized track system for closet access, and mobile app controls for various in-unit functions, all designed to elevate the living experience to new heights of comfort and sophistication.

Sustainable Living Features

Sustainability is more than just a buzzword at 595 Parliament Street Condos; it’s a way of life. The integrated energy recovery ventilation (ERV) system exemplifies the development’s commitment to energy efficiency, delivering fresh air to each unit while conserving energy.

Adding to the green credentials is the perfect Bike Score of 100, encouraging residents to embrace biking as a healthy and eco-friendly mode of transportation.

Culinary and Culture Scene Near Wellesley St E

A stone’s throw from the bustling energy of Wellesley Street East, the culinary and cultural scene near 595 Parliament Street Condos is a treasure trove of sensory delights. Famous for its distinct atmosphere and exceptional coffee, Jet Fuel Coffee is just one of the reputable establishments contributing to the area’s rich tapestry of dining experiences.

Despite the occasional slow service, the café’s unique ambiance and high-quality brews have cemented its place as a beloved local haunt.

Dining Delights in the Vicinity

The dining scene near Wellesley St E offers a kaleidoscope of flavors for the discerning palate. A short walk from the condos leads to a plethora of top-rated venues serving:

  • Vietnamese pho
  • Japanese sushi
  • Korean hotdogs
  • Thai dishes
  • Detroit-style pizza
  • and much more.

These reputable establishments, such as The Halal Guys, NAAN KABOB, and Ramen Raijin, stand out for their unique and authentic cuisines, promising an unforgettable culinary journey for residents and visitors alike.

Cultural Hotspots and Entertainment

The arts and entertainment options that abound near Wellesley St E add layers of richness to the area’s cultural fabric. From galleries to theaters, the possibilities for artistic exploration are endless, inviting residents to immerse themselves in the local creative scene.

The eclectic mix of live music venues further enhances the area’s reputation as a cultural hotspot, offering an array of genres and atmospheres to suit any musical taste.


As our journey through the exclusive world of 595 Parliament Street Condos a new condo development comes to a close, it’s clear that this new development is more than just a place to live—it’s a lifestyle choice. With its stunning blend of modern design, historic charm, smart technology, and thoughtful amenities, it stands as a paragon of urban living.

The surrounding Cabbagetown neighbourhood, with its vibrant culture, diverse dining, and everyday conveniences, offers an enriched living experience that is both gratifying and convenient.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the architectural style of 595 Parliament Street Condos?

The architectural style of 595 Parliament Street Condos is modern with elements inspired by a 1970s commercial building, resulting in a five-storey structure featuring a two-story commercial base and a three-storey residential addition.

Are there any sustainable features in the development?

Yes, the 595 Parliament Street Condos have sustainable features such as an outdoor snow melting system and an integrated energy recovery ventilation (ERV) system to enhance energy efficiency. These sustainable features contribute to energy efficiency and environmental responsibility in the development.

What types of amenities are available to residents?

Residents of 595 Parliament Street Condos have access to amenities including parking spaces, bicycle storage, smart home integration, and fitness and social spaces provided by Daniels on Parliament. These amenities cater to diverse needs and enhance the living experience.

How does the location contribute to the lifestyle of residents?

The location contributes to the lifestyle of residents by providing easy access to daily essentials within walking distance and a balance of lively shops, restaurants, cultural attractions, and peaceful green spaces, elementary schools. This creates a vibrant and convenient living environment.

What dining and cultural experiences can residents expect near Wellesley Street East?

Residents near Wellesley Street East can enjoy a diverse culinary scene with international cuisines and a vibrant arts and entertainment landscape with galleries, theaters, and live music venues. Explore and indulge in the rich cultural experiences available nearby.

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