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439 Vaughan Rd, Toronto, Ontario, M6C 2P4
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Address 439 Vaughan Rd, Toronto, Ontario, M6C 2P4
City Toronto
Neighbourhood Toronto
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About 439 Vaughan Homes Development

439 Vaughan Homes is a new home development that is currently in the pre-construction phase by Torbel Group, located at 5 Huntley St, Toronto, ON.439 Vaughan Homes offers innovative living spaces and a vibrant community within Toronto’s York neighbourhood. This project’s estimated completion date is still unknown.

Key Takeaways

  • 439 Vaughan Road in Ontario is an innovative residential development by Torbel Group, integrating modern architectural design with urban living and offering a tranquil yet connected lifestyle in Toronto’s York neighbourhood.
  • Torbel Group has established itself as a quality-focused developer with a history of successful projects like Diva Condos and collaborations, such as with Pharrell Williams on the Untitled Toronto Condos, underscoring their commitment to excellence and market distinction.
  • The homes at 439 Vaughan Road, designed by KFA Architects, feature premium amenities, custom designs, and spacious layouts with high ceilings and private balconies to deliver a luxurious living experience.

Exploring 439 Vaughan Road: A New Residential Benchmark in Toronto

Nestled in the bustling metropolis of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 439 Vaughan Road emerges as a beacon of residential innovation. This newly launched development by Torbel Group doesn’t just raise the bar; it creates an entirely new standard for single and semi-detached homes in Ontario.

Here, future residents will find a sanctuary designed with the utmost care, emphasizing a lifestyle that harmonizes urban amenities with peaceful natural retreats.

It’s a place where one can revel in the city’s rhythm without forgoing the tranquil moments that a true home provides.

The Allure of 439 Vaughan Road

The allure of 439 Vaughan Road lies in its unique ability to merge contemporary architectural design with Toronto’s dynamic urban setting. Each residence is a testament to the thoughtful planning that offers a living experience unlike any other.

Picture yourself in a space where modern design elements are infused with an atmosphere that pulses with the city’s vibrant life—a place where you can request information, tranquility or excitement at a moment’s notice, and easily make contact with the world outside on our site.

Architectural Vision by KFA Architects

The architectural vision behind 439 Vaughan Road in Ontario, Canada is the brainchild of KFA Architects, a firm renowned for its ability to craft spaces that cater to both relaxation and socializing. The proposed 3-storey detached homes, located at the northeast corner of Vaughan and Winnett Road in Toronto’s Cedarvale, are a testament to KFA’s innovative approach to urban retreats. These homes are not just structures but sanctuaries designed to nurture the soul of their inhabitants.

The Neighbourhood: Embracing York’s Vibrancy

The vibrancy of York, the neighbourhood that cradles 439 Vaughan Road, cannot be overstated. With a Transit Score of 83, the area boasts an abundance of public transportation options, making commuting to downtown Toronto a breeze through major routes like the Allen Expressway and Highway 401. Streetcars and bus routes are also within easy reach, ensuring seamless connectivity for residents.

The neighbourhood pulses with life, offering shopping centers, cultural landmarks, and the annual Oakwood Village Arts Festival, providing residents with a rich tapestry of experiences to weave into their everyday lives. It’s a place where cultural and recreational activities abound, allowing for a dynamic urban lifestyle that captures the essence of Toronto’s spirit.

Behind the Scenes with Torbel Group

Venturing behind the scenes, we find the Torbel Group, a name synonymous with high-quality construction and value-driven solutions in the real estate market since 1991. This reputable developer and realtor have been shaping Ontario’s landscape with a broad spectrum of projects, ranging from commercial to industrial and institutional sectors.

Their mission is clear: to build not just homes but legacies, fostering strong relationships along the way as they work.

Torbel Group’s Philosophy and Past Projects

The philosophy driving is reflected in their impressive portfolio, which includes developments like Diva Condos and The Avanti Condos. These projects, much like 439 Vaughan Road, are embodiments of the group’s successful approach—meticulous about details and competitive in pricing. They are a testament to Torbel Group’s ability to not just meet but exceed market expectations.

One notable collaboration that speaks volumes about Torbel Group’s innovative edge is their partnership with Pharrell Williams on the Untitled Toronto Condos project. This bold move illustrates their commitment to infusing their developments with creative flair and distinctiveness, setting them apart in a crowded market.

Commitment to Excellence: Torbel Group’s Approach

Torbel Group’s commitment to excellence is the cornerstone of their approach. Their meticulous planning and preparation are evident in every project they undertake, including the groundbreaking 439 Vaughan Road. With a construction management philosophy that emphasizes efficiency and adaptability, the group effortlessly meets a wide array of client demands.

Their past project, 110 Broadway Avenue, is a shining example of how Torbel Group harmonizes artistic vision with practical elegance. This, along with developments like Wallace Walk, showcases the group’s unwavering attention to detail and a proven track record that solidifies its reputation in the development of condominiums and townhomes.

Inside the Homes at 439 Vaughan Road

Stepping inside the homes at 439 Vaughan Road, crafted by KFA Architects and Planners, one is immediately enveloped by an atmosphere of state-of-the-art luxury. These 3-storey detached homes have been designed with an unwavering commitment to quality and innovation, ensuring that every inch of the living space meets the highest standards of modern living.

Design Details That Define Luxury

The residences at 439 Vaughan Road offer luxurious living with:

  • Custom designs
  • Premium finishes
  • High ceilings that foster a sense of grandeur
  • Air conditioning
  • Private balconies

Each detail is a deliberate choice that enhances the home’s sophisticated ambiance.

Floor Plans and Features

The development at 439 Vaughan Road, also known as 439 Vaughan rd, offers a selection of housing options, including modern condominiums, townhouses, and spacious single-family homes. This diversity ensures that there is something to meet the needs and preferences of various homeowners. The homes come equipped with amenities that epitomize convenience and contemporary living, such as in-unit laundry and dishwashers, although specific floor plans and detailed features are yet to be announced.


In conclusion, 439 Vaughan Road stands as a paragon of residential luxury in Toronto, a development that harmonizes the vibrancy of urban life with the tranquility of a personal oasis. The Torbel Group’s vision, coupled with KFA Architects’ innovative design, has resulted in a property that is not only aesthetically profound but also rich in investment potential. The homes offer a living experience that is both lavish and intimately connected to the city’s pulse, making 439 Vaughan Road an exceptional choice for anyone seeking a premium urban retreat.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of homes are available at 439 Vaughan Road?

At 439 Vaughan Road, you can find modern condominiums, townhouses, and spacious single-family homes to cater to different preferences and needs. These options offer a variety of choices for potential homeowners.

Who is behind the design of 439 Vaughan Road?

KFA Architects and Planners is responsible for the design of 439 Vaughan Road, known for their innovative approach to creating urban retreats.

What makes the neighbourhood around 439 Vaughan Road appealing?

The neighbourhood around 439 Vaughan Road is appealing due to its vibrancy, high Transit Score, proximity to downtown Toronto, and its rich array of cultural and recreational activities. It offers a well-connected and lively environment.

What is the philosophy of the Torbel Group, the developer of 439 Vaughan Road?

The philosophy of the developer of 439 Vaughan Road, revolves around high-quality construction services, strong relationships, and value-driven solutions, as evidenced by their successful developments.

Are there any unique design features in the homes at 439 Vaughan Road?

Yes, the homes at 439 Vaughan Road have unique design features such as custom designs, premium finishes, high ceilings, air conditioning, and private balconies, offering a luxurious living experience.

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