2453-2469 Bloor Street West Condos

2453 Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON
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Address 2453 Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON
City Toronto
Neighbourhood Toronto
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About 2453-2469 Bloor Street West Condos Development

Imagine living in a luxurious condo by Windmill Development Group Ltd, situated in the heart of Toronto’s vibrant Bloor West Village, with all the amenities and conveniences at your fingertips. That dream can become a reality at 2453-2469 Bloor Street West Condos in Toronto. These new development units, brought to you by Leader Lane Developments and Windmill Development Group, offer the perfect combination of upscale living and prime location.

Read on to learn more about this exciting development and how it caters to your every need, from its stunning design to its unparalleled access to Toronto’s attractions and transportation.

Key Takeaways

  • Introducing 2453-2469 Bloor Street West Condos, a preconstruction development in Runnymede offering the best of urban living.
  • Residents enjoy an array of amenities and services nearby including shops, restaurants, public transportation options, and outdoor recreation spots.
  • This project has easy access to major highways and Toronto’s core provides convenient commuting experiences for residents.

Introducing 2453-2469 Bloor Street West Condos

An esteemed development nestled at the crossroads of Jane Street and Bloor Street West in Toronto. This condominium project offers the best of urban living within walking distance of various amenities such as:

  • Shops and restaurants
  • Parks and green spaces
  • Public transportation
  • Schools and universities
  • Entertainment venues

Experience the convenience and vibrancy of city living at 2453 Bloor Street West Condos.

Currently in preconstruction, the condos are situated in the Runnymede area of Bloor West Village, a lively neighbourhood known for its charm and convenience.

Windmill Development Group and Leader Lane Developments

The exceptional 2453-2469 Bloor Street West Condos are the result of a joint venture between two renowned developers, Leader Lane Developments and Windmill Development Group. Windmill Development Group is known for its successful ventures like the Zibi project in Ottawa, as well as residential and commercial developments in Guelph. Leader Lane Developments, on the other hand, boasts a rich history dating back to 1852 and is recognized for its development projects in the St. Lawrence neighbourhood.

The collaboration between these two developers promises a condominium project that aims to elevate the standard of luxury in Toronto and make a significant contribution to the city’s real estate landscape.

Building Specifications and Design

The building’s unique design by Windmill Development Group, features a 12-storey mass timber condo, offering a modern and sustainable living experience. While the completion date and the exact height are yet to be determined, the 12-storey structure is designed to exude a sophisticated and contemporary aura.

BDP Quadrangle, the architect responsible for the scheme, has utilized mass timber and other carbon-sensitive materials in the construction of the building, ensuring an environmentally friendly approach to upscale living.

Prime Location: Bloor West Village

Living at 2453-2469 Bloor Street West Condos places you in the heart of Bloor West Village, a lively neighbourhood situated in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This prime location offers residents a balanced lifestyle, thanks to its strategic placement near various iconic destinations in Toronto, such as the Humber River Trail Network and Lake Ontario shoreline.

Proximity to Humber River Trail Network and Lake Ontario Shoreline

Nature lovers will appreciate the close proximity of 2453-2469 Bloor Street West Condos to the Humber River Trail Network and Lake Ontario shoreline. Covers an area of 90,258 hectares and is home to approximately one million people, offering a range of recreational and transportation options.

The river’s surroundings, with their recreational amenities, invite residents to engage in activities like biking, hiking, walking, running, and paddling, promoting an active lifestyle.

Excellent Subway Access and Local Bus Routes

Commuting from 2453-2469 Bloor Street West Condos is a breeze, thanks to its excellent subway access and local bus routes. The condos are conveniently located near the Jane subway station on Bloor Line 2, which provides easy access to Toronto’s core and other popular destinations across the city, including the Gardiner Expressway.

Also, the presence of multiple local bus routes ensures seamless citywide travel for residents.

Everyday Convenience: Shops, Restaurants, and Services

Living at 2453-2469 Bloor Street West Condos comes with the perk of having a myriad of shops, restaurants, and daily necessities within a short distance.

The vibrant Bloor West Village, located along the Bloor Danforth line and near the bustling Bloor St West, offers a selection of unique retail and dining options, catering to all tastes and preferences.

Top Independent Grocers and Markets

Residents who prefer independent grocers and markets will find top-rated options like Fiesta Farms, Essence of Life, and Tutti Frutti within easy reach. These grocers provide a wide selection of products, including groceries and more, often at competitive prices. Additionally, they offer a personalized customer service experience and a community-focused atmosphere, setting them apart from larger chain supermarkets.

Diverse Dining Options

In the mood for a gourmet meal? A plethora of dining options around 2453-2469 Bloor Street West Condos caters to a variety of culinary cravings. The area boasts a wide range of cuisines, such as Canadian, Thai, Middle Eastern, Italian, and more. Some highly-rated restaurants nearby include Shakey’s, The WORKS Craft Burgers & Beer, Simply Thai, Baka Gallery Cafe, Queen’s Pasta Cafe, and Ali Baba’s Mid-Eastern Cuisine, ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Easy Access to Major Highways and Toronto’s Core

Another perk of residing at 2453-2469 Bloor Street West Condos is its convenient proximity to major highways and downtown Toronto. This prime location ensures that residents can easily:

  • Explore the city and beyond
  • Access transportation options
  • Visit popular attractions and landmarks
  • Enjoy a vibrant nightlife
  • Access shopping and dining options

All of these factors contribute to making the most of their time in Toronto.

Commuting Made Simple

As noted earlier, the condos’ proximity to Jane subway stations and provincial bus routes optimizes daily commutes for residents. With a variety of public transportation options available, getting to work or other destinations in the city is a hassle-free experience.

Exploring Toronto and Beyond

Residents of 2453-2469 Bloor Street West Condos have an array of options for exploring Toronto and its neighbouring areas. Walking distance from some of the nearby recreational spots and attractions include:

  • The renowned Wallace Avenue Pedestrian Bridge
  • High Park
  • Humber River
  • Lake Ontario, Canada
  • Etienne Brule Park

There is no shortage of places to discover and enjoy in the area.

Also, reaching Toronto Pearson International Airport is uncomplicated, thanks to a variety of transportation options including:

  • public transit buses
  • taxis
  • rideshare services
  • the UP Express train.
  • Gardiner Expressway


In conclusion, 2453-2469 Bloor Street West Condos by Windmill Development Group offers an unparalleled living experience in the heart of Toronto’s Bloor West Village. From the luxurious design and prime location to the everyday conveniences and easy access to Toronto’s core, this development has it all. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience premium living in one of Toronto’s most sought-after neighbourhoods.

Frequently Asked Questions

What area is Bloor West?

Bloor West is located in the west end of Toronto, bounded by Old Mill and Baby Point to the west, Swansea to the south, High Park to the east, and The Junction to the north. Its official boundaries are Jane and Jane St to the west, Bloor St to the south, Runnymede Rd to the east, and Dundas St to the north.

Who are the developers behind 2453-2469 Bloor Street West Condos?

Leader Lane Developments and Windmill Development Group are the developers behind 2453-2469 Bloor Street West Condos.

What public transportation options are available near the condos?

Public transportation options near the condos include Jane subway station on Bloor Line 2 and various provincial bus routes, offering convenient entrances to other parts of the city.

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