900 Middlefield Road Condos

900 Middlefield Road, Toronto, ON
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Address 900 Middlefield Road, Toronto, ON
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About 900 Middlefield Road Condos Development

900 Middlefield Road Condos is a new condo development that is currently in the pre-construction phase, located at 900 Middlefield Road, Toronto, ON. 900 Middlefield Road Condos are designed for those who value smart living spaces and community-centric amenities. This project’s estimated completion date is still unknown.

Key Takeaways

  • 900 Middlefield Road Condos a new pre-construction project offers a range of unit sizes and styles, featuring high-quality materials and modern finishes, alongside communal amenities such as a fitness centre and rooftop terrace, promoting a luxurious and well-rounded living experience.
  • Situated in the heart of Scarborough, the condos are ideally located for convenience and connectivity with easy access to education, parks, local amenities, and public transport including the nearby Milliken GO Station.
  • The development is committed to sustainable living, featuring energy-efficient designs that are 35% more efficient than standard buildings, LEED Silver certification, and innovative solutions like the Klaus parking system and a green roof to enhance environmental sustainability.

Exploring 900 Middlefield Road Condos

Step through the grand entrance of 900 Middlefield Road and discover a world where elegance is not an option but a standard. With a variety of residential spaces ranging from cozy one-bedroom units to expansive three-bedroom units, these condos cater to diverse needs and lifestyles.

The meticulous planning of this condo project is evident in the thoughtfully designed floor plans, providing ample space for living and entertaining, with sizes that stretch from a comfortable 584 square feet to a luxurious 1,819 square feet. Currently in the pre-construction phase, this intimate community is soon to comprise 48 units, promising exclusivity and a close-knit atmosphere.

Beyond the individual residences, 900 Middlefield Road stands out for its commitment to fostering a community spirit. The inclusion of townhomes alongside the condos and the carefully curated amenities on the fifth floor speak volumes about the developer’s vision of a well-rounded living experience.

Whether you’re a young professional, a growing family, or someone seeking the perfect blend of tranquility and urbanity, these condos are designed to accommodate and inspire.

Suite Features & Finishes

Every suite at 900 Middlefield Road is a testament to fine living, where residents can enjoy:

  • Private balconies with breathtaking city views
  • Outdoor spaces that serve as personal retreats, offering a seamless transition from the comfort of your indoor sanctuary to the vibrancy of the cityscape below
  • Modern design with superior quality materials and finishes used within each suite
  • Indoor amenities
  • One to three bedrooms
  • Two bedroom units

These features elevate the living experience and ensure that residents are surrounded by an environment of superior quality.

The residential spaces, including residential suites, are crafted with a keen eye for detail, from the ground floor up to the rooftop terrace, balancing form and function in every corner. Envision the joy of hosting friends and family in a residential space that exudes modern elegance, or the tranquility of a quiet evening on your balcony, wrapped in the serenity of the night skyline. At 900 Middlefield Road, the suite features and finishes are not just amenities, but the building blocks of a lifestyle.

Building Amenities

Embark on a journey of relaxation and recreation with the exclusive array of building amenities at 900 Middlefield Road. The development extends beyond the confines of your suite, offering over 1,600 square feet of indoor amenity space connected to a sprawling rooftop terrace.

This blend of indoor and outdoor amenities creates an urban oasis that is a major benefit for residents, providing a private sanctuary amidst the bustling city.

The amenities at 900 Middlefield Road include:

  • Fitness centre for morning workouts
  • Recreation centre for evening socializing
  • Indoor amenity space for various activities
  • Sprawling rooftop terrace for outdoor relaxation

These amenities are designed to cater to all facets of life.

The sense of community is further enhanced by the public plaza, an inviting space that could soon host a café and outdoor porch. This plaza is envisioned as a vibrant hub for residents and visitors alike, fostering connections and enriching the ideal suburban community.

Imagine stepping out of your front door to a place where neighbours meet over coffee and laughter, where the pulse of the community can be felt in every interaction. It’s more than just a place to live; it’s a place to belong.

Developer Profile

While the identity of the developer behind 900 Middlefield Road Condos remains shrouded in mystery, the quality of the development speaks volumes about their reputation. The signs of a top-tier builder are evident in every aspect of the condo project, from the meticulous attention to detail in suite designs to the comprehensive range of amenities that ensure a lifestyle perfectly suited to modern living.

Trust in the legacy of excellence that this developer has instilled in the project, promising a home that is as reliable as it is remarkable.

The Heart of Scarborough: Location Perks

At the crossroads of Steeles Avenue and McCowan Road, the prime location of 900 Middlefield Road Condos places you at the epicenter of Scarborough’s vibrant lifestyle. The surrounding area is brimming with local amenities; from cozy cafes to bustling bars, and convenient supermarkets, everything you need is just steps away.

In the adjacent Milliken neighbourhood, experience a cultural tapestry woven with diverse shops and public amenities, offering a slice of the world right at your doorstep. The nearby Milliken Community Park serves as an urban retreat, providing residents with an abundance of green space and recreational services to enrich the soul.

This prime location is not only about the immediate conveniences; it’s about being part of a larger, dynamic community. The vibrant Milliken neighbourhood pulses with life, offering a perfect blend of tranquility and excitement.

Here, you can immerse yourself in cultural festivities, indulge in global cuisines, and form lasting connections with a diverse community.

Scarborough is not just a place to reside; it’s a place to thrive.

Education & Family Life

Families residing at 900 Middlefield Road Condos are afforded a wealth of educational opportunities, with several schools nearby catering to the academic journey of young scholars. The choices for quality education are diverse and within easy reach, including:

  • Macklin Public School
  • Agnes MacPhail Public School
  • Divine Infant Catholic School (faith-based)
  • Delta Technology Institute (specialized education)

Further enriching family life is the array of programs available at Milliken Community Park. The park offers after-school programs, as well as summer camps, making it a hub for family-oriented activities that foster growth and community engagement.

This ideal suburban community is a nurturing ground for young professionals and families alike, ensuring that the next generation has access to resources that support their development perfectly suited to a holistic environment.

Commuting & Transit

Connectivity is key at 900 Middlefield Road Condos, where major highways such as 401, 404, and 407 are easily accessible, facilitating swift journeys to any destination. The convenience of York Region Transit and Viva bus services offers a seamless commuter experience, making the hassles of city travel a thing of the past.

Residents can also take advantage of the 130 Middlefield bus route, with branches operating at peak hours to ensure that you’re never left waiting. For those working in the heart of Toronto, the nearby Milliken GO Station is a mere 5-minute drive away, providing a direct 30-minute connection to Union Station.

In this ideal suburban community, the ease of commuting is paired with the serenity of suburban living, offering the best of both worlds. Say goodbye to long commutes and hello to more time enjoying the comforts of your new home at 900 Middlefield Road.

Design & Architecture: A Modern Approach

The architectural narrative of 900 Middlefield Road Condos is penned by the renowned Keith Loffler McAlpine Architects, with developer Petrogold turning vision into reality. The design of this new condo project is a modern masterpiece, blending the residential charm of townhouses with the sleekness of office space, all under the watchful eye of a signature curved structure that invites residents and guests alike into its embrace.

The facade is a symphony of window-wall systems and grey metal spandrel panels, punctuated by balconies that offer residents their own private viewfinder to the world. In an innovative move, the development incorporates the Klaus parking system, a marvel of urban planning that stacks cars vertically, optimizing space behind the coffee shop’s galleria.

This ingenious solution not only saves space but also reflects the forward-thinking approach that defines every corner of 900 Middlefield Road Condos. Here, modernity is not just an aesthetic choice; it’s a commitment to intelligent, sustainable living.

Sustainable Living

The pursuit of sustainability is woven into the very fabric of 900 Middlefield Road Condos, a pre-construction project that aims to set new standards in eco-friendly living. The buildings are engineered to consume 35% less energy than standard constructions, setting a new benchmark in energy efficiency.

A verdant green roof system adorns the condominiums, playing its part in reducing the carbon footprint and enhancing the ecological harmony of the residents. Solar panels catch the sun’s rays, channeling renewable energy into the lifeblood of the community and decreasing dependence on non-renewable resources.

Earning a LEED Silver certification is a testament to the project’s environmental stewardship, ensuring that residents can take pride in living within high environmental standards.

The inclusion of rainwater harvesting systems and low-flow plumbing fixtures further demonstrates the commitment to water conservation, complementing the array of sustainable initiatives that make 900 Middlefield Road not just a home, but a beacon of responsible living.

Neighbourhood Charm & Convenience

Step outside the elegant confines of 900 Middlefield Road Condos and immerse yourself in the neighbourhood’s charm and convenience. Located near the bustling intersection of Middlefield Road and Steeles Avenue East, residents are spoiled for choice with an array of amenities, including:

  • Dining options
  • Boutique shops
  • Banks
  • Pharmacies

The vibrant Milliken neighbourhood is a melting pot of cultures, offering an eclectic mix of Asian-inspired boutiques and gastronomic adventures that reflect the rich diversity of the significant Chinese Canadian population.

Adding to the neighbourhood appeal is the planned public plaza, a vision of communal space that promises to bring together residents over a warm cup of coffee and engaging conversations on its outdoor porch. This community-centric feature exemplifies the thoughtful design of 900 Middlefield Road Condos, ensuring that the charm of the neighbourhood extends into the hearts of its residents.

Leisure & Recreation

Recreation and leisure take center stage at 900 Middlefield Road, where access to Milliken Community Park means endless opportunities for sports, fitness, and relaxation. The planned public plaza, with its potential for a café and outdoor porch, is set to become a cornerstone for community gatherings and personal downtime, enhancing the overall quality of life for residents.

Perfect access to a public park, Agnes MacPhail Public School, Young Scholars, boutique shops, and many other local amenities. Families with young children will find comfort in the variety of entertainment options tailored for the little ones, ensuring that every age group finds its own slice of happiness in this dynamic neighbourhood.

Here, life unfolds at a leisurely pace, with every day presenting a new opportunity to connect with nature, engage in physical activity, or simply unwind in the company of friends and family.

The Milliken neighbourhood is not just a backdrop for life at 900 Middlefield Road Condos; it’s an active participant in the joy and well-being of its residents.


The journey through 900 Middlefield Road Condos reveals more than just an address; it uncovers a lifestyle that is both luxurious and sustainable, connected yet serene. From the meticulously designed suites to the wealth of amenities, the prime location at the heart of Scarborough, and the commitment to sustainable living, this new condo project embodies the pinnacle of modern living.

As you ponder the possibilities, let the vision of an elegant life at 900 Middlefield Road inspire you to take the next step toward making this coveted destination your new home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of residential units are available at 900 Middlefield Road Condos?

The 900 Middlefield Road Condos offer a range of residential suites, including one-bedroom units starting at 584 square feet and three-bedroom units up to 1,819 square feet. This caters to different lifestyles and family sizes.

Are there any outdoor spaces for residents at 900 Middlefield Road Condos?

Yes, 900 Middlefield Road Condos offer private balconies for each suite and over 1,100 square feet of rooftop balcony for residents to enjoy.

Is there convenient access to education and family-oriented programs near the condos?

Yes, there is convenient access to education and family-oriented programs near the condos, with nearby schools like Macklin Public School and The Divine Infant Catholic School, as well as family-friendly activities at Milliken Community Park.

What commuting options are available to residents of 900 Middlefield Road Condos?

Residents of 900 Middlefield Road Condos have access to major highways, York Region Transit, Viva bus services, and the nearby Milliken GO Station for commuting. This offers a variety of transportation options for residents.

How does 900 Middlefield Road Condos promote sustainable living?

900 Middlefield Road Condos promotes sustainable living through energy-efficient design, including a green roof system, solar panels, rainwater harvesting, and low-flow plumbing fixtures, aiming for a LEED Silver certification.

Stay tuned for new pre-construction condos in Toronto.

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