305-319 King West Condos

305 King Street West, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 1J5
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Address 305 King Street West, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 1J5
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Neighbourhood Toronto
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About 305-319 King West Condos Development

305-319 King West Condos is a new condo development that is currently in the pre-construction phase, located at 305 King Street West, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 1J5. 305-319 King West Condos. These condos offer a unique urban living experience. This project’s estimated completion date is still unknown.

Key Takeaways

  • The 305-319 King Street West Condos offer luxurious urban living with 403 units in Toronto’s Entertainment District, emphasizing style and functionality in a prime cultural and nightlight hotspot.
  • Their proximity to the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival venue and financial district makes them an attractive residential choice for cultural enthusiasts and professionals, potentially raising the property’s value.
  • Designed by Scott Shields Architects, the development features a range of amenities, heritage preservation elements, a variety of unit sizes, and excellent public transit access, emphasizing a high standard of living and investment potential.

A Glimpse into 305-319 King Street West Condos

Currently in the preconstruction stage, the 305-319 King Street West Condos aim to set a new standard for urban living in downtown Toronto. This residential Urban project is occupied by six buildings, each two or three storeys offers a total of 403 luxurious units, designed to cater to the diverse lifestyle needs of its residents.

The condominium occupies a prime location in the heart of Toronto’s thriving Entertainment District, which is renowned for its vibrant culture and bustling nightlife. The sleek design of the living units, combined with state-of-the-art amenities, reflect the blend of style and functionality that is characteristic of King Street West.

Nestled amidst the lively urban neighbourhood, the 305 King Street West Condos present an enticing blend of comfort and excitement, promising a lifestyle that is nothing short of extraordinary.

Toronto International Film Festival Connection

The 305-319 King Street West Condos enjoy a prestigious connection to one of the most renowned cultural events in Toronto – the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). The condos are in close proximity to the TIFF Bell Lightbox, a venue that is home to the festival and holds immense cultural significance.

This strategic location makes these properties highly desirable, as they are associated with the artistic and cultural vibrancy of the TIFF. Moreover, the cultural significance of the International Film Festival, associated with these condos, could potentially impact their property value.

Market demand for properties in and around the TIFF Bell Lightbox can increase, potentially leading to a higher property value. For both residents and investors, the connection to TIFF provides an added layer of value to the 305-319 King Street West Condos.

Architectural Elegance: Scott Shields Architects

The brilliant design of Scott Shields Architects, a recognized Toronto-based firm, is behind the architectural elegance of the 305-319 King Street West Condos. The firm’s emphasis on design and technical innovation, tailored to the uniqueness of the project site, shines through in the striking design of the mixed-use condominium.

The proposed 50-storey condominium at 305 King Street West stands at an impressive 515 feet or 157 meters, harmonizing classic and modern architecture. This significant architectural statement, combined with Scott Shields Architects, a boutique firm that specializes in unique Urban properties comprehensive range of services that enhance the project’s architectural elegance, makes the condominium a beacon of architectural brilliance in the city, just a few blocks from the heart of King Street West.

Indoor and Outdoor Amenities for All

Designed with the diverse needs of their residents in mind, the King West Condominiums offer a variety of amenities. Some of the indoor amenities include:

  • Billiard and games room
  • Indoor pool with a jacuzzi
  • Guest suites
  • Theatre/media room

Residents can enjoy a variety of recreational activities without having to leave their building. For those who love to host social gatherings, certain condos are equipped with entertainment units or party rooms, ensuring a memorable time for residents and their guests alike.

But the allure of the King West Condominiums extends beyond the confines of the indoors. Outdoors, residents can enjoy a touch of nature in the urban neighbourhood, with a rooftop terrace that includes barbecue facilities and outdoor gardens with seating areas for relaxation. The rooftop bar offers additional space and panoramic views of the skyline, making them coveted features of the condominium.

Exploring the Entertainment District

Home to the 305-319 King Street West Condos, Toronto’s Entertainment District, a vibrant downtown neighbourhood, brims with dynamic energy and an engaging atmosphere. The district boasts a diverse range of entertainment venues, including the iconic theatres Royal Alexandra and Princess of Wales for musical productions, Roy Thompson Hall for orchestral performances, and the Rogers Centre, home to the Toronto Blue Jays baseball team.

Just a short distance away from North York, this area offers the best of city living in Toronto’s Entertainment District. Complementing the vibrant entertainment scene is the district’s bustling nightlife.

At the heart of the district is Restaurant Row, a stretch of high-end restaurants and bars that create an energetic evening scene. As the entertainment district grew, it also began hosting a range of event spaces that cater to celebrations of all sizes, some showcasing period-style restaurant buildings to create visual interest, adding a unique cultural element to festivities.

Proximity to Financial District

Located near Toronto’s Financial District, the King West Condominiums place the world of business at the residents’ fingertips. The Financial District is home to a concentration of head offices, corporate headquarters, and banks, making it an ideal location for professionals such as bankers, executives, and entrepreneurs.

Beyond convenience, the location also presents an exciting investment opportunity. The Financial District’s dynamic and energetic atmosphere appeals to those who enjoy a lively urban environment.

The high demand for housing in the Financial District among affluent professionals ensures a steady market for property investment, making the King West Condominiums a lucrative option for property investors.

Conserving Heritage Buildings

Set in a neighbourhood where conserved heritage buildings and contemporary architecture meet modern architecture, the King West Condominiums exude a unique appeal. Highlighting this commitment to preserving heritage, the Toronto City Council intends to designate the 305 King Street West building under the Ontario Heritage Act, recognizing its cultural heritage value.

The King Building at 305 King Street West, completed in 1928 by architect Thomas Elliott Muirhead, holds historic value as part of King-Spadina’s evolution. The building contributes to the collection of heritage structures in the King-Spadina Heritage Conservation District, embodying a storied history as an industrial hub that adds depth and contributes to the area’s heritage character to the urban landscape.

Residential Units: One to Three Bedrooms

Offering a variety of residential units, the 305-319 King West Condos are designed to meet the diverse needs of prospective residents. Designed as a mixed-use condominium building, the project includes sleek living units of varying sizes.

Whether you’re a single professional looking for a one-bedroom unit or a family in need of a larger three-bedroom home, there’s a unit that’s just right for you.

Underground Parking Garage

Alongside luxurious living units and world-class amenities, the King West Condominiums offer residents the added convenience of an underground parking garage. The garage includes ample parking space for visitors, ensuring that guests have a hassle-free parking experience.

Beyond convenience, the underground parking facility provides enhanced security by improving control over access, leading to a decrease in crime. This feature also extends to cost efficiency, as it removes the need to construct a separate above-ground parking structure, making it a beneficial feature for both residents and the condominium management.

Short Walk to Waterfront Communities

Residents of the King West Condominiums enjoy a unique lifestyle advantage, thanks to their close proximity to Toronto’s waterfront. The proximity to ‘blue space’ has been linked to enhanced mental calm and health, with residents reporting heightened levels of well-being and a reduced predisposition to depression.

The benefits of living in waterfront communities include:

  • Serene environment
  • Better air quality from surrounding plant life
  • Stress reduction and mindfulness
  • Increased participation in physical activities
  • Overall health and well-being

Perfect Transit Score

With a perfect transit score of 100 out of 100, the 305 King West Condos reflect the availability of world-class public transportation. This score, a patented measure that evaluates transit efficiency, is based on proximity to routes, frequency, and type of transit. Higher scores indicate superior accessibility, making the King West Condominiums an ideal choice for those who rely on public transportation.

Residents have access to convenient public transportation, with nearby Osgoode and St. Andrew subway stations, and the 501 or 504 streetcars. The condominium’s strategic position within the Waterfront Communities Island neighbourhood, close to John Street, significantly contributes to its high transit score, ensuring seamless connectivity for its residents.


The 305-319 King Street West Condos offer a blend of luxury, convenience, and lifestyle in the heart of Toronto’s Entertainment District. With sleek living units, world-class amenities, a connection to the Toronto International Film Festival, and a perfect transit score, these condos redefine urban living.

The proximity to the Financial District and the waterfront communities, along with a commitment to preserving heritage, adds to the condominium’s unique appeal. Whether you’re a professional, a family, or a property investor, the King West Condos promise a lifestyle that’s both elegant and dynamic.

Frequently Asked Questions

What stage of development are the 305-319 King Street West Condos currently in?

The 305-319 King Street West Condos are currently in the preconstruction stage.

How does the location of the condos connect to the Toronto International Film Festival?

The condos are closely located near the TIFF Bell Lightbox, the main venue for the Toronto International Film Festival. This proximity offers easy access and convenience for attendees.

What architectural firm is behind the design of the condos?

The condos are designed by the award-winning firm, Scott Shields Architects.

What amenities do the King West Condominiums offer?

The King West Condominiums offer a variety of indoor and outdoor amenities, such as a billiard and games room, indoor pool with jacuzzi, guest suites, theatre/media room, and rooftop terrace with barbecue facilities and outdoor gardens. This provides residents with a wide range of options for leisure and entertainment.

What is the transit score of the King West Condominiums?

The transit score of the King West Condominiums is a perfect 100 out of 100, indicating world-class public transportation accessibility.

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