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95 Pidgeon Street, Toronto, ON
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Address 95 Pidgeon Street, Toronto, ON
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About 95 Pidgeon Street Townhomes Development

95 Pidgeon Street Townhomes is a new townhome development that is currently in the pre-construction phase by Rexton Developments, located at 95 Pidgeon Street, Toronto, ON. An urban lifestyle in Scarborough with easy access to amenities, characterized by a youthful, dynamic community and various recreational opportunities.

This project’s estimated completion date is unknown.

Key Takeaways

  • The construction of 95 Pidgeon Street Townhomes offers 95 Pidgeon Street, Toronto, ON an urban lifestyle in Scarborough with easy access to amenities, characterized by a youthful, dynamic community and various recreational opportunities.
  • Designed by TAES Architects, the development is noted for its sustainable, LEED Certified design, situating it as a modern yet timeless addition to the neighbourhood with premium benefits for residents like Platinum Access privileges.
  • Rexton Developments, known for quality and innovation in real estate, is backing the project with upcoming properties that will likely increase the value of investments at 95 Pidgeon Street and enhance local demand for homes.

Discover the Charm of 95 Pidgeon Street Townhomes

95 Pidgeon Street isn’t just an address; it’s a lifestyle statement. Set in the desirable St Clair Clairlea-Birchmount community in Scarborough, just off Clair Ave, this new townhome development is the epitome of urban sophistication. With Warden Avenue just around the corner and Warden Avenue easily accessible, every amenity is within your reach, making life at 95 Pidgeon Street nothing short of extraordinary.

This refined townhome development is designed by the acclaimed TAES Architects, who have seamlessly integrated it into the existing community fabric. The result is a vibrant residential enclave that not only complements the neighbourhood but also enhances it.

We will now explore the captivating aspects of 95 Pidgeon Street, including its prime location, outstanding design features, and its smooth integration into the community.

Location and Lifestyle

95 Pidgeon Street is more than just a townhome development—it’s a lifestyle destination. Nestled in the heart of Toronto, Ontario, this exclusive enclave offers an unrivaled living experience, with easy access to public transport and the Don Valley Parkway.

The demographic characteristics of the vibrant 95 Pidgeon Street neighbourhood reveal a significant presence of youth, adding a fresh and dynamic vibe to the community. With a variety of recreational and leisure activities, including biking trails, parks, marinas, and a host of family-friendly events, there’s never a dull moment in this bustling community.

Design Excellence by TAES Architects

Every detail at 95 Pidgeon Street epitomizes design excellence. This premium residential townhouse development is a testament to the innovative design ethos of TAES Architects, a rapidly growing architectural firm based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Known for their adaptable design style, TAES Architects have beautifully incorporated materials such as concrete and stone into the construction of this townhome development, creating an aesthetic that’s both modern and timeless. Located just a short distance from Ave E, 95 Pidgeon Street offers convenient access to the city’s amenities and is a true gem in the heart of the St.

Their commitment to sustainability is evident in the LEED Certification of their projects, which prioritizes green, sustainable building practices. Their design prowess earned them an Honorable Mention in the IDA Design Awards 2021 Interior Design Category, a testament to their exceptional talent.

Community Integration

95 Pidgeon Street Townhomes represents more than a mere new building—it significantly contributes to the community’s vibrancy. The townhome development project has been designed to harmoniously blend with the existing community layout, adhering to the policies of the Official Plan and the Warden Avenue Woods Community Secondary Plan.

This development not only introduces a new residential community but also catalyzes neighbourhood growth. Through its support for community programs via Altruvest, a Toronto-based organization, 95 Pidgeon Street Townhomes is committed to fostering a sense of community and enhancing the social fabric of the neighbourhood.

Exclusive Access to Premium Residential Living

Residing at 95 Pidgeon Street allows you to experience the luxuries of life. As a resident of this premium residential townhouse development, you’ll enjoy Platinum and VIP access, which offers exclusive benefits such as priority access to floor plans, sale price lists, and the opportunity to choose units before they are available to the general public.

We will now discuss the premium benefits of Platinum Access and offer guidance on securing your spot in this much-desired development.

Platinum Access Benefits

Platinum Access is your golden ticket to a world of exclusive advantages at 95 Pidgeon Street Townhomes. This specialized access, facilitated by a platinum agent, offers unparalleled benefits that are not accessible to the broader public. It’s like having a VIP pass to the best of residential living.

With Platinum Access, you’ll have:

  • Early access to the price list
  • Early access to floor plans
  • The privilege to choose suites and views
  • Discounted prices
  • Floor plan incentives

This makes your experience at 95 Pidgeon Street Townhomes truly premium.

How to Secure Your Spot

Securing your dream home at 95 Pidgeon Street Townhomes is a straightforward process. It involves entering into an agreement with the City Council and complying with the requirements outlined in Section 7 and Schedule ‘A’ of the by-law.

To secure your position, it is necessary to fulfill the engineering and inspection fees as stipulated by the terms and conditions outlined in the standard subdivision agreement, including obtaining the required building permits. With these steps, your journey to a luxurious lifestyle at 95 Pidgeon Street Townhomes begins, especially once the building permits approved are in place.

The Rexton Developments Advantage

At the heart of the 95 Pidgeon Street Townhomes in Toronto, Ontario, the project is Rexton Developments, a name synonymous with quality and innovation. Guided by principles of integrity, community enhancement, and quality of life, Rexton Developments is driven by a commitment to create properties that reflect the highest standards of design and craftsmanship.

Rexton Developments’ portfolio is diverse, featuring a range of projects that showcase their expertise in premium development and management of meticulously designed properties. With Rexton developments located in prime areas, their strength lies in their highly capable team, renowned for their problem-solving abilities and strategic planning within the real estate industry.

We will cover the following topics in this post:

  • A preview of some future projects by Rexton Developments
  • The anticipated growth of 95 Pidgeon Street Townhomes
  • Details on the closing process and development levies.

Future Projects Preview

Rexton Developments has an exciting pipeline of projects that promise to redefine urban living. Their upcoming projects include:

  • A remarkable 60-story high-rise located in downtown Toronto, Ontario
  • A strategically positioned 12-story tower near downtown Burlington
  • An anticipated Phase 2 for the Pidgeon Street townhomes

These projects will feature the design expertise of renowned architects and designers, including Tony Romanelli and Rocco Forgione, ensuring that each development is a masterpiece in its own right.

Projected Growth

Investing in 95 Pidgeon Street Townhomes offers several benefits:

  • Enjoying a premium lifestyle
  • Making a valuable investment
  • Potential for significant appreciation
  • Factors such as comparable home values, property age, size, and condition, and the overall health of the housing market play a crucial role in the potential appreciation of the property.

Moreover, the proposed development of the new townhome community by Rexton Development at 95 Pidgeon Street is set to positively impact property values in the area, enhancing the appeal of the neighbourhood and creating higher demand for homes in this vicinity.

Closing Details and Development Levies

Finalizing a property sale at 95 Pidgeon Street Townhomes typically involves:

  • Reviewing the Agreement of Purchase and Sale with a real estate lawyer
  • Signing purchase and mortgage documents
  • Completing the transfer of title and mortgage agreements

This process usually takes place at the lawyer’s office, where you’ll also review the final settlement.

Considering the impact of development levies and DC fees on the purchasing cost of a property at 95 Pidgeon St Townhomes is crucial. These one-time fees imposed by municipalities on property developers can increase the overall price.

However, with careful planning and guidance from a real estate lawyer, you can navigate through these costs efficiently.


In conclusion, 95 Pidgeon Street Townhomes offers a remarkable blend of luxury, comfort, and community integration. From the prime location and exceptional design by TAES Architects to the Platinum Access benefits and the Rexton Developments advantage, every aspect of this premium residential townhouse development is designed to enhance your lifestyle. Here, you don’t just buy a property, you invest in a lifestyle, a community, and a future of growth and appreciation. Experience the elegance of 95 Pidgeon St Townhomes and embark on a journey of extraordinary living.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is special about 95 Pidgeon St Townhomes?

95 Pidgeon St Townhomes offers a luxurious lifestyle and exclusive Platinum and VIP access benefits to its residents in Toronto’s Clairlea-Birchmount community.

Who are the architects behind the 95 Pidgeon St Townhomes project?

The architects behind the 95 Pidgeon St Townhomes project are the renowned TAES Architects, known for their innovative and adaptable design style.

What are the advantages of Platinum Access at 95 Pidgeon St Townhomes?

Platinum Access at 95 Pidgeon St Townhomes provides priority access to floor plans, early price list access, and the privilege to choose suites and views, offering numerous advantages for potential buyers.

Who is the developer of this project?

The project is developed by Rexton Developments, a company known for its commitment to quality and innovation.

What factors contribute to the potential appreciation of 95 Pidgeon St Townhomes?

The potential appreciation of 95 Pidgeon St Townhomes is influenced by factors such as comparable home values, property age, size, condition, neighborrhood appeal, and the health of the housing market. These factors combined determine the potential for appreciation over time.

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