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795 Brant Street, Burlington, ON
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Address 795 Brant Street, Burlington, ON
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About 795 Brant Street Condos Development

795 Brant Street Condos is a new condo development that is currently in the pre-construction phase by Camarro Group, located at 795 Brant Street, Burlington, ON. This development caters to a variety of lifestyles with its mix of unit sizes. This project’s estimated completion date is still unknown.

Key Takeaways

  • 795 Brant Street Condos in Burlington is a proposed high-rise development combining modern living with strategic location, including easy access to Downtown Burlington, amenities, and the waterfront, with a mix of 1- to 3-bedroom units in a 29-storey building
  • The condos will feature luxury amenities, sustainable and innovative design, and smart home technology integration, aiming to enhance residents’ living experience while incorporating community feedback
  • Camarro Group is the developer behind 795 Brant Street Condos, with a focus on quality construction and community enrichment, collaborating with Burlington Council to align with the city’s development plans

Exploring the Vision of 795 Brant Street Condos

795 Brant Street Condos is envisioned as a space providing residents with a convenient lifestyle, easily connecting them to both Downtown Burlington and the waterfront. The location is strategic, sitting approximately midway between Downtown Burlington and the Burlington GO station, near Prospect Street.

The address, 789 795 Brant St, ensures easy access to all the amenities Burlington has to offer. The combination of city charm and connectivity makes 795 Brant Street Condos the perfect home.

The Proposed High-Rise Community

The proposed high-rise community at 795 Brant Street Condos will include a 29-storey building with a 7-storey podium, beginning to offer residents a contemporary and sophisticated environment. This high-rise community will house a total of 307 new homes, including 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and 3-bedroom units to cater to different lifestyles and family sizes.

The design of this development aims to enhance the neighbourhood’s character while sticking to key urban design principles.

Strategic Downtown Location

The developments are located in a Strategic Growth Area in eastern Burlington, 795 Brant Street Condos are a catalyst for growth and redevelopment. The area permits higher-density development and is conducive to pedestrian access for less traffic.

In addition, residents will have access to a variety of facilities and points of interest, such as the Cottage Country Candy Outlet, Royal Botanical Gardens, and Art Gallery of Burlington, among others. The closest bus stop to the condos is just a 2-minute walk away, and Burlington Transit offers local bus service across the city, with multiple routes intersecting within walking distance of the development site.

Residing in downtown Burlington presents a harmonious blend of urban entertainment and a serene family lifestyle, with a lively ambiance, diverse dining options, and an array of leisure activities.

Development Timeline and Progress

Currently, the development of 795 Brant Street Condos, a project by Camarro Developments, is in the proposal stage. The project has encountered notable milestones, such as the heritage designation for a downtown home that was part of the development site, and is currently under City review.

The future proposed growth plan includes a 7-storey podium featuring retail space on the ground floor and a combination of one to three-bedroom units in a 29-storey tower situated above the podium. As for the anticipated completion date, it has not been disclosed at this time, but the progress shows promise of a construction timeline that will surely deliver a remarkable living experience.

Unique Features of 795 Brant Street Residences

RAW Design, known for its innovative architectural style, is the designer behind 795 Brant Street Residences. The residences showcase distinctive design features such as navigational signs that enrich the experience of navigating through the property.

Furthermore, the incorporation of sustainable design approaches and technologies contributes to a distinctive living environment.

Architectural Excellence and Design Innovation

RAW Design, commissioned for the 795 Brant Street Burlington Condos project, has adopted a modern townhome form for the architectural style of these buildings. The condos incorporate a 7-storey podium facing Brant Street, enhancing navigation and the overall visual appeal of the area.

Moreover, the design incorporates sustainability features, recognizing Brant Street as a Green Street with potential for active transportation connections, including bike lanes and enhanced sidewalks, as supported by Mayor Marianne Meed Ward.

Luxury Amenities and Community Benefits

795 Brant Street Burlington Condos in ON, Canada conveniently located near Burlington’s amenities, provides residents with a variety of luxury amenities. The project features outdoor amenity areas and open spaces, along with a 4-storey podium that includes ground floor retail and an amenity area, providing a distinctive living experience.

In addition, the condos facilitate community engagement by organizing community engagement sessions to gather resident feedback on the growth plans, thereby fostering a collaborative community atmosphere.

Smart Home Technology Integration

Smart home technology enhances the living experience at 795 Brant Street Condos, offering significant benefits like flexibility, convenience, increased comfort, and energy efficiency. The primary advantages of smart home technology at condos encompass the capacity to remotely control home functions, the convenience of automated management to enhance resident comfort and security, and the self-learning capabilities of smart home appliances that contribute to a seamless living environment.

Furthermore, residences at 795 Brant Street are equipped with the most recent smart home technology features like robotic vacuums, video doorbells, smart thermostats, and smart locks.

The Developer Behind the Project: Camarro Group

The Camarro Group, a growth-focused privately held company, is the entity developing the 795 Brant Street Condos project. Their approach towards community growth is centered on the creation of progressive, mixed-use developments that actively contribute to the welfare and advancement of the community.

Additionally, they are acknowledged as a frontrunner in Construction Management, General Contracting, and Design services for custom homes, hospitality, and commercial projects, and their portfolio of projects serves as a testament to their dedication to high-quality construction.

Commitment to Quality and Community

Camaro Group’s commitment to quality in their past projects is evident in the portfolio displayed on their official website, showcasing a history of high standards and excellent work. They interact with the local community during growth by integrating strategic mixed-use developments that align with the community’s needs and support the revitalization of lands through master-planned, multi-use projects.

Moreover, they provide active support for community initiatives and programs, encompassing community funding and grant programs, the establishment of community gardens, and the creation of group hubs to enhance local engagement and well-being.

Collaborative Efforts with Burlington Council

The partnership between builders, Camarro Group, and Burlington Council for the 795 Brant Street Condos project involves:

  • Developing a high-end high-rise structure
  • Residential units
  • Townhouses
  • Retail space
  • A planned 29-storey mixed-use building designed by RAW Design.

The Burlington Council has designated a Georgian-style home at 795 Brant Street for heritage status, and the Council-adopted Official Plan identifies Brant Street as a corridor for growth, which includes the 795 Brant Street project. This partnership ensures alignment with the Council-adopted City of Burlington Official Plan and the vision for the area.

Living in Burlington: Neighbourhood Insights

Residents in Burlington, especially near 795 Brant St, can avail a variety of essential services and amenities, including:

  • Public transit
  • Fire safety
  • Libraries
  • Parks and recreation
  • Building permits
  • Nature trails
  • Baseball diamonds
  • Playgrounds
  • Washrooms
  • Parking areas
  • Pools

Moreover, residents of 795 Brant St Condos can avail themselves of a range of recreational facilities, including:

  • Group parks
  • Baseball diamonds
  • Sports fields
  • Group centres

All are conveniently located within the Burlington East area.

Proximity to Essential Services and Entertainment

The surroundings of 795 Brant St in Burlington, Ontario provide easy access to various essential services, including supermarkets and grocery stores like FreshCo and Sobeys, as well as medical facilities such as Brant Arts Pharmacy and Joseph Brant Hospital.

The residents of 795 Brant Street Condos have access to various nearby entertainment options, such as forest adventures and a visit to Canada’s largest botanical garden. Additionally, there are numerous popular dining and shopping experiences in the vicinity of 795 Brant Stt, including restaurants near Brant St Pier and a variety of casual and upscale dining options situated in the Burlington Downtown area.

Educational and Recreational Opportunities

Several high-ranking schools near 795 Brant St Condos in Burlington include St. Marks, Brant Hills, Holy Rosary, John T. Tuck, St. Raphael, Orchard Park, St. Anne, and Maplehurst.

In terms of recreation, residents have the opportunity to enjoy the following amenities:

  • Community park adjacent to the Brant Hills Community Centre, boasting three baseball diamonds, three sports fields, a playground, and tennis courts
  • Sports clubs and gyms such as LA Fitness nearby
  • Other options listed on the Burlington Parks and Recreation website

Transportation and Accessibility Features

Three major highways provide access to Burlington: the QEW (Queen Elizabeth Way), Highway 403, and the 407 ETR (Electronic Toll Road). Public transportation is readily accessible from 795 Brant St, with Burlington Transit offering a variety of options, including buses and specialized vehicles, all of which are designed to be accessible, including features such as wheelchair spaces, priority seating areas, and digital signs for rider convenience.

Furthermore, the walkability score for the Burlington neighbourhood is 97 out of 100, indicating that it is a Walker’s Paradise, and the neighbourhood of 795 Brant Street is situated at a distance of approximately 41 km from Toronto Pearson International Airport.


To sum up, 795 Brant Street Condos in downtown Burlington provide an exclusive lifestyle, with a blend of modern living, group engagement, and accessibility to essential services. The residences of 795 Brant Street offer a contemporary, sustainable design with luxury amenities and smart home technology.

The collaborative efforts between the Camarro Group and Burlington Council ensure alignment with the community’s vision and needs. Burlington offers a diverse array of recreational and educational opportunities, with excellent transportation and accessibility features.

Living in 795 Brant St Condos is not just about owning a home; it’s about embracing a unique lifestyle that caters to your comfort, convenience, and group spirit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the vision behind the development of 795 Brant St Condos?

The vision behind the development of 795 Brant St Condos is to offer residents a convenient and vibrant lifestyle, with easy access to both Downtown Burlington and Burlington waterfront. This creates a desirable living experience for potential residents.

What unique features do the 795 Brant St Residences offer?

The 795 Brant St Residences offer a contemporary, sustainable design with luxury amenities and smart home technology, providing a modern and convenient living experience.

Who is the developer behind the 795 Brant St Condos project?

The developer behind the 795 Brant St Condos project is Camarro Group, a privately held company focused on growth.

What is the level of accessibility of Burlington in terms of major highways and roads?

Burlington can be accessed through three major highways: the QEW (Queen Elizabeth Way), Highway 403, and the 407 ETR. These highways provide good accessibility to the town.

What educational and recreational opportunities are available to residents of the 795 Brant St Condos?

The residents of the 795 Brant St buildings have access to top-rated schools and numerous recreational facilities such as group parks, sports fields, and group centres. Enjoy a wide range of educational and leisure activities within the immediate vicinity.

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