About Camden House Condos Development

Among the many Toronto neighborhood intensification plans, the Camden House Condos stand out. You can live in a new corridor laden with the retail business, shops, entertainment, restaurants, and all sorts of family-friendly recreation in nearby parks (Clarence Square, Victoria Square, and Carr Street Parkette). Take the convenient streetcar anywhere you want in minutes. You are in the downtown hub.


Located in Brampton, Camden House Condo means a luxury urban lifestyle on Brant Street and Camden in the heart of the fashion district of the city where everyone wants to live. You are near Eaton Centre, Ryerson, and the University of Toronto. This crisp tower design is what modernization is all about.

Features & Amenities

Lamb Developments Corp is known for the Bauhaus, Bronson, Television City, James, Jasper House, and many more residential towers. They give you a taste of innovation to come. Camden House Condo will give you a choice of floor plans and expansive views, but all units come with gourmet kitchens, elegant finishes, and state-of-the-art bathrooms. Expect a full range of amenities from a lavish lounge and communal rooms to a fitness center and concierge.


Living in a new condo in Brampton has never been so good while in Camden House Condos. Density brings with it ease and convenience. You can live where you work and play where you live. A real plus is the proximity of waterfront communities—the Island neighborhood. At your leisure, you can explore the many possible short walks to enjoy the environs.

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