137-141 Isabella Street Condos

137 Isabella Street, Toronto, ON
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Address 137 Isabella Street, Toronto, ON
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About 137-141 Isabella Street Condos Development

137-141 Isabella Street Condos is a new condo development that is currently in the pre-construction phase by Pinedale Properties, Ltd, located at 137 Isabella St, Toronto, ON. The Condos offer access to transit, amenities, and a lifestyle of modern luxury. This project’s estimated completion date is still unknown.

Key Takeaways

  • 137 141 Isabella Street Condos in Toronto, a 69-storey tower by BDP Quadrangle for Pinedale Properties, marks a trend toward upscale, high-rise living with over 2,337m² of indoor and 936m² of outdoor luxury amenity space.
  • Strategically located in St James Town near Sherbourne Station, the development offers convenient access to downtown transit, cultural landmarks, education institutions, local cafes, and green spaces such as the Don Valley Parkway.
  • Residents of 137 141 Isabella Street Condos benefit from a wealth of amenities including a rooftop terrace, modern fitness facilities, and essential services a few steps, which together enhance the quality of urban life in downtown.

Exploring 137 141 Isabella Street Condos

Located in the pulsating heart of Toronto, 137 141 Isabella Street Condos introduce a new era of residential development in the James Town neighbourhood. This 69-storey tower is designed to cater to the increasing demand for diverse housing options in the city.

Nestled near Sherbourne Station, this towering edifice is set to become a prominent part of Toronto’s downtown skyline, symbolizing the city’s evolving approach towards downtown living. Let’s delve into the vision behind this architectural marvel, its strategic location, and the green spaces that surround it.

The Vision Behind 137 141 Isabella Street

Designed by BDP Quadrangle for Pinedale Properties, the 137 141 Isabella Street Condos in Canada, represent a visionary architectural transition in St James Town. This rental replacement building symbolizes a shift from traditional low-rise buildings to vertically intensified skyscraper living, marking the dawn of an upscale living era.

The tower boasts over 2,337m² of indoor and 936m² of outdoor space, dedicated to luxurious and comprehensive amenities. This design reflects the essence of upscale living, offering residents an array of amenities that cater to their lifestyles and preferences.

Location Perks: In the Heart of St James Town

The 137 Isabella Street Condos are perfectly positioned in the heart of St James Town, offering residents quick access to downtown Toronto’s extensive network of transit options and major thoroughfares such as Bloor St and Toronto’s St, Yonge Streets. Moreover, the Royal Ontario Museum, a cultural landmark with eclectic exhibits, is just a stone’s throw away, making it a prime spot for cultural and historical exploration.

Additionally, the proximity to Ryerson University makes this location ideal for students and faculty members alike. The vibrant local scene on the south side is another appealing aspect of this location.

Residents can enjoy an array of cafes, restaurants, and shops just around the corner, offering a slice of the neighbourhood’s urban charm.

Green Spaces Galore: Nearby Don Valley Parkway

For those who appreciate the serenity of nature amidst city life, the 137 141 Isabella Street Condos offer the perfect balance. Located close to the Don Valley, these condos provide residents with extensive green spaces and recreational opportunities just a short distance away.

The condos also benefit from bicycle-friendly infrastructure, facilitating easy access to the Don Valley Parkway’s serene environment and leisure areas. Whether you’re an avid cyclist or a nature enthusiast, the proximity to these green spaces offers the perfect getaway from the urban hustle.

The Condo Experience: Amenities and Features

The 137 141 Isabella Street condos redefine urban living with an array of exclusive amenities and features designed to cater to every need and desire. From a luxurious rooftop terrace to an indoor lounge area with panoramic city views, the condos offer an unrivalled condo experience.

Let’s take a glimpse inside these luxurious interiors and explore the shared facilities that enhance the condo living experience.

A Glimpse Inside: Luxurious Interiors and Smart Design

The interiors of the 137 141 Isabella Street condos blend modern design and convenience, offering residents a unique living experience. The condos are equipped with advanced security systems, including in-suite alarms and keyless entry, ensuring the safety of all residents.

Additionally, the welcoming lobby features a parcel storage room, adding to the convenience. The condos offer exclusive access to the following amenities:

  • A rooftop terrace with an outdoor whirlpool and sauna provides a luxurious space for relaxation and social gatherings
  • An indoor lounge area designed for comfort and leisure, complete with a modern fireplace and panoramic city views
  • A state-of-the-art gym and yoga studio for health enthusiasts
  • Huge bedrooms

These amenities foster an active and luxurious lifestyle among residents, with Goodlife Fitness being a popular choice for many. Additionally, a zoning-by-law amendment has been proposed to further enhance the community’s offerings.

Beyond the Front Door: Shared Facilities

Going beyond individual condo units, the 137 141 Isabella Street condos offer shared facilities designed to enhance the living experience. Residents can host events and entertain guests in the private function room equipped with a chef’s kitchen, without leaving the comfort of their home.

A 24-hour concierge service ensures residents’ needs are met at any time, adding to the convenience. For cycling enthusiasts and pet owners, the condos cater to their specific needs with on-site bicycle storage and a pet wash station.

The condos provide substantial bicycle parking, with 742 long-term and 166 short-term spaces available for residents, fostering a sustainable and active lifestyle.

Connectivity and Convenience

At 137 141 Isabella Street condos, upscale living is complemented by enhanced connectivity to the city. The strategic location offers residents the added advantage of easy access to city amenities, essential stores, and efficient transportation options.

Let’s explore these walking distance wonders and the ease of commuting from these condos.

Walking Distance Wonders

The convenience of having essential grocery stores within a short walk away is an added perk at 137 Isabella Street Condos. Freshco and Food Basics are conveniently located nearby, ensuring occupants can easily access their daily necessities.

In addition, specialty shops like Wine Rack and LCBO are just a short walk away, offering a variety of wine and spirits selections. For those daily caffeine fixes or quick dining options, popular chains like Tim Hortons and Starbucks are easily accessible.

Transportation Hubs and Commuting

Efficient transportation is a cornerstone of urban living. The location of 137 Isabella Street Condos, near Huntley Street, offers easy access to public transportation, enabling smoother commutes for occupants.

Sherbourne Street features Sherbourne Station, providing occupants with convenient subway access and several bus routes for efficient city travel on the TTC network. The development’s proximity to major transit hubs encourages the use of public transportation, facilitating access to Toronto’s green spaces and other city facilities.

The ease of access to public transportation from the condos significantly contributes to the convenience and attractiveness of upscale living in this development.

Living in Downtown Toronto

Offers a vibrant lifestyle that is hard to match. Occupants can enjoy a plethora of cultural and entertainment options, a diverse culinary scene, and premier shopping experiences.

Let’s delve into urban life and the unique vibe in the St James Town neighbourhood.

Urban Life: Culture, Cuisine, and Commerce

Downtown Toronto is a melting pot of cultures, offering a diverse range of cuisines from Cantonese in Spadina Chinatown to the cultural offerings of Little India and the Ethiopian and East African dishes in the West End. Food lovers can visit the St Lawrence Market, a premier destination showcasing a vibrant mix of fresh produce, unique artisan goods, and a tapestry of international flavors.

With over 120 specialty vendors, the St Lawrence Market serves as a cultural and commercial hub, attracting shoppers and culinary aficionados to its diverse marketplace. Furthermore, the downtown area hosts various art galleries and theaters, offering a rich arts scene right at the doorstep.

The Neighbourhood Vibe: Street James Town Community

Living at 137 141 Isabella Street condos enables occupants to be part of the diverse community of Street James Town. Known for its high-density population, the neighbourhood offers a broad mix of housing options, from towering high-rise apartments to quaint Victorian homes, catering to different preferences and budgets.

This eclectic mix of residences contributes to the unique community feel of Street James Town, forging a sense of unity among its inhabitants. Over time, Sreet James Town has evolved into a sought-after residential area due to its vibrant community atmosphere and diverse housing options, making it an ideal place to embrace the spirit of urban living.


In conclusion, the 137 141 Isabella Street Condos offer an unrivaled blend of upscale living, modern facilities, enhanced connectivity, and a vibrant urban lifestyle. Nestled in the heart of Street James Town, which makes the location great, these condos provide occupants with an opportunity to experience the best of Toronto, from diverse culinary offerings and cultural hubs to serene green spaces and efficient transportation. It’s not just a place to live; it’s a lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the amenities at 137 141 Isabella Street condos?

The facilities at 137-141 Isabella Street condos include a rooftop terrace, indoor lounge, gym, yoga studio, private function room, 24-hour concierge service, bicycle storage, and a pet wash station.

What are the transportation options near the condos?

The condos are conveniently located near Sherbourne Station, providing easy access to subway and bus routes for efficient city travel on the TTC network.

What is within walking distance of the condos?

You can easily walk to essential grocery stores, specialty shops like Wine Rack and LCBO, and popular chains like Tim Hortons and Starbucks. This provides convenient access to various facilities.

What is the community vibe in Street James Town?

Street James Town offers a diverse and unique community feel with a mix of high-rise apartments and Victorian homes, making it a sought-after residential area.

What are some of the cultural and entertainment options in downtown Toronto?

Has a vibrant arts scene with art galleries and theaters, diverse dining options, and unique shopping experiences at places like the Street Lawrence Market and the Eaton Centre. You’ll find a wealth of cultural and entertainment options to explore.

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